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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

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b. goodkin

June 15, 2017


Sounds like a record!!

b. goodkin

June 15, 2017


Sounds like my outboard... Love, love, LOVE it

S. Peets

June 14, 2017

Great Work UAD!

Putting these on a track without even hitting the threshold puts you in a better place.

L. Kenward

June 2, 2017


Just about every software company has made a version of this unit for the last 15+ years. Having recently discovered UAD the LA2 was one of the first things I tried and it's a proof of concept, this sounds as good as any compressor you can find.

P. Perfetto

May 31, 2017

Huge sounding

These are a great set of tools for getting analog warmth and color to your parts of your song. The silver is my favorite, with the modern tone and clarity. Its worth it, I use these in every session for mixing. I highly recommend getting this collection.

UAD User

May 31, 2017

try it on the final mix bus

few words needed: simple & powerful

J. Johnson II

May 31, 2017


I use the LA-2A on any and everything. Especially vocals! Love it. Don't do any audio without it. BUY IT!

L. Zechinato

May 19, 2017


I finally had the chance to put the LA-2A Silver through its paces for mastering work. I needed A transparent limiter at the end of my mastering chain for a project. I've never used the hardware version, so I didn't have a frame of reference for comparing it to the "real" thing. But I definitely knew what I was going for. The tracks for mastering were already fairly hot gain-wise, and almost none needed any squeezing. I just needed to tame the transients. Boom! Perfect. Once I got a feel for how the Gain and Peak Reduction interact while in Limiter mode, it was VERY easy to dial in the right amount per track.

The funny part to me (about me) is that I'm an early adopter always looking toward the bleeding edge. I own 80% of the UAD-2 plugin catalogue at this point. I did a LOT of reading about hardware compressors, limiters, and EQs. I spent a LOT of time reading reviews of the UAD-2 plugins I own -- plugin counterparts to the hardware. I did not read up on was the LA-2A hardware, though I knew it's a serious classic. I didn't bother reading the uaudio reviews of the plugin version, either. So, it's a little ironic that it all came down to the LA-2A plugin, and how perfect it has been for my mastering chain.

Great plugin bundle! The price is a steal compared to the hardware.

J. Mage

May 11, 2017

Worth the upgrade

for those of you wondering if it's worth it to upgrade for the legacy version; Yeah. While the legacy version is a great workhorse, the nonlinearities added in the uad2 version are fabulous on such sources as lead vocals and bass...just makes these instruments stand out and brings out the vibe of the source.

b. forbes

May 9, 2017

Real Optical Compression right inside the BOX.

Expand your mind... there it is... right in front of you.... reach out and grab it... can you taste the optics? Listen to that gooey guitar... smooth vocal... Perfect Bass GRAB... Its here now...

F. Abel

May 1, 2017

Amazing Vocal Compressor

I tried another LA2A compressor plugins for years, and this is so far the real hardware in plugin. Perfect in vocals, pianos, ac guitar! Super smooth sounds. Thanks for this update Uaudio!

A. Etienne

April 28, 2017


This is by far the best plugin emulation in this time era. I love it on everything. Specially vocals. But give it a try if you're on the fence.

T. Spaniel

April 18, 2017


Should be standard in every studio

P. Aitchison

April 11, 2017

Analoge Gold in all it's Digital Splendour!

What can I say about the Legendary LA-2A and this amazing plugin version that hasn't already been said...nothing much.

It's the workhorse compressor everyone needs and loves. But it.

A. West

March 29, 2017

Pristine Quality and Realistic

It's all been said so I will just say this is as close as your going to get without spending a few G's on a hardware version. It is a must have for everything from Vocals, Acoustic Guitar to Drums, Bass and Lead Guitar or Piano! You need this to get that sound.

D. Maurer

March 28, 2017

as good as you think


C. Azarcon

March 24, 2017

Truly a classic!

Great plugins which gives your tracks the analog feel

P. King

March 18, 2017

Real or not...?

Can barely tell the difference between the tone of this and the original low serial LA-2A that Ive had for years. I'll always love the hardware, but now I can run as many as I need on a session!
The only downside is these plugins don't quite seem to have the 'sweet spot' that an original LA-2A has, when you hit the right spot and the tone just jumps out catches your ears.

B. Valencia

March 5, 2017

Gave up my hardware.

I was so impressed with the UAD LA2A collection that I sold my hardware unit (Wa2a). The quality, channel count, and work flow is what sold me. I do somewhat miss having physical knobs to turn but for the mobility and quality it just makes sense to have a great ITB option. Love it!

V. Ghislain

March 2, 2017

Simple d'utilisation et très efficace.

J'ai acheté ce plug après l'avoir utilisé des dizaines de fois en version legacy.
Le plus est sa simplicité d'utilisation.

Je l'utilise beaucoup sur des synthés (surtout sur les nappes de synthé) et le résultat est au rendez-vous.
Je peux l'utiliser également sur d'autres instruments (TOM de batterie par exemple) couplés avec le 1176, le duo est vraiment saisissant.

Ayant la version Legacy, j'ai beaucoup hésité mais je ne suis vraiment pas déçu de cet achat.

381-400 of 1061 Results