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Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

Overall Rating

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D. Deryabin

February 16, 2013

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Very good feeling from working plugins. especially liked the bottom plugin on the picture, which is made in a vintage style,
soft sound. I think to buy :)

B. Jefferson

February 15, 2013

They have that elusive "magic".

The LA-2A Collection really does sound good to me. First impressions after spending several hours with it has me thinking it's as good as the 1176 Collection. I'm loving the "silver" on the rhythmic pop vocals in a mix I'm working on and really like the LA-2 on the electric bass. This is just my opinion, of course. I haven't spent as much time with the "gray", though I plan to. It's a definite buy for me regardless since I was able to get a great sound that I liked and even "the sound" that I was familiar with fairly quickly with these. They're pretty "DSP thirsty" plug-ins though, so the now "retro" LA-2A plug-ins will probably still get used… alternatively those from other brands, if you have them and are so inclined. Amazing job, UA.

C. King

February 15, 2013

Oh yeah...

Considering UA's track record of quality emulations of hardware this plugin only makes me wish I had deep pockets to buy the real hardware! However, that not being the case I am very pleased at having the next best thing and that is this plugin!

It's just plain sweet. Nuf said.

D. Ralph

February 15, 2013

Very excellent

With these new versions i just jumped straight in and tried them at 96khz against my new UA hardware.
Closest to the hardware as far as attack and release goes, attack still a little sharp compared to hardware. Tone is beautiful, although it does tend to go a little thin at heavy compression.
More hifi, slower attack also i feel, not too keen TBH.
attack is closest to my hardware, release is dog slow, tone is muted but warm.
UA HW reissue.
I have to compare it to this purely because it is a real la2a, IMO these plugs are great but i prefer my HW for tone and compression character, it doesn't suck life when hit hard like the plugs can, im not talking huge but its noticeable.
would get if didnt have HW

P. Brezina

February 15, 2013

Big dissapointment

After 1176 revisions, I hope LA2A will be the same quality. But as I testing it against some other emulations, I found that there is not big difference and some compressors (for example Cakewalks PC2A) acts better even in extreme gain reduction settings. Emphasis screw works almost same as one on Cakewalks emulation. This is for sure not worth 149 dollars. I wish UA make revision MKIII as soon as possible. There is also not big difference between LA2, LA2A gery and silver. sounds almost same. there is only difference in gain staging so you can think it is different for the first time zou try it. Really shame UA, I know you can do much better...

C. Knox

February 15, 2013

Sex on a Stick? Sugar in a Plug?

Hmm well - UA is making me spend all my pocket money on their latest goodies...
Having just purchased the Legacy 1176 's and enjoying using them I demoed the La-2A tonight - threw them on all the vox I'm doing in a project and loved them.
There are some nice subtle differences here...GR8 job UA but we all need bigger vouchers to buy everything...
These really feel authentic down to the labels on the cases - you can hear the difference - yes they are simple devices....interms of adjustments tweaking but...
Maybe they are not so simple-I mean these sound so good!!
Well done UA to all the project teams and people involved
I'm celebrating v6.5 cause its delivered everything I needed and more...
But then with UA we always want more...don't we???

I. Duarte

February 14, 2013

Very Nice One !

I am just testing the new LA2A Bundle. Differences are very interesting for a trained ears, but they just sound very sweet. Just bought and loved them !

1301-1307 of 1307 Results