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Apollo 8p

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J. Rogers

August 8, 2022

Huge upgrade!

I knew what I was looking when I bought this audio interface but this is more than I was expecting, the versatility and quick of this piece of gear is amazing, and the mixer software is the plus value on this product, with this upgrade in my home studio my workflow is more convenient, more audio quality and faster. Very recommended.

g. mendoza

June 16, 2022

Powerfull tool

Its a very usefull piece of gear, with a lot of posibilities, versatile and incluye a powerfull set of plug ins to achieve a profesional sound recording level.

M. hammond

September 26, 2021


I finally made the jump to UA gear and it is as good as expected. The unit is great, the plugins are better.

r. ixcajoc

May 14, 2021


Compre la apollo 8p y me regalaron los neve, la registre para comprar el Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor y ahora me quitaron los neve, no entiendo la politica espero me puedan ayudar

B. Saliba

March 26, 2021

Apollo 8P

This interface blows all the ones I have used before from Avid to Apogee out in the water ... a great interface and a happy client !

R. Todes

March 3, 2021

Great sound

Amazing quality pres and conversion. The plugins work brilliantly. The quality of the optical ports need to be improved as they do not match the quality of the rest of the product.

F. Bourgeais

January 18, 2021

La solution.....

Un outil de travail à la hauteur de sa réputation !!!!! i LoVe It !!!

F. Del Monte

January 13, 2021

Freaking awesome sounding and easy to use!

It took me awhile to get around to buying this unit. But after careful examination and conversations with UA and trusted professionals that have had great success it was a no brainer. After putting it to work and developing some working templates this thing is really proving itself to be an indispensable tool. It sounds amazing, is really easy to use and adapts to my DAW without much effort. I am sure I am barely scratching the surface! But I am truly looking forward to all the things this thing can do.

C. Carvalho

December 23, 2020

Performs and sounds awesome

I had a problem with dust and humidity entering in the big top wholes, causing noise on the pre-amps, I blew the dust with compressed air and a brush, and solved it. Other than that it has been working flawless. Just a really solid product

K. Slota

November 29, 2020

I'm enjoying my Apollo 8P

But it's not new. I love the capability and integration it offers. I purchased this interface used from the estate of a friend who passed away. I loved it right away. Unfortunately, it only worked for a short time. Some of the circuitry failed and it was very expensive to repair. With a new circuit board it now registers as a new interface.

Even though I had an expensive repair, I think this is a great interface and it's really streamlined my home studio work with composing, arranging, and light recording.


September 30, 2020




September 24, 2020


very nice

m. hardy

August 11, 2020

Love it


G. Gritt

June 30, 2020

No additional plugins for Apollo 8p

Bought an Apollo 8p new from Long & McQuade. When I registred it, UA gave me the choice to buy the 3 for 399, 6 for 699, etc. bundles, with the opportunity to choose my plugins at a later date. Meanwhile, there are better discounts for everyone on their website. I feel disheartened by this. I did get the Brigade Chorus for signing up to the newsletter (already signed up). Just feel like for the price paid, there should be a better bonus involved.

T. Sennitt

June 21, 2020


Dreamt of having the 8p from when I first read about it, and it lives up to expectations. I have a mac mini with pro tools and an extra UAD-2 satellite with my 8p all in a 2U flightcase. So I have 8 pres and 8 cores wherever I go. Unison stuff is also incredible!

x. romance

January 21, 2020

Tout simplement génial mais .....

Pour plus d'entrées je suis sur une Apollo 8p cette interface est géniale
Mais dommage que les plugins soient aussi chers car en baissant le prix les ventes s'envoleraient sans aucun problème !!!

x. romance

January 21, 2020

Tout simplement génial mais .....

Pour plus d'entrées je suis sur une Apollo 8p cette interface est géniale
Mais dommage que les plugins soient aussi chers car en baissant le prix les ventes s'envoleraient sans aucun problème !!!

UAD User

March 3, 2019

All In One Studio

I’ve always wanted to have my own studio with all the fancy outboard gear, and fancy plug-ins, but they were way out of my budget. With the Apollo you get all the fancy outboard gear and classic analog plug-ins that make a studio a studio.

R. Mikander

February 16, 2019

Top gear!

I needed som more inputs, so where to go? Apollo 8p of course.
This is just terrific in my point of view, i run only UAD plugins and softube.

L. Antinori

December 18, 2018

GREAT AD/DA and UNISON PRES! 2nd unit I love it but hope for some software improvements

Got my 2nd Unit for studio expansion and for live rig. This one is taken out of studio and used for live. The uad plugs are so awesome and amazing how it elevates the live sound too by using la-2a's 1176's, pultecs , ssl etc ... mainly software issues I noticed only 3 things it could improve on and hopefully fixed in upcoming software updates!

1) fadermeters within console display latency when scrolling left to right (visual meters get stuck for a moment then resume)// not a computer issue as I'm running 3.7ghz 32GB ram 6core mac- issue seems like bad bad console buffering (even though settings are set correctly in uad settings)
2) a single channel can get uad overloaded if using heavy plugins = can't always use the ones you really want in succession slots 1-4 without uad overload clicking/noise
3) there's no visual difference between owned plugs and not owned ones (when selecting) which makes it difficult for someone who doesn't know your owned plugins to select plugs on the fly. Can be a little frustrating.

Hardware is 5 stars for sure// software could improve!However wonderful sound and unit

1-20 of 151 Results

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