Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

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Customer Reviews

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

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S. Debontridder

July 16, 2018

Master bus magic

I don't have any experience whatsoever using the hardware version of this unit, but I will say that the plugin works wonders on my master bus. It's hardly subtle but never obnoxious. Even though the controls are a bit... complicated, my mixes started getting way better after I figured out my preferences. I've since started mixing into it and I can't imagine not using this one anymore. Great stuff.

c. nestola

June 30, 2018

Best UAD plugin!

With it´s special compression caracteristics and extraordinary musical

E. Deon

June 28, 2018

Lacks a lot in drum transients compared to HW dynamics

Just compare to the test file in this thread:

Sadly, the shadow hill comp is amazing over the whole track, but the plugin just sucks out the transients in a way all too common for SW dynamics. Easy to find the plugin in a level matched blind test. UAD 1176s are great, but this doesn't seem to cut it.

J. Maasakkers

June 18, 2018

Love this UA plug in!

Really beautiful color and more!
Definitely happy with this purchase!

UAD User

June 12, 2018

My new go-to plugin!!!!

This plugin is going on everything from my drum bus, vocal bus, synths, fx, and another on the mix bus. This adds just the right amount of beef that i love.

洋. 花木

June 7, 2018



J. Hoover

May 12, 2018

So far, so Good

Just using it for subtle compression on tracks and it seems extremely transparent. Looking forward to learning more of what it can do

J. Poncelas

April 19, 2018

Swiss armi knife comp

It works well on everything! To Tame a over dinamyc squash the hell Out of a drum sound and bring Out those hide harmonics and add the transformer spark! ... A little bit expensive...but in the long run It'ill be a deal!

M. Schips

April 15, 2018

This Sound is awesome !

Perfect Mastering Tool !

p. gunning

April 9, 2018



s. fujimoto

April 6, 2018



A. Milyukov

April 5, 2018

Very sensitive compressor!

This is a wonderful emulation of an expensive device.
I'm very pleased with the way it colors the sound.
Fine settings for cosmetic intervention. Very good!!!

O. Gilman

March 26, 2018


I buy this cause The God of the Shadows say to me: ¿Do you wanna be on the top of the Hills?

H. Zhao

March 22, 2018



F. Marzuki

March 21, 2018

Must Have!!!

It just makes my mix sounds complete!!!

UAD User

March 15, 2018


This plug-in is the best for Mastering!!!

C. Paschall

March 14, 2018

Mix Bus Glue

Super impressive. On every one of my mix busses from here on out. Not looking back.

C. Paschall

March 14, 2018


This thing is amazing!!! It’s on every one of my mix busses from now on. No looking back.

M. Freund

March 8, 2018

Even useful for beginners!

Even though it's quite a lot of money for a bedroom producer, i can totally recommend getting this compressor. Using this on my drumbus really brought my overall sonics way closer to how i want them to sound. Due to it's simple handling it's quite easy to get a bliss sound in a short amount of time!

E. Budzynski

March 2, 2018

Dual mono mode is fantastic

I haven’t used the hardware unit but I love this very versatile and characterful plugin. I tend to use this in dual mono mode giving the separate left and right channels some breathing room. The transformer type is also a lovely addition. The slight difference to the sound can remove harsh frequencies and help to warm up certain material. I use this on all my tracks since purchase.

61-80 of 391 Results