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Customer Reviews

Pure Plate Reverb

Overall Rating

61-80 of 443 Results

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Y. Lee

March 27, 2023

Simple & Effective

Excellent quality reverb sound with simple operation. Above all, it is attractive that this plug-in does not take up DSP data.

E. Yeung

March 12, 2023

Underwhelming & Disappointing

I tried this plugin for the first time and I didn't like the sound, however I tweaked the settings. I don't know if it's because I don't like plate reverb or because I don't like this plugin, but all I know is I simply don't like the sound. Furthermore, the UI is a little counterintuitive and doesn't resize/scale well on my display systems. I uninstalled almost immediately.

U. Juhl

March 10, 2023

Fantastic Sound

Easy and simple to use.
Good to make a room feel.
Or to make a clear tail to the instruments.

A. Lee

March 8, 2023


Great, depth and dimension to this

A. Marangoni

January 31, 2023

Great plate reverb in you hand.

Largely satisfied with the results obtained from the Pure Plate Reverb

C. King

January 30, 2023

Won't work with Reason software

Plugin was part of a promo with the UA Volt I purchased. I'm sure the plugin works fine with compatible platforms but be warned, if you use Reason this will NOT work.

F. Alekperov

January 20, 2023

Nice Plate Reverb!

Very Nice Reverb! Gives the vocals a smooth vibe and a decent Touch! I use it as send effect and it always gets its Job done!!

A. Resuli

January 13, 2023

Not the must lush reverb

At this price point, and from UA, I was expecting a little more clarity. It sounds nice, but both the UA name and the $149 price tag doesn’t feel aligned. Far cheaper verbs out there with a better plate sound.

J. Castañeda

January 10, 2023

Nice & Simple

I really like it , its nice & simple , i have the capitol & hitsville and this one its a great option too

C. Ronnie

January 10, 2023

Excellent Reverb

I love this reverb on vocals it sounds great

C. Jordan

January 8, 2023

UA Volt and Sparks Plugins

This interface combined with the Sparks plugins is a must have. For those of us who ant to create mix and master songs, unless you have a state if he art recording studio, the Volt or Apollo along with the state of the art plugins is the Only way to go. The best part is you can use it in any DAW. Good job UA..

M. Hebert Talbot

January 7, 2023

Perfect for native flute!

Absolutely love this effect!

J. Harris

January 5, 2023

More plates at the dinner table!

I watched/heard this being used on a mix and I had to try it in my own studio.
AAAAAnd I bought it LOL.
Cool and simple plugin!

S. Devua

January 5, 2023

An audio interface for life

Very robust and compact. With compressors and direct monitoring. Everything I need for my home studio.

S. Rico Hernandez

January 1, 2023


De mis preferidos para tarolas y guitarras

D. Quevedo

December 19, 2022

Granulado genial!

Mucho carácter y cuerpo! Muy recomendada!

U. Soto

December 18, 2022



A. Litwinowicz

December 15, 2022

Simple to use and useful, with nice texture.

This reverb modeling in an easy-to-use and always comes in handy when you have a different idea. Simple to use and useful, with nice texture.

P. Wieschermann

December 14, 2022

Beautiful with vocals and guitars

WhatsApp nice surprise ! So simple and so easy to get your vocals just in the right place , not to far not to close with a significant vintage flair . Thanks UAD team for this Christmas gift

R. Olmos

November 25, 2022


Sonido muy suave, muy sedoso, perfectos para cualquier instrumento o voz, simplemente perfecto !!!

61-80 of 443 Results