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Customer Reviews

SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T

Overall Rating

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D. Odom

June 13, 2024


If you like sex you might like this too.


June 2, 2024

So good

Tone and imaging work is completed too easily.
Transparency and outlines of each part become clearer and more natural.
Everything is so simple.

r. schirmacher

January 19, 2024


Perfekt... tolle Räumlichkeit....

S. Shea

January 17, 2024

Brings Everything to Life!

Love using this plugin on mixes. Really brings out what I felt a mix was lacking very easily. I especially enjoy this plugin when listening to my music library!

J. Janev

January 14, 2024

Secret weapon for background vocals!

This is my secret weapon for background vocals! Adds perfect soft compression, gentle air in the high frequencies, warm drive and the best sounding analog-like stereo expander! Of course, it also sounds great on synths, strings, and more.

B. Lehaney

December 18, 2023


So happy I got this. Love this on guitars.


September 20, 2023


I turn on the main fader and the result is perfect.


September 20, 2023


I turn on the main fader and the result is perfect.

N. Pulvirenti

January 16, 2023


Really good

D. Sydenham

October 14, 2022

Very Nice!

Very useful and easy to get quick results with. Not the real thing, sonically, but as a tool it's nice!

O. Levi

July 11, 2022

Get your mix wide!

I love the wiener on this thing! It sounds so good and not phasy at all!

H. Maack

July 9, 2022

Vital to all my mixes...

This excellent plugin can even make a superb mix come even more alive and sparkly !!

S. Trazos

May 18, 2022

Lo amo! En los efectos fx

Permite mas amplitud en los FX dandole un espacio es mi favorito!


March 30, 2022

Very good one

I stayed very long without knowing how to use it but i learned it and it's one of my favorite tool especially for drums and basses.

B. Hamann

January 11, 2022

SPL Vitalizer MK2-T

Makes fantastic jobs for what it was made for!

N. Bryce

January 1, 2022

Always on my vocal tracks

I love the space it adds to my vocal tracks I have all UAD Plugins and this is always the last one I add before I am ready to master I just love that extra touch it gives to vocals...

R. Beehre

December 25, 2021

Amazing on Acoustic Guitars

This plug in provided the X factor for my mix of acoustic guitars. I tried the demo on them and had to purchase after hearing the results!

B. Lederer

December 23, 2021

Still Amazing

We would just say it reminds us so much of the Hardware Version, we have in our Rack. Maybe the Tube Glue on the HW is a bit warmer - but it is very close. Fantastic. Thanks UAD.

E. Jegu

December 16, 2021


powerful tool !

A. L'homme

July 13, 2021

One of my best choices

When I purchase the Vitalizer I wasn't expecting this surprise. you need to try this!!!!

1-20 of 131 Results

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