Softube® Amp Room Bundle

Softube® Amp Room Bundle


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Softube® Amp Room Bundle

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UAD User

November 21, 2017

why didn't I get this earlier?

it gets used for every session. I have real amps and other modelers and samplers... this gets used more than any of them. Sound quality is magnificent.

J. Preston

November 14, 2017

Bass Amp Room!

I still plan on reamping through my '64 showman head into a 15" tone ring cabinet, with the classic sound of a JBL D140, but I'll tell you, with the sounds I'm getting from a little bit of adjusting make me wonder if I should bother.

y. m

November 10, 2017

Vintage room

Love the tone, use on guitar Manley and synths

R. Cote

November 5, 2017

What do I think about it?

This software has a lot to offer. If you take the time to tweak carefully the software, you will discover lots of son for your electric guitar.

T. Fabri

October 29, 2017

Sehr vielfältige Sounds

ganz ehrlich bin ich noch in der Experimentierphase, die Amp-Modelle gefallen mir sehr gut. Schade finde ich, dass es keine Bodentreter gibt. Jeweils 1-2 Distortion, Reverb, Chorus und Delay Modelle wären toll gewesen, um einen eigenen E-Gitarren Sound zu basteln. Deswegen gibt es auch nur 4 Sterne.

j. Archie

September 26, 2017

Total Suprise!

I was skeptical about this bundle due to other plug-ins ( non UAD) that didn’t do a good job emulating Amps. But man was I pleasantly surprised! Whether cutting Live show tracks, television themes or just studio sessions the Soft Tube Amp Bundle is my go to!! Great purchase!

M. Albert

September 19, 2017

Sehr autentische Gitarrenemulation !!

Bin mit meinem Kauf mehr als zufrieden ! Für mich eine der besten Plugins für schnelle und realistische Gitarrenaufnahmen.

A. Avelin

September 19, 2017

Better than what people say.

Some people say it's not good at all, that's not true. Maybe it's not the best guitar plugin, but it does give you a nice soft clean sound that's not as harsh as many of the newer plugins. I was going for a Bon Iver kind of sound and this is the only one that did the job. And I demoed them all!

H. Parra

September 17, 2017

Love it

Truly amazing, lov the sound that can mes outta this plugins.


August 15, 2017

Vraiment bon !!

J'ai toujours été dubitatif sur la capacité des Soft à recréer un vrai son d'ampli avec une vraie bonne sensation de jeu. Les soft testés ne m'ont jamais convaincu, même ceux qui semblent faire l'unanimité...

Mais là, Softube a fait du bon boulot ! Ma guitare directement branchée dans mon Apollo Twin, je peux sculpter mon son comme je le souhaite. La dynamique est très bonne, l'ampli réagit bien.
L'équalisation étant sommaire, j'y ai rajouté une équalisation UAD derrière. Enfin, un Delay et une Reverb.

Je défie quiconque de faire la différence avec du matos Hardware !

Enfin, et c'est bon à savoir, ce plug est très bon pour le Metal (of course !), mais pas que.

Définitivement, un très bon choix pour le Home Studio.

C. Kutschka

July 3, 2017

sounds great

sounds great for a plugin and its much more easier to record a virtual amp then micing and recording a real amp. :-)

J. Bell

June 15, 2017

Very mediocre

I have about half of this bundle - the license came with my hardware. I'd exchange it if i could.
Always makes guitars and basses scratchy and thin. Depends what you're after I guess, I get a better quality tone direct.

P. Tavshed

May 28, 2017

Sounds great

Sounds great!

UAD User

May 28, 2017

Spend pennies. Save millions on headaches

I know the experience of attempting to mic an amplifier and all the problems it entails from unwanted room ambience to dealing with proximity effect. These plugins solve such problems quickly and allow you to get on with the business of making music. Thanks UA.

E. Lee

May 15, 2017

Nice addition, would be cool to be unison

This plugin it's great, however I would like to be unison enable, don't get me wrong, is fine and is very easy to dial a tone but in finding way more real the Marshall silver jubilee

t. takamasa

May 12, 2017

good amplifier tool

This amp is a good sound, but I did not like the low sound very much.

D. Weniger

April 23, 2017

Sounds great and accurate.

Anyone who says these amp sims do not sound like the real thing or doesn't sound good is pretending to be better than they really are. I've been a professional musician for 25 years, recorded with live amps often and these amps sound wonderful. Pedals also work well with them. I recommend all of the amp sims from UA. I don't even use real amps any more.

T. Spaniel

April 17, 2017

Softube Amp Room

Nice Amp Simulation!

D. Muir

April 17, 2017

Very handy indeed

I've mainly used the vintage amps and bass room so far, and the bass room in particular has been awesome. I've been recording my bass DI and re-amping it to bounce it to a new track, then blending the DI and amped tracks together with some really cool results.

r. masters

April 17, 2017

Nothing wrong with this plug at all

I tried this plug even before it was on UAD and loved it. Using it with Apollo twin is just the coolest thing.

I read people cutting down this and the Fender as well. Both amps are dry with no reverb and there supposed to. Amplitube's presets will sound better because there mixed with stomp boxs ,FX and much more per preset. Every preset for UAD's Amp's are bone dry and that is how it should be. Presets that have a bunch of FX can mud up a mix fast. Building your FX UP and panning them properly left and right will give you a professional mix. In-bedded FX and reverb in a patch that can't be manipulated will give you an unprofessional sound.

All the amps have there own tone and every song needs its own flavor. No amp is the magic bullet because every song is different. UAD amps are raw and authentic. People with sound design skills will go much further using UAD amps.

61-80 of 222 Results