Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor


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Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

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N. Gureev

January 25, 2020


No one plugin is great for every source. But when this one works - OMG it takes the track to a completely different league. Truly incredible.
For some reason it sounds different than the Brainworx version which I guess is supposed to be the same. Doesnt cancel each other out when you flip the phase. This one is SUPERIOR in my opinion. The only 2 compressors that are currently allowed on my master bus is this and UAd G Bus - they’re quite different and usually one of the 2 works for the track. I’m not a fan of compression for the sake of compression- these 2 ADD to the track. Color, 3d, dynamics, vibe - get this one AND try it in multi mono

P. Haas

January 20, 2020

Great emulation of studio classics

Need a great compressor with personality?
Here it is. Choice of colors (transformers), choice of compression type (opto, discrete) ... and great looks. Applicable to everything. What more could you want?

B. Marini

January 16, 2020

A Must Have!

I love this box... so versatile and useful in both tracking and mastering!! I've wanted this for a while now, and i'm really glad it's finally in my toolbox!!

D. Thompson

January 15, 2020

Amazing. Buy it if you need a mastering compressor.

The shadow hills is one of the most versatile mastering compressors available. Capable of a wide variety of compression types, all of which are blend-able. The selectable output transformers are also a really nice feature.

s. yang

January 14, 2020

Mastering compressor close to perfection.

I bought a Shadow Hill Mastering Compressor and I've been using it on so many different tracks.

Operating in two forms, this attractive compressor is very effective not only for mastering but also for use as a bus compressor or a single compressor.

I feel that the ShadowHill compressor feels something luxurious.
Too often, of course, it won't bring the desired result.

If used properly, you will feel a sound no other compressor can feel.

Personally, I use a lot of compressors, and when I want to create a special color, I usually use shadow heel compressors.

Oh and! One of the biggest advantages of shadowhill compressors is that they use really little DSP. (Price is expensive)

Start your 14-day demo of the very versatile Shadow Hill Compressor now!

S. Tosi

January 13, 2020

Amazing Weapon

This is an amazing weapon for any mastering session!

S. Levy

January 13, 2020

Holy Balls!

I A/B’d the SSL G Comp & SHMC and although these are two different beasts the SHMC gave it so much body and pump that I would pleasantly shocked and surprised! Great on the master but also on the drum bus!

H. Mendez

January 12, 2020


Great sounding plug in. Use it on any drum bus or master bus.

P. Sviyazov

January 9, 2020


Very useful at final stage

C. Manchester

January 7, 2020

No...I am your father

Death Star and Darth Vader looks, and Star Wars level sound. What a plugin. I was intimidated initially, but now I have felt the force flow through this plugin and have become a Jedi user, I am using it on everything from drums to vocals to bass to mixbus to Mastering chain. It truly is amazing. There is good in the dark side after all.

t. billonare

January 6, 2020

sounds good but

every native plugin is more cheap

J. Johansson

December 30, 2019

The best mastering compressor?

To me, this is the best mastering compressor plugin available! I love that smooth, metallic touch this one gives. I recommend this one on e.g. a drum bus or a master out channel. This one is amazing!

m. costermans

December 26, 2019

One of the best I have ever tried

Blown away, I'm just starting to use it, so far it's amazing

P. Daly

December 20, 2019

Shadow Hills MC

Useful on sources that could benefit from 2 stage compression. A little goes a long way, very easy on dsp. Great set of features (Lo Pass/Sidechain, Dual Mono/Stereo, Nickel/Steel/Iron Transformer Tones)

H. Holzheu

December 18, 2019

Shadows Hills

A musthave plugin. Sounds great.

C. Burns

December 16, 2019

Holy Grail piece of gear at a steal. Get it!

This is one of those mystical, legendary comps you can just pop in the chain at 1:1 and hear the difference right away. HW unit is ~$8k, but in a blind shootout, this plug is 99% there. I've used it on rap, jazz, house, metal and folk, all to great success. The basic controls don't really reveal what kind of special magic is going on under the hood, but it sounds so good on everything I throw at it, I don't even care. Whether you use it for tracking, mixing, mastering, drum bus, or vox, this will bring your music to the next level. So happy with the sound!

C. Clivio

December 13, 2019

Witch craft

Love whatever sorcery this is. I'm using it on everything

C. Yang

December 12, 2019


This is a very effective mastering processor. It's about the same as the Plugin Alliance. But there is a very fine line, which makes it possible to use UAD.

P. Tarpey

December 8, 2019

The sauce

I’m new to the UAD world and have to say that this plugin was the first (out of many great sounding plugins) where I said, “HOLY SHIT”, out loud alone in my studio and just started laughing when I engaged it on my Master bus. It’s instant vibe on your mix and worth every penny. Other reviewers have alluded to it being “one sound” which is partly true, but I don’t see myself going back to any other in-the-box compressors for my 2-bus ever again! At least until my UAD quest leads me to one. Amazing work <3

G. Livingston

November 28, 2019

Best Choice for a mastering compressor

The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor has found its home in my mastering chain. It's such a colorful compressor when you want it to be & handles being transparent quite nicely as well. No regrets about this purchase at all.

21-40 of 480 Results