UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

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UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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B. Thompson

May 19, 2014

Best analog emulations on the planet!!

I’m a longtime UAD user. I purchased my first UAD-1 card back in 2004. I’ve been impressed with Universal Audio products from the very beginning and they are definitely staying true to their drive of excellence.

The UAD-2 OCTO gives me the DSP power I need to be creatively focused and not worry about system limitations. Even with the power of the newer computers, the UA plugins are still the standard for all other vendors to achieve. I’m a proud owner of Universal Audio hardware and software. All I can say is please keep the incredible products coming!

P. Bueno

May 18, 2014

The best dap sound ever

I work professionally mixing cds for over 15 years, the sound that the UAD brought to my work is incredible, and now using a UAD octa, I have the security of enough DSP.

H. Linderman

May 15, 2014

Plenty of power...

…finally! Works great with my Quad PCIe card and Quad Satellite in ProTools HD Accel rig.

M. Mahler

May 15, 2014

UAD Octo card - lots of sharc power

I felt after testing of some plugins (Manley Massif Passif or Fatso) that they add something special to my tracks that I couldn't recreate with other plugins. As both plugins are heavy consumers of DSP power, I decided to buy an Octo Card. Installation was easy as with my other cards. I can now use high quality plugins, use those even life when I record with very small latency. I am happy!

T. Zink

May 9, 2014


(This is to the UA team - my previous review failed to mention it was an OCTO card which would be important for 2013 MacPro owners. Since the reviews are not specific to each type of card, this might not be apparent, but is important since no other card is compatible).

T. Zink

May 9, 2014


There are plenty of reviews extolling the virtues of the UAD cards, so I thought I'd focus on it's compatibility with my new MacPro. I'm running it though a thunder bolt OWC card cage, and it shows up just like a regular PCIe card. It's up and running and I've used my plugs in DP, ProTools, and a number of other programs with no problems. Loaded up a 32 track mix session and barely got over 50% load on the card. As usual UAD's programs (which this time included a generous plugin coupon) made my transition as painless as possible.

S. Novikov

May 1, 2014

Compact and powerful

Great product! Alot horsepower takes only one pcie slot.

K. Lindner

April 30, 2014

Unglaublich warm

Ich bin sehr sehr sehr begeistert und genieße die Möglichkeit auf analoge gerate zugreifen zu können ohne wartungstress...

Es ist ganz toll !!!!!

D. Okune

April 29, 2014

One Word: Amazing.. however..

Octo Pcie was a great investment. Plugins sound great, even though I always consider them "just" tools, the UA emulations are simply amazing. Extra DSP processing takes off the load from native CPU, even bigger sessions are around 30% native and 40% DSP usage. I'm anticipating AAX windows release however, and it seems to take forever but patience is a virtue. I encountered few minor but annoying bugs with PT10. Overall it's a great piece of technology, I just hope PT10 bugs will be fixed or UA release AAX for windows so i can forget about sluggish version 10.

S. Cooley

April 24, 2014

Crazy with power

I got two Octo cards and chassied them in at bolt box !
Astounding power and performance

S. Cooley

April 24, 2014

Crazy with power

I got two October cards and chassied them in at bolt box !
Astounding power and performance

P. Baltaro

April 17, 2014

UAD-2 Octo Core

Very good product, La2a compressor is very close to the hardware version, I could not live without my UAD anymore. Great pieces of studio gear, I hope some instruments will come one day also.

S. Rauch

April 12, 2014

Good stuff - and I think you know that

It is a really good concept, that plugins don´t steal cpu but I think the cards are overpriced, measured by the amount of additional power you get. For this kind of money you could've easily put a bunch of i7 processors on the card.
kind regards

D. Jones

April 9, 2014


I'm using the octo card inside of a sonnet echo express thunderbolt chassis and it's running PERFECTLY! There's more than enough DSP on this thing for large sessions!

?. ??

April 8, 2014



A. Davies

April 7, 2014

If you need DSP, this is great

The plugins are top notch, and the company stands by them. What more could you want when jumping into an audio platform? Only bad would be lack of post specific tools.

C. Schiermeyer

April 6, 2014

online testing would ease pre-purchase jitters

I wish there were a way to test out the plugins without having to buy the card, like a system similar to the website, which lets you sort of "skype" into a machine running the plugins you want to test and transmits hi-res audio back to you so you can hear what they sound like. Try-sound is meant for sample libraries, so you're only sending midi data and they're sending back audio in realtime. it'd be more difficult due to the bandwidth usage requirements for transmitting .aif/.wav files to be tested, and hearing the tweaks in realtime. But that's a feature that's missing from trying out your stuff. As of now, you have to use them at a friend's studio to see what they sound like.

J. Hulst

March 31, 2014

Octo worth its price

To have an octo gives plenty of dsp with some of the finest plugins an audio engineer can find.
The older plugins from its earlier years are not my cup of tea, but the latest series are fenominal.

Love it.

Johnny Hulst
Hulst Audio Engineering

L. Mertner

March 24, 2014

the real stuff

Now i have the power i need to make my music sound as i want

W. Brooks

March 15, 2014

It's very said to think, that I thought, I was using real sounding plug-ins

It's very said to think, that I thought, I was using real sounding plug-ins. I was a very happy UAD user since 2004.

Sometime in late 2000, I was introduced to W--e plug-ins where I was convinced to switch. At some point I sold my UAD1 card.

Periodically I would reflect back on the so real quality sounds that I got from the UAD1 card, finally I decided to revisit this company again.

After some research between many great option, I purchased the Octo Custom.

All I can say is that I am so very sorry to myself, for being so delusional about living without this UAD sound.

It's the truth and I am addicted, I will never ever leave again.

I am not getting anything for free by saying these things, I just appreciate quality and UAD is it.

221-240 of 606 Results