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Customer Reviews


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81-100 of 132 Results

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L. Spilger

December 25, 2022


Since I got the Ravel it‘s my goto piano. I have the impression it reacts more responsive than other Pianos when playing. And it‘s easier to get it sitting in busy mixes.

B. Salazar

December 21, 2022


sounds too good!!

M. Fagnoul

December 7, 2022

UA does it again!

The adjustable mic positions for room life, the reverse verb sound design possibilities and what a piano sound, smooth and natural. Don't need anything else for a good recording environment. Thanks UA! Way to go, thanks to keep the good work done Mr. Putnam.
Found my last piano to work with for playing, recording and mixing. Ouffff!!! ...

J. Bostwick

December 1, 2022

Not Good

Sounds like somebody made a perfect recording of a Steinway with a down comforter thrown over it.

C. Özdemir

September 28, 2022

Not variable

Every single plugin i own from ua is outstanding. unfortunately not this plugin. if you want exactly that one sound, it's good. otherwise it is not so variable.

J. Welch

September 22, 2022


Any chance I could have my money back? Too much mid-range muddiness and room tone. Gets too crowded when playing lots of notes.

I. Ortiz

September 20, 2022

Ravel is

Sounds super dope

M. Lara Riquelme

August 30, 2022

Ravel Rules

Amazing Sound , Ready for Action !

C. Finn

August 21, 2022

Some good elements but leaves a lot to be desired

Hoping a new piano will be uploaded for Spark. This is useable in mixes, but alone it leaves so much to be desired. No full sounds or real punch - quite a plastic sound.

A. Ruoff

August 6, 2022

actually I’m thrilled by the products of UAD Plugs

ravel didn’t satisfy my expectations!

L. Grubišić-Čabo

July 22, 2022

Must have upgrade

After seeing the results of the Light version and the satisfaction of academic piano players using the free version in my studio the only logical step was to buy this full version.

S. Aagaard

July 21, 2022

The best

There is no pianosoftware sounding as real and perfect like this in my opinion - its a must have.

A. Pütz

July 21, 2022

Great Steinway Sound

This PlugIn gives you a great Steinway sound. Great to use in Pop/Rock or Jazz productions.


July 15, 2022

You have to bring it

In today’s virtual piano world one Company is the benchmark — Spectrasonics. And Ravel falls far below this standard. This plugin is deceptively priced. UAD makes great products; this isn’t one of them. Get Keyscape instead.

E. Theocharous

July 13, 2022


Medium Sound

B. McDade

July 13, 2022

Reverse is added texture

I was running a VSL imperial on a project I’m working on but swapped it out with Ravel to compare the textures. Suffice to say this is now a perm fixture in my template! Try it you will buy it!

D. Willis

July 9, 2022

You Made Me Buy It

UA, you made me buy this by resetting my demo. When I finally got to try it, I wasn't expecting much since I already have lots of good piano sounds. But there is something about this one... it has a heft and weight to it that just feels substantial. It's that same UA ineffable quality that makes me buy their products -- there's just a "feel" to it that others don't have. I spent almost an hour doing an A/B with 6 other high end piano sounds, trying to talk myself out of it.

The bottom line for me is that this instrument is very playable. Anything that feels more like play and less like work is worth it. And it sits in the mix nicely. In a dense mix, I have to do a high pass filter on it, otherwise it will take up too much space. But it's always better to subtract than to add something that's not there!

I always thought the UA instruments were a novelty, but this is going to be a workhorse for me.

P. Lira

July 4, 2022

No tricks pony.

I have tried to use RAVEL on my newest projects but every time I compare it with Keyscape and I end up using Keyscape instead. The reason is that I think RAVEL lacks body and a dry focused sound. Even the driest setting is too wet. I really want to use it on a project, but it just doesn't sound very good in the mix. Too roomy, muddy, and harsh.
I produce mostly pop/rock.
I am still looking for that one trick (at least) for this new pony.

C. Huet

June 29, 2022

Correct but not perfect

It is correct, but the major defect in my opinion is the irregularity of the sounds and velocities: there is too big a difference between the C5 and the A4 Sharp for example.
I don't understand how you can give 5 stars, in any case, they are surely not professional musicians. You have to be deaf not to hear this kind of defect.
It's still usable but not as a main piano. And compared to the competition, it's not worth more than 70$.

D. Hughes

June 27, 2022

Decent, but has flaws

Got this to have some options when tracking digital piano. There is a lot of body and deep tone in this software. It does have a more intimate feel to the resonance of the piano.

At first it was a huge improvement to the stock plugs in my DAW. However, as I’ve been mixing with this software, I’ve started to notice some slight distortion in the samples. I checked it on 5 different DAW setups at various rooms I mix in. The same result in all of them. It worth the price and I will keep using it from time to time, but I will keep searching for a richer tone that doesn’t have distortion embedded in the trigger samples.

81-100 of 132 Results