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Customer Reviews

Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier

Overall Rating

61-80 of 285 Results

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E. Koch

August 20, 2020


you get all the power amp sections from the Brianworxs plugs, get the acoustic feedback from Softube, and the cab and mic modeling from the UA OX box, and put it all under one GUI....Eleven.

E. Koch

August 20, 2020


think of Eleven as a consolidated modular tube power amp/cab/mic/and adjustable acoustic feedback plugin,
( where guitars and pickups are already modular, and preamps are going that way.. );
a way to get rid of the soaked amp heat, and the electrical power consumption that entails.

Eleven would be a true "green plugin"

E. Koch

August 20, 2020


think about how much national electricity would be saved if Eleven had modeled power amp sections....then, not only could people use the Brainworx Plug preamps, but also people wouldn't be power soaking their real tube amps....

and maybe more tube amp manufacturers would make amps with separate standby and power switches for their amp's preamps...or just start offering real tube preamps..

synthesizers were modular from the beginning...i don't understand why guitar amplification would take so long.

E. Koch

August 20, 2020


Eleven would work with all the Brainworx amps, ( except mine here ) if it had a Power Amp Selector Section, ( by tube type, #, and power supply rectifier )....i guess packaging tube power amp sections with Softube's acoustic feedback and UA's OX response, would be the best thing....

that way people can pick their preamps..

if Eleven, ( like that ) had a digital pre gain control...then i could just run a 610B...

i wired a Jensen Balancing DI transformer into my Baritone guitar's electronics...
so my "guitar cable" is actually a balanced XLR mic cable...and so, with the addition of a digital gain, the 610B would drive it just fine.....if UA wants to do Eleven that way..

E. Koch

August 20, 2020

I Just Noticed The OX Amp Top Box ( bye bye acoustic feedback )

So UA already has Cone Break-Up Down To A Science !!!
Great, but what if my amp is a plug in ??? and what if i want acoustic feedback also ???

maybe UA gets together with Softube on the Eleven Plugin ???
like i said, they already have the Acoustic Feedback plugin developed

E. Koch

August 19, 2020

Just the one review on this is fine

the rest of my reviews here are on the " Eleven, for UAD 2 "

there are several characteristic speaker cone break-up types...but the all would equate to a type of compression or limiting..

there is the alnico break-up, ( a smooth whoofy type break up )
and the aggressive green back break up ( more crunchy sounding )
and then more common types of break up that are not so well characterized...

suffice to say, a cone break-up type selector switch, in that section, would cover the bases.

E. Koch

August 19, 2020

i thought of a name for " the loud box "

Eleven ....
Softube already has the acoustic feedback processor developed, and the Speaker Cone Break-up Compressor would need to be a second independent processing stage..

so it makes sense to have the one knob, that goes to eleven, in the middle; with the feedback parameters on one side, and the break-up compressor parameters on the other.

E. Koch

August 19, 2020

part five of my 5 star review.

maybe Brainworks and Softube could work together on an "acoustic feedback /cone break-up compressor"... it makes sense that it would be one unit...a sort of "LOUD BOX" that could be used on any guitar amp plugin..

E. Koch

August 19, 2020

part four of my 5 star review..

if the guys at Brainworxs get board, maybe they could develop a "UAD 2 guitar speaker break-up compressor", ( with different speaker break up characteristics), to place in the signal chain after all their great amplifiers..

E. Koch

August 19, 2020

part 3 of my 5 star review

the 8X10 cabs on this are working as well for me as any impulse response's really an awesome amp, so thanks all..

i have no idea how cone break-up could be worked into an impulse response anyway, and maybe i can get that sort of effect with my compressor set up..

E. Koch

August 19, 2020

Part Two of my 5 star review

i have never heard anyone mention the fact that cabinet impulse responses don't have cone break-up...but they don't..

i like the sound of overdriven power amps, and a little cone break-up...i have softube's acoustic feedback plugin, and i like that allot....i just wish there was a way to come out of the power soak into a cabinet plugin with a dynamic break up adjuster...

in real life, i could put a 2X12 loaded with two 15 watt celestion blue back alnico 12s on this wide open 30 watt B-15N and get cone barking compression on the peaks.

E. Koch

August 18, 2020

my baritone guitar amp ( 6 string, 30-5/8" scale, low A )

dual 6l6 power section with a tube rectifier here, part recipe for one chunky monkey...
it's not super high gain or anything, but i run on the clean side of guitar tone and jump through rings of fire for the sustain and feedback vs gobs of gain ( which in a way accomplishes the same thing, but there is a difference to me )

D. Montoya

July 9, 2020

Hells Yes!

Finally. Seriously great bass tone in the box, direct to records. Very inspiring tones and feel. My bass go to.

L. Weisz

July 9, 2020


Még nem próbáltam ki mindent rajta, de nagyon meggyőzőnek tűnik!

j. dequeant

July 5, 2020


On insert et la track bass se métamorphose. Un bonheur!

J. Walsh

June 25, 2020


This plug-in gives the balls to what has been missing in my what I used to be happy enough with bass tracks- this covers all any bass might need. Thank You again!

M. Karges

June 9, 2020

"What Distortion is That?!"

I bought this plug in a while ago and it never fails to impress me. I have a YouTube channel where I post bass related videos, and I just got another comment, "How do you get your bass tone??" It was for The Clash's song "Should I Stay or Should I Go," which Paul Simonon uses a distortion tone, and this plug nails it. In fact I've gotten tons of comments specifically about how I get my tone on the videos. So I tell them, BUY IT! - UAD B-15N plug. Thanks UAD for making me sound good.

G. Waddington

May 19, 2020

Oh Yeah

Been playing bass for over 50 years, been up and down with all the fads de jour and I always end up back at a Jazz with flats and a Precision with heavy flats -- 0760M if you know those. This amp was MADE for that sound !! I usually mix 2 tracks -- DI and amp, but sometimes even a third with another amp. VERY happy me :)

K. Andersen

May 17, 2020


Got rid of the Kemper I was using for bass and needed a replacement. This fit the bill perfectly!

S. Hendrickson

May 17, 2020's that good!

I've been doing bass tracks from my home studio for years now. Always got a great tone, always made the client happy. Why fix it if it's not broken right? Anyway, upgraded to an Apollo interface and it opened a whole new world of plugins. Saw the B-15N plugin. I've read about it,heard good things about it, but why add another plugin to a chain that's already solid. So for the heck of it I downloaded the trial and just clicked on a preset. Well after a few seconds I used my favourite swear word and knew that I couldn't go back. The tone was amazing, it was the sound I've been searching for and it was right there in a preset without having to futz around to find it. It truly was a game changer. I've used it on a few sessions (things have slowed down a bit with Covid) and the results have been amazing. Such great bass tones, tight, every classic tone imaginable plus an unlimited amount of new tones to play with. This is the first plugin in my signal chain now and I couldn't have been happier with my purchase. When you try it, you'll get it.

61-80 of 285 Results