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Customer Reviews

Softube® Amp Room Bundle

Overall Rating

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C. Knox

February 28, 2013

Already reviewed but Please Give Us Nigel!!

Please UA re- release Nigel as well...such a great plug I bet its even better now with UAD2....please.....?

M. Knutsson

February 27, 2013


Im not impressed by these amp simulators. They sound harsh and thin.
Im very impressed of a lot of the UA plugins i owned/tested, but this bundle was a big dissapoinment. I compared it to Avids Eleven and Softube just doesnt sound as good.
I hope UA will develop a really good amp simulation plugin in the future.

R. Masters

February 25, 2013

Not as good as Amplitube.

I realy like how simple these amps are but I know this isn't the best amp sim out there. Amplitube is the best 1 I know of. You guys should get them on board.

C. Soulos

February 25, 2013

Knocked out

I might say I don't miss Nigel now.
I do like Nigel a lot but it's gone now unless I roll back a few UAD versions.
But these amp sims are just gold.
I'm actually humbled.
It took no time at all to finish off the 2 mixes I was holding my nose over before, two Western type Psychobilly tracks. I was able to tweak the amp/mic set up in no time at all, less than a minute it was a done deal for each and every guitar, lead, rhythm, melody.
Now I have a good bass amp I don't need to mic up the mini Ampeg rig the neighbours were gonna hate me for.
Thanks UAD

B. Chapman

February 22, 2013

Not up to snuff.

The idea of being able to track with an amp sim on the front end has got some appeal, but the bottom line here is they just don't sound as good as many plugin sims. And, why would you want to limit what you can do to the sound after tracking? Axe FX is still the best thing going, if you can't mic up an amp. It's expensive, but a lot of bang for the buck. I fully support the idea of UA producing their own new fangled amp sim. I think they can probably do a better job than this.

S. Chapin

February 19, 2013

Ok I guess

Metal plug has some useable stuff, but first impression on the vintage
plugs is that none of them react very well to the guitars volume pot, especially the Marshall, which also sounds kinda buzzy.. UA is great at listening to their customers, so I'm confident they'll clean up the issues in subsequent releases, but I, like other reviewers here, also hope for the return of Nigel.

R. Lecuyer

February 19, 2013

Bring Back Nigel to UAD-2 PLS!-2

To be clear, Softube amps are a great addition especially with Apollo, I'm so very happy with it but in all honesty, I do miss Nigel now that I have Apollo to go but can't have Nigel with it, fortunately still being able to experiment and enjoy it on my very old system which is not portable/in the field which is where I would need it most for band recordings...Thx UAD for everything else as usual... ; r )

R. Lecuyer

February 19, 2013

Bring Back Nigel to UAD-2 PLS!

I've tried Amp Room and its good but the only reason I still have a UAD-1 in my old tower is so I can have and is my "go to plug" for great guitar experience.
I LOVE NIGEL and can only imagine UAD making it so much better if that is possible, which I'm sure they can...Up to the task boys and girls?? Thx as usual for all the other grea offerings. Play On, ; r )

B. Hoener

February 18, 2013

Softube Amp Sim

Its Finally nice to see other People that don't appreciate these plugs. I demoed them Before from Softube. I can say the UA Versions sound exactly like the others. But to me that sounds bad. I really wanted Bass amp room to be awesome, but the only way to get a clean tone is to use the DI? I want the sound of an Ampeg SVT into the 8X10 Cabinet.
Comon UA! I know you can do better!

M. Gervasi

February 16, 2013

Nice to finally have UA Amp Modeling

I've been a long time user of amp and effect modeling from the long time makers of that line of products (Line 6, Amplitube) and this is a very good sounding set. I like that you can bypass the amp or the cab model. I had a 24 track mix using other modeling and did a test switching over to these and the sound was very good. However using an Apollo Duo, UAD Duo, and Solo I maxed out on resources for tracks already recorded so to save resources in the future I will definitely use the Apollo to record the tracks wet and save the processing for the Studer/Ampex and other processors. Also would be nice if they sold each set separately as I don't usually use any metal type amp sounds.
Otherwise it's great.

N. Palmer

February 15, 2013

Not Nigel...

That's it really. For a guitar modelling plug with a straightforward interface and a killer sound, this doesn't even come close to Preflex + Gate Comp. In absolute terms, it's a decent enough offering, but Universal Audio already had this one least for guitar.

B. Li

February 15, 2013


Outstanding plug in. This plug in rocks. Long overdue. Well worth the wait. Super practical and easy to use. Lots of fun. Gets everything rolling without much effort.

Great visuals and explanations. It really ROCKS!

R. Masters

February 14, 2013

So glad it this

Happy again :) we really need this. The most wickedest plug for a guitar amp. Love this thing.

141-153 of 153 Results

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