Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

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Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

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R. Heaney

December 11, 2012

One Serious Sounding Compressor

This is one seriously happening compressor.Instantly there's some musical voodo.
Love this plug on Vocals and drms, Nice fatty punch to the KIK.
And this is just from experimenting quickly,I'd imagine with a little investment you could go a lot deeper as usual with good plugs.The Low mid beef is really worth the nickel.
Seriously Good investment ,Don't hesitate just shell out and enjoy and the de-suck filter on this works wanders! Thanx Rob Heaney -engineer/producer Cirque du Soleil

J. Milliet

November 7, 2012


I've never worked with the hardware unit, so I can't say how close it is, but actually it doesn't matter 'cause this plugin is sounding gracefully.

Stereo link option for the controls would be appreciated :)

G. Di

November 2, 2012

Very nice!

Demo version started 3h ago, first test on the master bus of a contemporary jazz (acoustic piano trio) session. Was good at first hearing! Same work: switching off the master bus and bouncing tracks.

Opening mastering session and starting work on, bounced audio seems to be glued: smooth and fat, highly defined and dynamic, at the same time!

My ears are saying: "great machine: 5 stars!"

Tested with:
MacBook Retina Mid 2012,
Cubase 6.5
Ua Apollo,
Dynaudio BM6A

H. Hentschel

December 5, 2012

So easy to use

All bad reviews are bullshit. This is a so simple to use and great plug. I like the raster poties is great for mastering. For me its a little bit too simple but it sounds great :)

S. Hurtow

November 5, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Analogue ... All About Choice

Of course I hit the '14-Day Trial' button! It was too impossible to refuse. Third day in and already my ears are pricked up, listening to the nuances. I'm constantly running back and forth between my SSL G Bus Compressor and Shadow Hill's 'Retro Masterpiece'. Here is what I'm hearing so far. Running Shadow Hill, the sound is more 'pillowy'; more 'spongy'. The response holds back and builds more gradually so when the signal passes, the ascend is like a retro airship or a steam locomotive. The SSL G Bus is more like a 1970s 747. The take-off is more solid and determined, giving you a more clear sonic picture as opposed to the dreamy soundscape created by Shadow Hill. At the end of the day, both are outstanding. It's all down to what you want.

M. Malinski

June 18, 2014

Does not sound like the original

Does not sound like the original .
I'm a little disappointed, unnecessarily I bought it, but I hope that UAD will improve this version to sounds more like the original

Compressor does not have the depth as the original, where is that analog 3D sound?
It's sharp :(

In original unit sweet punch is focused on high frequency and sounds fantastic, open, airy and fresh.
Low frequencys sounds warm and natural.

In UAD version that punch is harsh, highs sounds digital.
Low freq sounds not se deep and not natural.

Sorry UAD, as a customer I must say - that is not good emulation :(
I only hope that in future will be better version.


J. Tom

November 25, 2012

why bx

this might be a better plug if uad made it. bx is is becoming involved in uad territory. if i need bx ill go there 4 other reasons not for hardware plugs.

C. Martins

November 2, 2012

Impossible to sound bad!

From the clearest and high fidelity sound to the dirtiest and agressive vibe...This plugin fills my day with confidence in the goals i want to achieve.Wonderful piece of gear gentlemen.UA, blind trust in your brand.

J. Ferraro

November 4, 2012

UA should've done this one instead Brainworx

Short and sweet, this doesn't sound close at all the hardware, nor does it sound particularly remarkable as a plugin in it's own right. It uses less DSP than an instance of the old UAD Precision EQ (under 6%), and sounds like *a lot* of corners were cut - a cursory attempt at making a software model of a sophisticated device. It doesn't sound like a $300 plugin in the least. The score I've given it reflects the rather glaring last of attention to detail and ridiculous price point for a ho-hum plugin like this one. UA would do well to put Bx to task on getting this right in a future update (FOR FREE), as it is easily one of their weakest links right now amid an otherwise pretty impressive line up.

H. Linderman

December 5, 2012

A giant step backwards

I was excited to try this plug in. The recent 1176 package is brilliant, and I had hopes the Shadow Hills would be comparable in quality. It is not. Where the new 1176 sound like analog, this thing sounds digital in the worst way; no depth, no life, way too heavy-handed. A shame. Even with a $50 coupon I couldn't buy it, and it left such a bad taste in my mouth I let the coupon expire without buying anything.

The plug comes off as a marketing scheme for the hardware. It is not worth the bloated price. It somehow succeeds at making three companies look bad.

Nice GUI though.

So, UA, please don't repeat this mistake. If you are going to release new plugs, aim for being the best. Otherwise, why bother?

