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Killer Clean Guitar Tones with UAD

Killer Clean Guitar Tones with UAD

Learn How to Get Killer Clean Guitar Tones with Vulfpeck's Cory Wong

In this UA Tones & Techniques video, Vulfpeck guitarist Cory Wong shows you how he records his ultra-funky clean electric guitar tones using UAD plug‑ins.

First, Wong details his favorite guitar compressor — the decidedly uncommon API 2500 Bus Compressor — and why he prefers it over other compressors. Then, using the SSL 4000 E Channel Strip plug-in, Wong and host, UA's Ben Lindell sculpt the EQ as Wong plays his signature 16th-note riffs.

Then, Wong shows how he uses some of his favorite UAD plug-ins, including Ocean Way Studios to add a touch of dimension and subliminal space, as well as the Ampeg SVT VR Bass Amp plug-in to add weight and thrust to single note lines.

Wong also details how he uses the Marshall Plexi Classic plug-in very subtly to add "real" amp tone to his DI signal, as well as the TS Overdrive to add texture to a clean sound. Finally, Wong shows you how the Oxide Tape Recorder plug-in at the end of the chain is the perfect cherry on top, adding a touch of warm color to a spanky clean guitar tone.

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