Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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P. Kořínek

October 4, 2015

Great, but...

Great amp with great cabinets, but it has one lack.....EVERY guitarist used or uses Marshall 1960A cabinet, and it's nowhere in these simulations. Brainworx has awesome technology for creating cab sims, but the most usable cabinet is simply missing...could it be in some update? :)

P. Lajoie

October 2, 2015

ENGL Crashy

I tried the demo but for some reason it kept crashing numerous times my Satellite Quad FW when it was the only plugin running??? Don't why, apart from that awesome sound.

D. Thompson

September 27, 2015

Ok guys.... plug it in and demo!


Now tell me it does not sound VERY close to the real deal.... guys. I think the Analogue and Digital argument is also stupid.

Blind test... I did... the ENGL won!

I will get a clip up of a mic'd and a sim (UAD ENGL E646 VS) and YOU tell me which you prefer... (a) or (b).

coming soon...

anyone thinking of buying, just buy it and make you own presets, visit the ENGL website download the settings PDF and create your own!

Perfect and LOVE it.

E. Jexén

September 24, 2015

The only one I use

I've been playing guitar both professional and as a hobby for many years, and can tell you that once you dial this one right it sounds just amazing and sits in the mix. You got to sit down some hours with good studio monitors to tweak it right, use the correct speaker/mic configurations a.s.o. Add a tape-sim and there you got it.
The only bad thing about this plugin is that (yes I have tested all the other ones) none of the other amp-plugins can compare and I will not buy any other, sorry ;-)
I managed to get nice clean, crunch, and lead tones out of this with both my old Les Paul, Strat and my EVH -guitars.

D. Thompson

September 19, 2015

Just bought the plugin after another trip to the music store....

So I went to the store again, one of the saddle blocks went. I just had to try the amp setup AGAIN in the store, it's 6505 with a Rectifier. I like SYL, hard chug. Good heavy sound.

I spoke with the store guy, the ENGL E646 is SUPPOSED to be soft on the high end!!! So UAD have indeed modelled the sim correctly. The presets still don't cut it unfortunately. But for "chug", this is serious!

There is a PDF on the ENGL website I suggest (as I did) creating your own setup using these defaults.

It is an incredible piece of software. I owned both of the Line 6 products.. I used the SansAmp PSA. This sim is worth EVERY cent

D. Thompson

September 18, 2015

I owned POD Line 6

Had to mention... that's sold.

Doesn't even compare!

D. Thompson

September 18, 2015

Been tying this out... just back from buying an ESP ltd m-103fm

The ESP ltd m-103fm, EMG 81's through the store test stack - I'm finished locking that damn floyd rose. People gave this 1 star????? Even 4! Yea, I think the presets suck a** but hey, more fun making your own!

I came back, plugged the ESP into the UAD, dialed a bit, even let the auto selector run through some mic settings etc. Finally found a setting, tweaked and instant Devin Townsend aka: Strapping Young Lad! Very nice tone, very thick, not harsh, gives me feedback on sustain too!!! Amazing simulation of an amp!

1 start guys, are you deaf? Seriously? By far best sim I've used. Blew me away! And still is. Just buy it you won't be disappointed.

M. Reategui

September 14, 2015

A bass player dream

I own few Ampeg tube amps and preamps, and this plugin makes everything much smoother. As a recording musician this is what you always dreamed about.

m. Keene

September 8, 2015


I got this and the other SVT. Both are fantastic! The other is a bit more my vibe but not because of a quality difference just a stylistic aesthetic. Over all these are by far my favorite bass amp plugins! Highly recommended!

p. miller

September 6, 2015

Best bass sim amp by far.

I've owned a SVT classic and the 8x10 cab since 1993, so I know what a good bass amp sounds like. When recording at home, I can't used my rig for obvious reasons, so I've always struggled to get the sound I wanted, be it through a sim amp, or my real SamsAmp. When UAD came out with these Ampeg plugins, I first tried the SVT RV, and it sounded great, but the SVT-3 Pro gave me a little more growl, plus the EQ section had more control compared to the RV. There's also a mix knob where I could add in solid-state along with the tube sound, which allowed me to dial in the perfect amount of punch. This plugin, united my kick and bass like never before. There's also no digital harshness. Fantastic job UAD!!!