K. Richards

November 18, 2012

Another Disappointment

Whats going on here?! What happened to the great emulations that you guys are known for?! Even in the demo it doesn't sound like the hardware. Very Disappointing....

R. Jacobi

May 1, 2014

Nice compression, no coloration

The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor is another Brainworx product and you can hear that instantly. The compression algorithms are nice, but there is almost no harmonic coloration. It sounds very clean without adding any color, character or vibe to the sound. The plug-in interface looks awesome but the sound is rather mediocre. Looking under the hood (17 instances vs. 4 instances for the FATSO per DSP) you quickly realize the true quality of the plug-in shows only in its visual interface not in the sound quality underneath it. I would love to see an emulation of the Shadow Hills Compressor done by Softube, they put sound first and invest time and time again into actually replicating the analog sound and simply get it right.

L. Carlozo

June 26, 2013

Lou Carlozo, pro audio and pro journalist

I am in the demo stage on this one and I'm definitely not impressed--why is this?

1) The control panel is laid out in a very confusing manner, with numbers and dial indicators way tiny and confusing to read.

2) Quite simply it's so "all or nothing" in its treatment of sound that I'd rather master through my Boss Compressor foot pedal for guitar that I've had since I was in a 1980s big-hair band.

3) It doesn't play nice with other plug ins. I can combine an ATR-102, for example, with all manner of compressors and limiters, but not this one.

Skip this plug-in and go for something more user friendly and sonicall superior, like the UAD multi-band.

E. Biagini

February 24, 2013

SH Mastering Compressor

Niece piece. Sounds musical and transparent. Nice-Good to have to have. Very openly speaking, the look is more amazing than the sound. Overall, too expensive in my opinion.

S. Miller

November 30, 2012

Shadow Class

For me this is the definitive software compressor for mastering, transparent yet musical control that doesn't get in the way of the sound. The GUI is a pleasure to use and encourages you to use the knobs rather than rely on presets only.

First mix I have used it on is an acoustic track with string quartet and orchestra, I used it a lot. It created an open sound that was glued together. I first used it on the female vocal with no other compressor in the chain and it sounded very natural and quietly did its job so I kept it like that.

Next track was a slo disco mix for Lux. The Shadow made it easy to create a big powerful sound but very open and dynamic.

So if I could have only one compressor plug in to do everything it would be this on

D. Rosenblum

November 29, 2012

Not up to the standard UAD snuff...

I'm as unabashed a supporter of UAD plugins as a whole as there is, think that on balance they really sound better than anything else, which is why UA should have made this, not Brainworx. Past UAD plugins have sounded SPOOKILY close to the hardware - this isn't even really in the same ballpark. It doesn't sound objectively BAD per se, but it sounds vastly, vastly worse than the hardware unit (which I've worked with on a few occasions now and is always a treat to use). It's thin and slow sounding by comparison, and it sounds downright ugly when you push it hard. I'm very disappointed to be honest. Seems like a downhill trend ever since the Studer/Ampex emulations. Time to step it up again UA!

D. Carter

November 28, 2012


This is the first bad review I've ever givin UA. Felt like i was listening to a waves plugin or something. This is not what i expected from the best plugin makers in the world. I'm really disappointed. Doesn't hold up under pressure like all the other UA compressor plugs. Start's distorting way to easy and just doesnt sound good overall. Not gonna buy. Love the K Stereo though. Bought it. Can't live without it.

J. Miguel

November 13, 2012


I am surprised here. I do not have the hardware but ... from the video UA post comparing hardware and software ... by no means they sound the same. It is too obvious!! I mean with that comparison you could trick someone with untrained ears ... but not a decent set of ears. How can UA claim they sound the same. I am surprised here, very surprised because that is a bad indication of quality ... UA has to clear this mess up, they cannot make such claims and then show clearly they are not true. The plug-in is great, but I don´t buy UA just for a great plugin, I buy UA to get the best there is ... and this is not it.

Y. Kisel

December 3, 2012


sounds like la2a and neve combo to me but quality is not that good.
UA you should do this emu by yourself!
I respect BX (bx digital and elysia products is amazing) but in this case - SORRY!

M. Olsen

November 3, 2012

Crap, another plugin I cannot live without.

While I still rely on the Slate FG-X for my heavy gain lifting, I couldn't part with the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor for a single job after hearing it. I'm using it prior to any brick wall limiting and I go for tone over gain. The result is absolutely stunning sounds decidedly more analog with a rounder, more pleasant tone and fullness.

I saw the video showing the comparison between the hardware and software. I agree that the hardware sounded better in the A/B test. But honestly, for me it is irrelevant. There is no question that my masters sound better with this plugin than without. The resulting beauty is epic and not something I am willing to omit.

I am very fond of Dual Mono mode but...


21-40 of 396 Results