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Customer Reviews

UAD-2 Satellite FireWire

Overall Rating

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T. Holmes

December 2, 2023

Most Excellent!

This is my second FireWire Satellite and a great way to add 4 more cores to my system. Highly recommend!

P. Blake

November 19, 2023

I want to be able to continue use of my UAD-2 Satellite FireWire with the latest versions of MacOs

I love your plugins however I want to be able to use my UAD-2 Satellite FireWire which is no longer supported by the latest versions of Universal Audio drivers. Surely this is something that can be tweek within the drivers so the life of the UAD-2 Satellite FireWire can continue to be used along side all of my UAD plug-ins that are not yet usable with UA Connect.


November 13, 2023

This is simply a disgrace

How can UAD sell Firewire hardware when it's no longer supported by the latest versions of MacOs and by Universal Audio in their latest versions of UAD drivers???
Isn't this a real problem of ethics and deontology?
Tell me if I've missed anything, but this is simply a disgrace.

D. Benamou

October 28, 2023

UAD-2 Satellite FireWire

So good !!!!!! live UA & team UA...

J. Lanier

October 20, 2023

Satellite FireWire

As far as the satellite it's good having 4 extra processors my only complaint is the plugins should be able to swap out for a different list instead of getting the same bundle over and over and over Other than that uad is wonderful gave it 4 stars because of that one issue with the bundle plugins

I. Law

September 21, 2023

Monster Beats Publishing; The UAD Satellite Firewire a Dependable source of DSP.

The UAD Satellite Firewire provides a dependable source of DSP, once connected fast registration. I was surprised, as soon as I powered the unit the website recognized the Satellite 2. Boom registration is complete. The website appeared automatically. being able to run up to 37 stereo plug-ins with UAD plus My own CPU. Great addition to any project studio


September 9, 2023

UAD-2 Satellite FireWire Duo

Nice sturdy unit , helps relive my computer on processing UAD plugins . Just not fond of the table top unit, like all other equipment needs to be rack mounted.

S. Prunner

September 7, 2023

A different Dimension

Bought the Satellite Quad as it was on sale with expectations not hanging very high as most „true analog“ emulations truly sucked compared to the real stuff I own. So after trying the included bundle (it sucks, compared to the Big Name’s emulations) I decided to buy the Fairchild collection as it was on sale too and I was always keen for hearing something close to that unit. Well, it blew me out of my pants. That sound is as close to the real gear as software can get. Already thinking about getting an Apollo to use the Unison slot for a nice 1084 Jam session with my Guitar

h. mayanja

June 15, 2023

Entry level satellite

More dsp and more dsp in please

h. mayanja

June 15, 2023

Entry level satellite

The satellite duo will have you screaming

M. Kozlowsky

May 25, 2023

Good product

It’s a really good and efficient product if still using older Mac computer with Catalina OS , it’s small and stylish also. UA should update this satellite to work on newest version OS.


March 29, 2023

Nice Unit.

Works well reliving my old computer of some of its processing power. Just wish they were ears to be racked mounted. Not to fond of the table top style.

M. Brandäo

March 28, 2023


robusta e estável! funciona perfeitamente com o Protools!

C. Scroope

December 22, 2022


Has a few odd quirks and the damn lightbulb on the front pooched but works exceptionally well.

G. Tully

December 17, 2022

More DSP

Works to provide more DSP and Ticks this box without any fuss.

C. Scroope

November 21, 2022

Good unit.

Happy with the included plugins but had a lot of difficulty figuring out which ones they were and were not out of a massive list. I keep getting told I’m starting a demo on plugins I thought were included. 3 weeks later and I’m still trying to not use plugins in Logic .

R. Ghiran

November 12, 2022

Good for beginners

It's good for people who just started to use UAD. The firewire connections limit the number of used plugins very much without having the cores full. I've noticed that with the FW Satellite the projects with a lot of UAD plugins need more time to open but with the Thunderbolt or PCI-E they open way much faster.

b. cheung

October 27, 2022

Build like a tank

love this little to boost my power to run a few more plugins!

G. Udvarhelyi

October 7, 2022

Cool unit

Works great, built like a tank, love it!

c. coccia

June 18, 2022



1-20 of 231 Results

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