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Customer Reviews

Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor

Overall Rating

101-120 of 346 Results

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L. Gache

June 9, 2022


pretty much unusable. shame, because it used to be so good

B. Prosko

May 27, 2022


I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing. Very buggy, all the issues listed by others are still a problem.

C. Bonanni

May 24, 2022

needle not moving

I can tell that this sounds so good but unfortunately the interface is bugged and apparently has been bugged since January. Please fix this!!

R. Jalbert

May 17, 2022

Still not working

I Do not recommend to buy it until they fix it
It's Disappointing, considering the price and how long this has been a known problem. Currently it's not working properly ...

d. calcagne

May 15, 2022

Glitch ridden. VU meter jumps. Crashes LUNA.

I don't understand how this issue can be unresolved for so long. Bizarre.

S. Simms

May 11, 2022

Still not working

I can understand that both UAD and Softube are having to collaborate to get this plug-in up and running, causing delays. Fingers crossed it gets sorted soon. Until then, I don’t recommend purchasing unless you don’t mind downgrading your software to 9.14.5

E. Dedevesis

May 10, 2022

Best comp eq for vocals

Best comp eq for vocals

C. Rack

April 30, 2022

Still Broken

Do not recommend buying until they fix. Disappointing considering the price and how long this has been a known problem. Currently it's completely unusable

M. Mchangani

April 24, 2022

MkII Glitches

The MKII Version is malfunctioning on my m1 Mac mini...It works for a while then stops transmitting sound...this has been going on even after upgrading to version 10

M. Ramge

April 19, 2022

VU bugged out for months

I think this plugin would sound amazing, if it would actually work properly. The bugs around this Plugin have been known to UA for months now, but still no fix in sight. I really hope this gets addressed soon because it is one of my favourite compressors for vocals.

M. McCoy

April 18, 2022

Top notch

I got this and the distressor, couldn’t be happier

G. WilliamsII

April 16, 2022

Lovely sound

I really love the sound of this compressor especially with hip hop and neo soul or anything that needs more body! Adds nice thickness and glue

M. Upshaw

April 13, 2022

Don’t put this on your chain till they fix it

If you throw this on your chain you could be introducing yourself to a ton of issues if not immediately the worst…. Later!!!!! Don’t bounce down with it… will mute the track it’s inserted on

J. Monroe

April 11, 2022


The METER doesn't work in LUNA, you have to pull the plugin up in console to see how much GR, then it jumps around and never goes to 0. This plugin also locks up whatever sessions I have it on after updating to the new software and I have to restart my computer to even reopen luna to open another session. I now have ANY access to ~90% of my sessions and UA isn't responding to anything regarding this plugin and its bugs !!!!

s. whitman

April 4, 2022

Very Disappointing

Really wanted this to work. but it doesn't, pumps badly anything over -3 db GR at any setting. And obviously the needle jumps all over the place. Wasted money. please can we have a fix.

E. Gusakov

April 3, 2022

Nice sound but doesn't work on MacOs

The Tube Tech cl1b mk ii is cracking on every bounce, its impossible to work, please fix it!

S. Gommans

March 15, 2022

Worthless plugins it only does harm to every project

Restarted my laptop about 50 times before the mk ii worked, coming to find out that it crashes the whole Luna and Apollo system. Every export Will Result into cracking issues so simply said, you can never bounce a normal project.

S. Gommans

March 15, 2022

Comon uad

This problem is going on for months already uad pleas fix the bugs

R. Stokes

March 14, 2022

Simply doesn't work - full of bugs

I'm sure this plugin would sound great if it actually worked. Most of the time it's just the meter that doesn't function but occasionally you'll put it on a track and even with the threshold and no gain reduction happening, you'll loose around 30dB of gain for no reason. UAD acknowledges the meter problem at least but after waiting months for a fix, I've got to say I'm very disappointed I purchased this plugin.

s. whitman

March 7, 2022

A little disappointing

Great sound quality I can't deny, but anymore than -3 dB GR and it starts to pump, I've tried all settings.. very sensitive to set up compared to other compressors.

101-120 of 346 Results