Softube® Amp Room Bundle

Softube® Amp Room Bundle


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Softube® Amp Room Bundle

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T. Spielmacher

April 16, 2013


I LOVE THIS!!! I own no bass amp but UA's SOFTUBE BASS AMP ROOM has easily become the realistic answer, This plug maybe a 64 bit (Logic) masterpiece!!! Bass guitar can be SO reasonable and SO important but we can have something that is easily pro, real but realisreasonable in price... Put this on your credit card and ENJOY!!!!

Spang - Spang-aLang...


D. Katkhanov

March 10, 2013

The plug-in is more, than its price.

Very much the useful plug-in! Now my neighbors can sleep peacefully!

K. Mesford

March 9, 2013

Epic Tone!!!

This plugin is SWEET! It is like getting up and walking into the live room and adjusting the guitar mic just a hair, and then walking back to the control room to hear how much better the guitar sounds in the track, without actually having to waste all that time walking back and forth! This plugin does not just emulate the "sound" of a particular amp, it emulates that amp in an acoustic environment with two microphones, and the freedom to create any sound you want from the resulting sonic palette. Time to create some epic tones!

N. Stevens

March 2, 2013

Highly recomended

I have a $1600 Vetta II head that sounds great live, but I have a hard time getting "The Sound" when trying to go direct. I spent almost 2 hours 1 day trying to get it even in the ball park with no luck when I remembered the last UAD software included a metal amp sim. I plugged directly into a Eureka mic pre and inserted metal shop and ..Wow! sounded almost exactly the way I spend hours "trying" to get my real amp to sound. And with just a little bit of tweaking it sounded amazing!! If you are a metal head, old scjool or new school, this will likely be your go to plug! Enough variation to make it personal but its not trying to be all things to all people which usually kills a product. It does one thing, but does it VERY well!

S. Hurtow

February 26, 2013

Overcoming Those Tricky Bass Frequencies

Bass is always tough to mix. Put too much, you get mud. Take it away, the bottom-end falls out. Add more treble, you get unwanted clicking sounds. Reduce the treble and there's no definition. I ended up getting the Softube Bass Amp Room because I was mixing a bass track in a busy song where the instrument needed to have its own voice among big drums, electric and acoustic guitars, vocals and a pair of analogue synths.

The fact that you have just one amp here does not limit what can be done tone-wise and bass is tricky since it has to fit in. The secret of getting there lies in Softube's clever way of allowing you to control and blend a combination of a carefully tailored direct tone and amp tone with three different speaker cab options.

D. Chamberlin

February 20, 2013

I like it!

While not being crazy about softube's guitar amp sims, I really like Bass Amp Room. I can get some nice growl and warmth that sounds very real and the DI section is just great. I'm already getting a good DI sound using an Adesign's Reddi so it's nice to be able to blend the two easily and naturally. Good job you guys!

B. Hoener

February 18, 2013

Softube Amp Sim

Its Finally nice to see other People that don't appreciate these plugs. I demoed them Before from Softube. I can say the UA Versions sound exactly like the others. But to me that sounds bad. I really wanted Bass amp room to be awesome, but the only way to get a clean tone is to use the DI? I want the sound of an Ampeg SVT into the 8X10 Cabinet.
Comon UA! I know you can do better!

M. Gervasi

February 16, 2013

Nice to finally have UA Amp Modeling

I've been a long time user of amp and effect modeling from the long time makers of that line of products (Line 6, Amplitube) and this is a very good sounding set. I like that you can bypass the amp or the cab model. I had a 24 track mix using other modeling and did a test switching over to these and the sound was very good. However using an Apollo Duo, UAD Duo, and Solo I maxed out on resources for tracks already recorded so to save resources in the future I will definitely use the Apollo to record the tracks wet and save the processing for the Studer/Ampex and other processors. Also would be nice if they sold each set separately as I don't usually use any metal type amp sounds.
Otherwise it's great.

B. Callaway

December 27, 2013

Not up to snuff

One star is a little harsh, but really, there's no other way to review something that just doesn't come close to the quality of the other UA plugins.
You can spend some time tweaking this plugin and get a passable guitar sound but really, it's barely passable. I wouldn't ever use this plugin for anything more than a place holder. UA should refund customers and drop this from the UAD store as it does not approach the quality of their other plugins. This is one of the worst purchases I've made I'm sad to say. It's unfortunate, because a good guitar amp plugin would be a no brainer investment given the zero latency architecture of the UAD/Apollo systems. Sadly, this is a waste of money.

S. Reaver

October 23, 2013

should have passed on this one

I've been playing guitar exclusively through simulated amps for about 10 years.
I've played through several sims and find that this is one that I should have passed up.

