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Customer Reviews

Teletronix LA-2A Tube Compressor

Overall Rating

81-100 of 150 Results

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M. Eriksson

November 8, 2023

Must have!

A must have!
The best LA-2A plugin!

E. Noyar

November 8, 2023


Nothing but the Best!
Plug in

D. Farrell

November 8, 2023

The Classic

Classic LA-2A character, must have toy!

J. Harth

November 8, 2023


I was able to easily install the compressor. No problem at all.

I tried it on my whole drum track and used a one of the presets for drums together with an OTT. You just cannot imagine the difference. This is pure magic. Without the two plugins I mentioned it sounds awful haha.

Easy to use and an amazing result!! Yet I think 50$ would be a more appropriate price. (But that’s my personal opinion) Therefore only 4 stars.

A. Tow

November 8, 2023

A very fine plugin

A very fine plugin.Made me want to buy the whole bundle for 25 euro, and I did.Nevertheless,I've found that this free version had a distinct sound of its own.

J. Mukherji

November 7, 2023


Now my daw is upgraded to super power. With just two knobs I can change the scene of the sound . You know what I mean .

n. Liyanage

November 7, 2023

IT’s Solid

this compressor is super awesome. now this has become my favourite compressor for vocals. it’s smooth and powerful.

M. Niebles

November 7, 2023

Very Sorry for this bad Review

I have had very inconvenient and trouble with the AD interfacr on both my pcs even a Previously adquired Moog can't use it anymore because when I try it to upload to my DAW says I don't have the license. Every time I open the UA interface send me to reinstall and appears the same error I send the info of my troubleshooting but haven't heard from UA several weeks ago

I. Stephenson

November 7, 2023

A Step Up!

I have a couple of other LA-2A type plugins and also a hardware unit of the same type. This one is certainly an improvement on the other plugins in my collection.

F. Garcia

November 7, 2023

Gran compresor vintage

Gran compresor vintage. Aporta tono y carácter a la guitarra. Con la voz aun no lo he probado pero promete.
Gracias UA !!!!

p. tashdjian

November 7, 2023

Good Compressor

Always UAD have good plugins but am very old costumer since they was UAD Makie But I really hope to have the old versions of your plugins they was the best one.

Paul Tashdjian

S. Karamahmutoglu

November 7, 2023

great compressor/limiter

It gives natural warm tone to the vocals, any instrument and, easy to use as well.

Y. Matsunaga

November 7, 2023



M. Cafeo

November 7, 2023

Nothing but the Best!

My Studio now sounds like the Hit Factory!
~ one of your Biggest Fans !

A. Brown

November 7, 2023

Awful installer.

Luckily got this for free as UAD connect doesn’t work properly for me and I refuse to install the other bloatware like PACE and iLok.


November 6, 2023

i tried to install

did not install. not happy

W. Burgess

November 6, 2023

iLock ruins whole experience

You can only spend so much time fighting with little things before you realize it is not worth the trouble . I was looking forward to investing in the UAudio world.
Hope you fix these issues.

J. Tüli

November 6, 2023

Teletronix LA-2A Tube Compressor

...just piece of gold. Used for vocals,bass,snaredrum. Sounds great!!!

J. Puckett

November 6, 2023

Fast and Warm

The best LA-2A out there. I’ve tried them all!

D. Hammer

November 6, 2023

Just amazing.

I've used this plug in with my DAW after having recorded a riff with an acustic guitar. It is really the best compressor I have ever tried. The sound is super clean and well balanced between high and bass frequencies. However, if used with too many plug-in at the same time the CPU can be overloaded but actually you don't need any other VST, maybe just a 3 band EQ, nothing else, and the final result will be amazing.

81-100 of 150 Results