Studio D Chorus

Studio D Chorus

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Customer Reviews

Studio D Chorus

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T. Spillmann

January 17, 2018

cool plugin

great chorus for subtile widening

S. Long

January 16, 2018

Brilliant Chorus!

Great plug-in, very easy to use and the four options give a lot of width. Would definitely recommend.

H. Andersen

January 15, 2018


So nice

H. Schmitt

January 15, 2018


Studio D Chorus - I like to take him for pads and vocals, is in my opinion the best chorus on the UAD platform.

V. Uhov

January 14, 2018

Studio D / Dimension D

long looked closely at this plugin. Used P&M Dimension 3D. Tried it was pleasant. Very famously expands voices and instruments. Not so intrusive. But there is depth and volume! Thank you, UAudio! For the opportunity to use so many beautiful instruments! Buy in hardware devices for me is very expensive and problematic ... Thank you

E. Halterman

January 13, 2018


Can you widen my vocals and acoustic guitars, please! Awesome!

n. mendez

January 12, 2018

Studio D Chorus ,Your Simple Solution to a Premium Chorus effect

Simple But Effective Classical Tool,It Just Does what it was designed to do ,Sweet and Clean...

J. Mack

January 11, 2018

A unique tool

I have a heap of chorus plugs and selection of stereo widening tools but this box is in a league of its own. Purchasing that was a no brainer, a must have tool. Simple to use instant results for widening, thickening, fattening and getting things to sit, gel or be upfront. I wouldn't want to not have this in my toolbox

Р. Ильёнок

November 30, 2017


the chorus is very cool. synthesizers, vocals, guitars come to life

K. Smith

November 21, 2017

Subtle but awesome

I haven't used the hardware unit in 20 years, but I remember it being very cool on certain things. This software is the same; very sweet but really subtle. If it does something really obvious you probably have it turned up too loud.

UAD User

November 20, 2017

Great Tool!

To me it's a highly recommendable Tool. It has few Possibilities in changing it's Presets or Sounds. But that's a plus to a Newbie like I am.
I used it in a Bus-Config for Guitars oder Vocals and to me it adds richness and width - without being obstursive.
A gentle Effect with great Possibilities.

R. Taylor

November 9, 2017


Great for backing vocals. I use on reverb returns too.

B. Lewis

October 9, 2017

Great product

Love this plugin!

S. Tanner

October 2, 2017

Studio D Chorus

My friend ROLAND and I like this plug-in very much!
I have the original in the studio a long time ago. For me, there is nothing better to make thin synths richer and fater.

M. Łuczak

September 27, 2017

Studio D Chorus

Sounds like other UA, just great!

M. Łuczak

September 27, 2017

Studio D Chorus

Sound like other UA, just great!

UAD User

August 22, 2017

Amazing Plugin!

High quality stereo imaging, and very little DSP usage, this plugin instantly became a goto tool for mixing. I use it on an aux slightly to bring more presence to a lead vocal...

E. Sokolowski

July 27, 2017

A Classic

Unparalleled for what it does on vocals/bass/synths.

J. Mage

July 14, 2017

No, you can't do this with something else

I tried. For (demo) weeks I tried to match the subtlety and depth of this plugin on an acoustic guitar and a background vocal, using fabfilter, waves, and native logic plugs. The other plugs sounded good but this did what I needed to in the mix; added a little animation and width without sounding like "chorus".

M. Ferreira

July 13, 2017

Instant lush chorus.

So easy and amazing results.
I use it on a vocals and acoustic and lead guitars.
A must have, love it.

21-40 of 103 Results