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Pure Plate Reverb

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January 1, 2021

Pure Plate reverb

one of the best reverb plate for the price, hands down and light on DSP.

J. Poloyannis

December 30, 2020

Simple Plate reverb that's light on the DSP

Great little plate reverb that I really value when I am using my Arrow. It sounds great and light on the DSP.

A. Orr

December 22, 2020

That RCA Studio B Sound

If you need something a little warmer and bigger than the EMT140, this is a step in that direction. I probably overuse this in my own recordings which speaks to both my lack of talent and this plugins ability to make just about everything sound better. I’ve always admired the Chet Atkins / Elvis / Roy Orbison reverb sound that RCA had back in the 60’s and 70’s. I’ve been in that studio a number of times. I once asked one of the engineers to show me the reverb. He said, “It’s just a plate and a mic stuck up above the ceiling.” Pure Plate!

M. De Carolis

December 15, 2020

Finally the reverb plate perfect

from many years I was trying the perfect plate reverb, this is the best. simple to use and sound perfect. I will use this forever. I love it.

N. Wearne

December 15, 2020


I love this plugin. I use it all the time and make good use of the panning function. I also like that it isn't DSP hungry.

One of my must haves.

N. Rang

December 14, 2020

Simple yet effective.


N. Rang

December 14, 2020

Simple yet effective.

I was fortunate to receive this along with the purchase of my apollo. Slapped it on almost immediately!

N. Rang

December 14, 2020

Simple yet effective.

I was fortunate to receive this along with the purchase of my apollo. Slapped it on almost immediately!

D. Yi

November 30, 2020


its good

J. Ott

November 24, 2020

I Use it On Everything

I've been using this plugin on my reverb bus. It sounds great. Subtle to very wet, it all sounds good. No plans to use any other reverbs in the near future.

S. Lim

November 24, 2020

Great plugin for recording

Light weight and great sounding plugin great for recording !!

F. Grönlund

November 22, 2020

Lush and beautiful sound

Great sound with an appropriate number of tweakable parameters. With a short decay it goes well on drums.

M. Capitani

November 17, 2020

Sounds superb

Such a smooth, clean reverb that has a very open spacial sound. I tried this on drums and vocals and compared it with other plate reverbs. The results had me instantly hooked. In fact, the sound is actually pretty addictive and I found myself listening to it on loop for an extended amount of time.

In particular, this plugin even has a directional parameter so you can pan the reverb left or right, to the opposite of the sound for an interesting panned reverb, stereo effect amongst other flexible settings.

This should be a standard go-to reverb plugin in every UAD owners tool kit for either short room reverb for drum sounds or long, hall type settings. Excellent reverb plugin.


November 16, 2020

Nice Plate

This reverb is simple, but sounds terrific. I've been using it on all my vocals now.

P. Manriquez

November 15, 2020

Great Reverb

excellent Plate Reverb

A. Jordan

November 15, 2020

Great when bussed

I mostly use this on the fly when I’m tracking vocals as it hasn’t failed me yet. It’s easy to use and sounds natural.

B. Ashdown

November 11, 2020

This is lush!

I recently had to move my studio which meant I lost access to the plate reverb I shared with the other occupants so I thought I'd try this plugin, it really sounds like a plate reverb!

H. Wagner

November 4, 2020

The Plate to go

Very easy to use and sounds very good. Needs not much DSP power.

K. Pöykkö

November 1, 2020

Nice little plate reverb

This is great. I think it is a modelling of an old German plate reverb. Don't get fooled by it's little offerings, because this is a great plugin. I like it a lot!

M. Olivares

October 30, 2020

Hermoso y versatil Plate

Hermoso plate, muy versatil en todos los instrumentos, especialmente voces y guitarras acusticas

81-100 of 364 Results