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Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

Overall Rating

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R. Elliott

March 13, 2013

Warm and Fuzzy

These have become my instant "go to" for compression. Each unit is tailored for specific sounds from fast attack to nice, warm, and subtle compression. I've used them on everything so far. These are worth the price alone for vocals but they are amazing on guitars, Rhodes, drum bus's, bass, etc. I loved the old LA2A plugin but these trump it. My only slight criticism is that they suck up a lot of bandwidth, but beggars can't be choosers. Once again, amazing job!

L. Lindley

March 13, 2013

Not worth it if you have the LA-2A already

Hey, it's probably just me, silly amateur home user that I am, but I'm really not impressed with the LA-2A Classic Collection. If I didn't already have the LA-2A, then sure, it would have been fine. But since I did already have (and love) the basic LA-2A plug-in, this has turned out to be a waste of money in my opinion. Unlike the 1176 Classic Collection, which I loved primarily because of the presets, this one seems to add nothing over the one I already had. I can't hear the difference between these units, and the presets -- which are few compared to the 1176 collection -- aren't really particularly helpful because the LA-2A is so simple to use to begin with. So, not a terrible plug-in, certainly, but not worth the money for me.

S. Ghadaban

March 13, 2013

The new LA-2A collection is a must for vocals

I purchased the new LA-2A collection and after a short test I was so impressed by it.
The new collection sounds so close to the hardware and makes vocals so smooth and brilliant in a special way that I don't want to use anything else for my vocal tracks in the future beside equalizer and delay/reverb. I also love it on lead guitars and basses. UAD has done a great job again!

Sudad G

S. Adams

March 13, 2013

You've done it again.

Let me just say that you can not make your stems sound bad with the new updated LA2A's, Totally blown away with what Universal Audio's bringing to the table.
Keep up the great work guys, :-)

D. Lynch

March 13, 2013

Man I don't even think of these machines as plugins

Man I don't even think of these machines as plugins. As a user of analog studio gear for the last 25 years I feel these are the real thing with all the warmth, depth, smoothness and size that great valve compressors have.
Totally awesome job guys. David Lynch

M. Berg

March 12, 2013

LA-2 review.

I have'nt had much time to test all these great compressors but have used the LA-2 on my drum group channel.
I'm very pleased with the focus, punch and presence this plugin added. Now onto the rest of the collection, 'looking forward to that...

I gave four stars, just to leave room for a mix control feature!

I would also commend UA on the great price of $149.00 for previous LA-2A users, Thank You :).

Mauri Berg.

D. Hayes

March 12, 2013

New La 2a!!!!!

They are Awesome sounding and a lot more Versatile then there little brother.Thanks UA keep up the GOOD work!!!!!!

T. Stefiuk

March 12, 2013

A better LA-2A

Thank you UA for a great effort in these new updates to the classics. I loved what you did with the 1176 line and the LA-2A collection is just as fine.
My overall impression of the plugins are they all have a distinct tonal colour & character. The most impressive attribute is the depth of sound they have. I've found most plugins to have a 2d quality to them. These ones really have opened up.
I like the grey LA on Bass and use the silver on Vocals. For me, adding these plugs to a mix I was working on was a revelation.
Again thanks for some top work here. I hope to see the same process applied to the Fairchild.


T. Senghore

March 12, 2013


This time UA have absolutely nailed it this time. The colour of these things makes everything sound better.

M. Bontemps

March 12, 2013

This is it !

What a great tool... I love the fat sound coming out of those beauties, on bass I prefer the Gray, on drums or Synth I choose the Original and on the Bus the clear Silver machine works cool... They make me even forget to use the 1176 collection sometimes. So I set me a limit : only use 16 maximum on a track and leave some cpu for the other goodies 8-) - Thanks again UA (if you could only make the thunderbolt card cheaper)

D. Schiffman

March 12, 2013

LA2A Spectacular

I am really impressed with the new LA2A.
They just seem to sound great on just about anything. Vocals really get nice and sticky with them. They create that same kind of "tube pump" like you get on a really good old hardware version. Only difference is if I wanna use 10 of them i can!!
Nice work UA! keep it up!

D. Schiffman

March 12, 2013

LA2A Spectacular

I am really impressed with the new LA2A.
They just seem to sound great on just about anything. Vocals really get nice and sticky with them. They create that same kind of "tube pump" like you get on a really good old hardware version. Only difference is if I wanna use 10 of them i can!!
Nice work UA! keep it up!

T. Sallai

March 12, 2013

Universal Audio Über Alles!

Instant love.
Recording a modern bass guitar with no amp, in the box, no other plugins but the LA-2A, and there you are with a nice balanced thick vintage-like sound!
The silver model works great on bass drums, however for that you might need some extra EQ - Pultec did a great job for me!
It's a no brainer for the owners of the original UAD LA-2A!

F. Arpino

March 11, 2013



Francesco Arpino

D. Carter

March 11, 2013

Sweet Nectar

This Jewel is FAT. I love it. Not gonna get technical so this is not a great review or whatever. I'm just sayin. FAT and I love it......A lot. Really a lot. I mean. It sounds good and it's really pretty. How can it get any better. So... I'm just saying. We got a good thing going.

F. Madrigal

March 10, 2013

Like Magic!

The moment you place this plugin on your channel strip, Voala!!! Like magic, it just simply makes your audio sound great!!!!

UA does it again... I didn't expect anything less! these guys know what they are doing!

Keep up the good work!

C. Young

March 7, 2013

LA2A Review

With the increased availability of LA2A emulations from other plug-in developers, this comes as a timely and valuable update.
Definitely flexible across a broad range of instruments, particularly bass and vocals, whilst retaining that trademark LA2A "sweetness" and transparency. The bias function is a huge advantage imo.
In tandem with the recent 1176 upgrades, they have become my "go-to" levelling plugs.
Keep up the good work!

Clive Young

D. Marsh

March 7, 2013

A sound that sits hand in hand with me!

The Teletronix Classic leveler collection was my first UAD purchase and it was a gamble, when I got them, I did not try out the demo's first.

WOW I was just blown away. I was recording my band at the same time and I sat the LA - 2 on just about everything. It just gives me the tone and sound I look for when mixing.

It is my most used plugin now and if I did not have it, well I would be stuck trying to imitate it.

If men could marry plugins, there would be a thousand little LA2's running around with drumsticks and a bottle of Tequila.

K. Flowers

March 7, 2013

LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

These are the most amazing preamps I've ever heard. They add the body and essence I need for any and every vocal I record.

C. Lambert

March 6, 2013

Smooth and more pliable

I am reading many people saying that there isn't enough difference between the three new revisions; my reply is try hitting your sources harder and then tell me they're the same.

OK, some people might not see the worth in having to slam things harder in order to hear the difference, but I have always favoured the LA-2A as a parallel compressor.

As an insert, I used to view the LA-2A as a one-trick pony, but the added 'response' adjustment in these revisions has changed my opinion and I'll be happy to experiment with this UAD plug as an insert for more than just smoothing acoustic guitar and sung vocals (which was, for me, the only things a LA-2A excelled in).

1241-1260 of 1307 Results