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Customer Reviews

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Overall Rating

101-120 of 585 Results

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S. Shama

September 15, 2020

Incredible tool.

Can't believe I get to use this in my chain. Amazing as a last step before the limiter. Best results for me so far.

G. Hipwell

August 29, 2020


Pure. Blanking. Magic.


August 24, 2020


I like how the Shadow Hills Plug-in holds my tracks together. Definitely a good investment!

M. Greiling

August 19, 2020


just wow. incredible comp

C. Bruce

August 9, 2020


I started a mastering company with this and it’s one of the tools I use

C. Schroeder

August 4, 2020

Purchased at strong urging of a Grammy-nominated producer friend of mine

Considering the actual hardware version of this is about 10k, the 125$ 1/2off price I paid is phenomenal value and i'm using this and the bx_masterdesk on just about every single master output of every single project I've worked on for weeks now. I don't know all that much about mastering compressors, but my Grammy award nominated producer buddy does, and this was the first thing he told me to buy when I said I was using UA plugins.

I'm glad I listened.

D. Alley

July 13, 2020

Shadow Hills

This was for sure a worthwhile investment. I was really struggling with a mix and the second I put this plugin on the master bus everything cleared up. It’s magic! Thank you UAD!

B. Ford

June 15, 2020

Just Saved $10k !!!!!

So I’ve always wanted to use the Shadow Hills gear. I actually went to a mastering engineer for one of my projects specifically to get the outboard shadow hills sound on my music. Not I have it at my fingertips.


a. moreno

June 11, 2020


I love it!

M. Oehmke

May 25, 2020

Great plugin

Simply Awesome


May 20, 2020

My Goto Mastering Compressor

Mastering isn't done without a shadowhill

J. Romero

May 19, 2020


I love it excellent!!

j. osorio Gomez

May 13, 2020

fantastic mixbus and mastering compressor

this plugin it`s so versatil and the results are pretty amazing ... I Love it

C. Norman

May 10, 2020

Love It!

Its a must have.

H. Park

May 4, 2020

I am happy with the natural result.

I'm still trying a lot.
But the more I work, the softer it feels.
It's not enough time to describe it correctly, but my results have become quite luxurious.
I will continue to study and get better work.

R. Key

May 1, 2020

Shadow Hills - love on Top

Man this plugin saved me the other day I had a last minute request and some subpar raw audio recordings. The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor allowed me the ability to tweak the project and get it sounding great!!! Thanks UA

K. Schwarzer

March 28, 2020

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Gives me everything I always wanted :))

A. D'Onorio

March 19, 2020

More then a mastering tool!

Bought it for mastering but does other jobs really well!!

R. Pongracic

March 13, 2020


Useful tool for mixing and mastering, love it !!

t. Kim

March 5, 2020


This compressor sound is so good i love it.

101-120 of 585 Results