R. Williamson

September 2, 2015

Finally, a decent bass amp simulation

After trying number s bamboo amp simulators, from IK Multimedia, NI and UA's own Bass Room, this is the first time that I've got the true sound of a bass cabinet. A great range of control and ultimately a 'lifelike' alternative miking/di'ing a bass cab. Furthermore, it works great with Apollo

K. Marrett

August 29, 2015

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier Plug-In

One of UAD's best plugin. Better than all the other bass amp simulations so far. This was something I really needed. I don't know what the hardware sounds like, but I like the software. It is warm and sounds anolog. Worth every penny. I will recommend it to anyone.

P. Takeuchi

August 29, 2015

Just messed with the demo for 30 minutes... not impressed

The tones are all WAAAAAYYYY to gassy, and there is pretty much no high end. I feel like there is a low pass filter on everything, but I am simply running through console, with no inserts. Either something is wrong with console or I am an idiot (quite possible), not being familiar with amp means I don't know that it is supposed to sound like it's buried under a decade of dirty laundry, or UAD should have made more tone controls obviously present to deactivate said LPF if there is in fact one. I'll stick with POD Farm

S. Tanner

August 28, 2015

That is the ultimate rock bass plug-in.

The Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier Plug-In is the ultimate rock bass amp sound.

Our bass player Georgie Zsigmond (TELL) also has a Ampeg with 8x10" speaker cabinet. After we had recorded the bass with the Waves GTR preamplifier you hear practically no difference between the Original and the Plug-In.

All buttons and settings react as expected like the original.

I also own the Bass Amp Room. But the Ampeg SVT-3 PRO is one star better.

t. preradovic

August 26, 2015

Great sim

The best amp sim ever. True that presets are dull but You can make Your own. If you buy hardware amp you don't get "presets". Sound is in amp. So, this ENGL sim realy has sound but make your own presets. I am going to buy it today.

t. preradovic

August 26, 2015

Great sim

The best amp sim ever. True that presets are dull but You can make Your own. If you buy hardware amp you don't get "presets". Sound is in amp. So, this ENGL sim realy has sound but make your own presets. I am going to buy it today.

B. Dunn

August 22, 2015


So often plugins are touted to be better than they actually are. Not the case with most UA stuff, so I decided to add one more arrow in my Apollo based studio's quiver and get the Ampeg SVT-3 Pro. The main reason for wanting it was that I've been running my bass in direct and then using EQ and compression to shape it because I do not have a bass amp. As soon as I plugged this in I was amazed and Immediately I was in business. I removed all the other plug ins from my channel and engaged the Ampeg. I played with a few knobs to shape the tone and...done. Really, this is a "plug it in and go" unit and it's one of my smartest purchases for 2015. Thanks nailed this one.

P. Broman

August 14, 2015

Exactly what I was looking for...

This sound prooved to be exactly what I was looking for at the moment. I tried the plug when it was released and and for some reason I didn't hear what I hear now so It's never to late to change your mind! Try it and maby you'll be happy to cause I think it works on different genres - from pop to metal.

UAD User

August 10, 2015

THIS is what love sounds like :)

SO, a few months back I found myself standing in front of the Friedman DS head and cab. Wondering, why all the hype over this little thing? As I pondered this great mystery, I decided to plug in and see for myself. It was effortless to pull great tone from this thing, but then I saw the price tag. Ouch! $2,700 just for the head. About a month ago I bought an Apollo Twin and in doing so, am allowed to demo all the UA plug ins for free, in the comfort of my own home. Sweet deal. So of course I went right for the Friedman bundle. Having played both of these amps, I can say that there was NO disappointment with this bundle. You can go to YouTube & search MarkThomasMusic to see some vids I did. The same tone for $249. It's a no-brainer

R. Ruff

August 8, 2015

Polly cobbler studios

The bx tuner is exact and a must have plug-gin

41-60 of 1293 Results