I ignored the reviews because I wanted to ease the burden on my DAW by having
the sim run on my Apollo Duo. I don't use a lot of effects and figured that a simple
amp room with the three top amp designs would be right for me. I was wrong.

As yet, I have been unable to get a sound from any of the amps that is pleasing to my ear and certainly nothing that I would ever want to record.

Too bad, maybe UA should have designed their own amp sim.

D. White

February 15, 2013

Not as good as it could be

While this definitely is an improvement over trying to build an amp sound out of eqs and other fx, I found it has the same problem as a lot of other amp sims - it just doesn't sound, feel, or react like an amp. Especially in the area of overdrive to distortion. Heavy distortion is fizzy and annoying. Overdrive is unconvincing. It doesn't have the feel that comes with driving a speaker in a room.
And less you think I'm an analog snob, I've been using a pedal based amp sim (HD500) for over a year now and realIy enjoy it - it works where others have failed.
Hopefully UAD will pick up the ball and build their own amp sim to their exacting standards. This third party one is not for me.

B. Muehlemann

February 16, 2013


For me UA is the most experienced company when it comes to modelling analog gear, so why not make your own amp sim in a quality that one would expect from a company like you?
All of these 3 amps sound like poorly recorded amps in an even poorer sounding room. The Vox is easily the best out of the three, but Vox has never been my cup of tea. The Marshall is thin sounding and has none of the power of the original. The Fender finally sounds not too bad clean when you add spring and convolution reverb but cranked or with with the bright switch on - no thanks.
After all you'll need some serious tweaking with additional plugins to get a usable sound so the whole concept of am easy, user-friendly plugin falls short.

J. York

December 13, 2014

bass amp room - merely ok

This plugin can be useful in adding some realism to your DI signal, and it's great that you can load it into console and track with it. However, compared to other bass sims like the lin6 series, it's pretty sad. The cabs are ok, and I love the graphical ability to move the mic around, but it should come with a variety of mics as well as the ability to use more than one mic, as you would in real life!!!! Also, pulling the mic back doesn't really add room ambiance the way it should - it isn't very realistic. Worst though, is the amp sim. While the cabinets are detailed and reasonable, the generic amp sucks. The drive sound is lame. This plug in should REALLY come with a variety of classic models!!! Don't buy...

B. Muehlemann

February 16, 2013

Limited but good sounding

While the vintage amp room doesn't convince me at all, this one sounds really nice. Although its a bit limited with just one amp (probably modeled on a hiwatt) and 3 cabs, its very easy to use, so the concept adds up. The DI section is great. Its much noisier compared to amplitube but also sounds much more alive. What i miss is a 15" cab and the possibility to combine multiple cabs. After all its the best sounding bass amp sim I've heard so far but i wish there was a bit more flexibility. I just don't know yet whether i will buy the UAD or the native version, i don't really see the point in recreating plugins that already exist.

S. Woolgar

May 7, 2013

Not to my liking...

I feel like the dynamics are just not the same. I prefer the many other amp sims I have, despite them not being on the DSP chips.

I wish I had tried this before buying.

M. Olsen

March 20, 2013


I'll be honest, I have never been a fan of the native versions of Softube's amp emulations (on the other hand I'm a huge fan of their CL1B and Trident plugins), but I needed a zero-latency distortion effect just so I could lay down direct/clean tracks for distorted guitar with the right feel. Once the clean input is tracked, I mix with another plugin.

Now that the drama is out of the way, I will say it is wonderful to have a decent emulation in realtime paired with my Apollo. I'm not a guitarist. I'm a producer learning guitar who needed a way to get a good vibe on clean input. I'm very happy with the purchase.

K. Mesford

March 7, 2013


I am puzzled by the negative reviews of this plugin! These models sound FANTASTIC! I am thinking the added dimension of mic placement is a new concept for some people, and they perhaps don't understand or appreciate how advanced these models truly are! This plug in allows you to create absolutely ORIGINAL guitar tones from the ground up, just like you would in a real studio environment. My hats off to the engineers at Softube!

M. Amendola

February 16, 2013


Not only do they sound amazing but it feels like an amp is mic'd up in an iso booth. Way to go UA and Softube!

M. Cole

March 10, 2013

Soft tube amp

I never got a chance to use it because I don't have a pci card. But I love the satellite.

C. Steen

June 4, 2015

Very nice for tracking extreme metal!

This is my go-to plugin for tracking extreme metal guitarists! It just sounds great and have loads of
low-end, and you know how guitar players in this genre feel about low-end.

I wouldn't use it on a record, but for tracking DI-signals, it's more that enough.

21-40 of 223 Results