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Customer Reviews

Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor

Overall Rating

161-180 of 345 Results

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h. dayani

June 13, 2021

smooth sounding

love it does wounder on vocal

K. Granaas

June 13, 2021


Brilliant on more or less everything!

J. Monxhwedey

June 11, 2021


Always wanted to compressor. It’s for smooth, warm and clean, especially when I’m tracking using the 1073 into the CL1b...incredible

C. Simpson

May 29, 2021

Read The Manual

As an inexperienced user to this compressor I was unsure of the sweet spot and how to get my desired sound. Thankfully the manual gave me a decent foundation to build upon. At a lower threshold there is pumping but for vocals it’s recommended to have a 4-5 of compression.

E. White

April 29, 2021

Simply amazing

One of the best I’ve invested in. Clean , punchy, warm compress. Get it you won’t regret.

E. White

April 29, 2021

Simply amazing

One of the best I’ve invested in. Clean , punchy, warm compress. Get it you won’t regret.

V. Arnold

April 26, 2021

Love it!

I pair this with the Avalon preamp and use it to compress hip-hop vocals on the way in and vocals come in silky smooth and transparent. Best UAD purchase I've made to date.

J. Gonzalez Jr.

April 26, 2021

Makes Vocals Pop Out

Really makes the vocal pop out. Great for drums,bass.... everything.

R. Schüchel

March 29, 2021

Tube Tech for second Vocal compression

1176 and Cl 1B a winning team

C. Peters

March 19, 2021

Spanish Review , lo mejor!

Hermoso por donde se le mire. Comprime suavemente , y en la voz queda perfecto. Desde que lo compre deje de usar el LA2A (lindo compre también ). Es tanta la fascinación por el cl 1b que encargare la unidad física en un tiempo mas. Recomendado 100 .

C. Belisle

March 4, 2021

Tube-tech cl 1B

I like the compressor a lot. I tried the demo for 14 days and used the Male Vocal preset and for some reason when I purchased it that pre set was not there anymore. It worked perfectly on the session I was doing at the time. Thanks.

S. Trazos

February 18, 2021

Lo mejor para los oidos

Me quede impresionado con el resultado es increíble el resultado de este compresor.

C. Lawrence

February 12, 2021

The Danes do it again

I love this compressor on vocals. Some swear by Neve and others, but, for smooth well-tracked male and female vox, this is the one.

J. Geary

February 1, 2021

It doesnt add up.... but it does!

Ok this thing sounds freaking fantastic especially in a lot of places where CL1B wouldn't be my first thought. It has its own spot on my drum bus and brings a beautiful color to the table. Next time you want to add a little glue without presence, try this guy instead of the gbus or 2500. Im 99.999% sure this thing upsamples as well since i cannot get it to match the native version. In some cases its subtle but as you push further into compression the UA version keeps the body much better

F. Meng

January 29, 2021

nice sound!!

One of my favorite UAD plugins.

F. Meng

January 29, 2021

nice sound!!

One of my favorite UAD plugins.

Z. Khan

January 27, 2021

So smooth and transparent!

This is my go to compressor for tracking vocals. It gives my vocals that extra something that makes it shine. It’s one of the most transparent tracking compressors available I believe. Totally worth it!


January 21, 2021

Simulation bluffante.

Le "grain" Tube-Tech dès sa mise en route, le threshold est d'une réactivité impressionnante ! Excellent plug à consommer sans modération...

L. Brown

January 16, 2021

5 Stars

Best compressor I own.


January 15, 2021

Male Vocals

Demo this on male vocals.. Thats how I discovered its Quality. Im writing this because I purchased it with my Blue Collar Dollars. Its a vocal compressor.

161-180 of 345 Results