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Customer Reviews

Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor

Overall Rating

141-160 of 342 Results

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L. Deane

December 14, 2021

Good Stuff

They captured the heart of tube recording !


December 8, 2021

A Go To

A compressor with rare finesse. Classic tone for a classic piece of gear.

R. Matthews

November 29, 2021


Unreal!! This is amazing!! Great sound!!! UAD ROCKS!!

J. Johnson

November 18, 2021

Breathing taking

I love this plug in and it’s emulation is super close to the real thing! One of my favorite compressors ever!! I’m glad I purchased this!

E. Rosario

October 28, 2021

Amazing Plugin!!!

The Smoothness of this plugin is unbelievable. Thank You UAD for giving us the opportunity to enjoy ANALOG capabilities VIRTUALLY! <3

T. Mansfield

October 21, 2021

Finally purchased

After demoing this, I can say that this plug-in not on is beautiful on screen, it makes my vocals sound amazing especially in Unison. I’m running a U87 through a Twin X, 1073 in Unison and the CL1B on the strip. Vocals sound prestige.

A. Celis

October 15, 2021

F*ck Yeah

I recommend running a preamp before and a limiter right after. This is Gold.

R. Adams

September 10, 2021

Good Emulation

This is a cool compressor but very far from my favorite.
Im not a huge fan of the CL 1B.
I rarely touch it but thats only due to my personal taste.
I still give it a high rating because if you like the hardware vesrion, you will love the plugin. It is a very honest recreation.

k. kin

August 29, 2021

UNNO 昂 必须滴 靠谱!

找他干活准没问题 这个cl1b 太离谱 ! UNNO也太帅了!

T. Kuribayashi

August 24, 2021

This will give you great sonic warmth

I used to record vocals and always felt disappointed because something didn't sound like the real thing. But I can get great sonic warmth after buying it . The finished product will sound exactly like the real thing. I'm really glad I bought this compressor!

A. Eisele

July 14, 2021

Full-bodied, warm optical compression

Has that depth and solidity that we associate with classic analog gear. I use it mainly when tracking vocals after a faster compressor (Distressor) for full-bodied, warm smoothing of dynamics. Also use it while mixing strings. Love the extra attack/release controls and artifact-free compression. Doesn't seem to have the HF bump of an LA-2A or the HF roll-off of a Summit Audio TLA. Highly recommended.


July 14, 2021

Best Vocal Compressor

Ultimate Vocal tracking Compressor

U. z

June 21, 2021

太帅了 牛逼

就是牛逼 就是帅

G. Westwood

June 20, 2021

The real deal!

Smooth transparent and warm sounding vocals.
What more do you need.

J. Maasakkers

June 15, 2021

Love it!!

Great sound on many things, on vocals is fabulous!

J. Maasakkers

June 15, 2021

Love it!!

Great sound on many things, on vocals is fabulous!

h. dayani

June 13, 2021

smooth sounding

Does of Wonder on vocals

h. dayani

June 13, 2021

smooth sounding

love it does wounder on vocal

K. Granaas

June 13, 2021


Brilliant on more or less everything!

J. Monxhwedey

June 11, 2021


Always wanted to compressor. It’s for smooth, warm and clean, especially when I’m tracking using the 1073 into the CL1b...incredible

141-160 of 342 Results