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Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

Overall Rating

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P. Jack

April 8, 2013

Love it

Man, I just love this collection, can't mix without an La2a on bass and in my vocal chain, plus I have converted many mixers to UAD plugs based on my mixes with La2a.

P. Haas

April 5, 2013

Excellent, just UAD, emulation

Great sound quality, great to work with.
Variability (three types of hardware emulation).
Pleasure for work and pleasure for the eye.

A. Charras

April 3, 2013


I use LA2 in MASTER BUS. Sound amazing.
Pultec Pro and La2 G in bass is the perfect bass process.

C. Irschick

March 31, 2013

La2a Impressions

This plugin really sounds like the original which I'm quite familiar with. I even measured the distortion with an AP analyser and found the plugin to be a highly accurate rendition of an old model that I have. Also I love the addition of the very rare La2. It has a longer release which really suits certain situations. I don't love the fact that the default setting is not unity gain.

S. Constance

March 27, 2013

Real presence in a digital age

Choose your flavour and your good, tweak the simple controls and your perfect!

R. Edwards

March 25, 2013

What a difference

I bought the original LA-2A plug-in, and I was disappointed. What it added to the sound, I didn't want. When they announced the 'new' version, I was skeptical, to say the least. But, as my poor bill-paying wife would warn you, once you try it, you're going to buy it. I've been using the 'gray' version on vocals and bass and OMG…what a difference! While the first version sounded grainy, with a bit of tin—this one is just pure power in a knob. Rock and roll!

D. Gallant

March 20, 2013

A good thing just got really, really good!

I wasn't going to get these 'cause I have and use a multitude of different compressors.
Still, I activated the demo... and now use it on every vocal I record.
I'm absolutely thrilled by what this does to the tracks.

Presence is brought up front but doesn't overpower.



L. Dodge

March 19, 2013

These really add some depth

Great sonics on these plugs. Nice round character to the sound. Really a great improvement over the original LA-2A. These will get a lot of use.

A. Joseph

March 19, 2013


The quality of these new plugins are a drastic improvement to the already incredible previous versions.

M. Denebi

March 17, 2013


I think those pluggs are Musical instruments that verkats an imotional Impact to My
Sounds. I love it you guys are amazing. Thank you for Malung My jobb Easy :) best. Moh

E. Lamothe

March 17, 2013

the new comps are

I Just love the sound of these babies

3 different colours and 3 different time constant

you can even stack them to create new sounds

I would love to see your take on a RS 124 and a BA6A

L. Malaguti

March 16, 2013

LA-2 4ever...

Beautiful bundle!!
a leveling amplifier, suitable for every type of source!

the sound becomes "denser", the plugin adds a lot of character, THD etc...
However, the result is very very natural and "classy".

Another step to the perfect emulation, here....

C. Visser

March 16, 2013

Excellent compressors!

These are very excellent compressors!
I like the sound of these a lot, different from the original LA2A.
Also, the updated GUI is very welcome.
Only the LA2 needs some more thorough testing, but I can't imagine it letting me down :)

E. Conesa

March 16, 2013

Amazingly easy to get awesome results!

Each one of these versions are fantastic.
The more I try the LA2 on vocals the more I like it.
The Grey is great on bass! Maybe better than the 1176...
No more hunting for plugins for a specific use.
The LA2A and 1176 collections pretty much got everything covered.

G. Piazza

March 16, 2013

Good but more subtle than the 1176 updates

These are not the breakthrough plugins the new 1176 collection is. They are good, but the two early models are a bit dark, laggy and almost muddy. There is variety, but less useful variety than the 1176 collection.

The Silver is good, but it is not far from the earlier LA2a plugin. The differences are somwewhat subtle. A little thicker and a tad slower. The Limiter mode is better; more useful than the original plugin and more like the Hardware - this is the real winner.

I've only worked with the Silver hardware, so I can't comment on how the other two hardware units sound - probably dark, laggy and a tad muddy! They were early 50's units after all!

P. Thurian

March 16, 2013

Sound der Spitzenklasse

Ich habe 16 gleiche Track´s verglichen. Teilweise mit meinen Hardware-Kompressoren UA 2-1176, Avalon 2044, SPL-Dynamaxx und dbx. In den anderen Spuren waren Plug-In´s von UAD. Die Tracks wurden Analog summiert und verglichen. Das Ergebnis war unerwartet klar. Neben dem UA 2-1176 und dem Avalon 2044 war die neuen LA-2A Plug´s die klaren Gewinner. Die bearbeiteten Track´s waren zu einem homogenen, fertigen Signal geworden. Bei den anderen Spuren hatte ich den Eindruck das sie unfertig waren. Das die Gewinner alle einen anderen Sound produzieren ist klar. Das ist mit verschieden Gitarren oder Piano´s genau so. Aber die Plug-In´s LA-2A classic Leveler Collection sind Spitzenklasse und lassen die Hardware vergessen. Respekt und großes Lob.

Y. Ngai

March 16, 2013

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

This is my favorite!Used in the GUITAR on the very texture!

R. Fantini

March 15, 2013

Beautiful sounding compression.

While not quite as versatile as the new 1176 collection, these compressors are the perfect complement to them. Great on anything needing smooth opto type compression ... they're simply fantastic!

I. Papagiannidis

March 15, 2013

can you add 5 more starts for this one?

The first LA 2 A plugin is like a 5 year child in front of the brand new LA 2A collection!
HUGE HUGE difference! the emphasis button is an extra help !

Congratulations UA team!

John Jeff Touch


D. Seal

March 15, 2013


This compressor performs and sounds exactly like my hardware version. I think Universal Audio products are the best and all their plugins work well, are consistent , and dependable.

1221-1240 of 1310 Results