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Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System

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Customer Reviews

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Overall Rating

21-40 of 1027 Results

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L. Cipriani

April 5, 2023

Good but with problems

The plugin sounds very good but most of the time, when reopening saved projects, the right channel has a significant drop in volume even with linked channels. I always have to slightly touch both "record" level and "reproduce" level to get back to normal functioning. Very annoying. Too many times I had to (re)bounce final mixes due to this problem. Without mentioning even worse problems when you have the plugin on the master channel and you keep mixing not realising you are working with an unbalanced stereo image. You can imagine.

A. Rosell

March 29, 2023


Adds tons of flavor to any tracks or buses! Enormously versatile
in sound and performance and it does the trick to get that extra analog sound I'm looking for!

M. Hui

March 18, 2023

Love Tape Sound, But Hated the Hassle

Must say this is one of the reasons why I chose UAD as my interface system and use Luna as my DAW. Analog Tape and the machines like the Ampex ATR and studer sound great but I sure don’t miss the real thing. They are heavy, expensive, you needed to align, print tones if it’s going to another studio, tape was $200 a reel and no indie band could afford tape so I reused house tape at 15ips. I never even heard what 30ips sounded like. I hated owning tape recorders but you cannot deny the sound of it. I hated every emulation plug-in until now. I get all the tape sound benefits without all the hassle and the beauty of all this is you can use it natively now too.

M. Leo

March 18, 2023

Great also as a mixbus EQ

On top of everything else that's already been said about this plug in, sometimes I will use the shelves just to shape the high and low end of a mix. Especially the high end. Great way to brighten things up. A little goes a long way and depending on your bias and other settings it's easy to over do and land in shrill territory but at the same time you can lift quite a bit. Also good to sometimes go down to 3.75in for some sort of lo-fi effects and sound design.

A. Rosario

March 5, 2023

The Best Tape Compressor

My songs sound professional thanks to this ATR.

A. Rosario

March 5, 2023

The Best Tape Compressor

My songs sound professional thanks to this ATR.

D. Myrick

March 1, 2023

Get that chonk

Just love the way it pulls sounds together, can't describe it better than a chonk, not chonky, but a chonk.

J. Szeszel

January 27, 2023

My favourite.

Of all the tape emulations, ATR is one of my favorites. It has character and gives me what I expect from a tape.

V. Kozarin

January 23, 2023

Must Have For A Mix

It makes a big difference, sounds more refined just like a real record / recording. Absolutely must have it in your collection.

A. Hillman

January 22, 2023


Just brilliant

A. Monov

January 16, 2023

ATR 102

Well, i ownd them all
from waves back to all the others and also own all spectrum of und Tapes. I must say, nothing is greater than this one. Believe me. I don't know how the hardware sounds, i hear it back in the day 1994. At this time i haven't any clu what thats means, cause i was just the musician boy recording. Now, ton of years later i can can hear it.

R. Mendez

January 14, 2023


Must have for mastering! Amazing saturation


January 14, 2023

my favarit one!

If you want good sound,
you have to try this plugin‼︎

you will encount special feeling!!

J. Szeszel

January 13, 2023

First impressions positive.

I've used many tape emulations in digital form. I've never used analog. I just close my eyes and listen. I listen and if something is unpleasant for me, I reach for ATR. very nice.

S. Lopez

January 8, 2023


Can you dig it? Sucka!!!!

I. Voevodin

January 6, 2023



c. rosario

January 2, 2023

Warm sound

Love that old-school analog sound


December 30, 2022

Great for mastering

ATR-102 - Is onne of the best plugins I have ever used. Highly recommend.

J. Tarka

December 27, 2022

Sounds like a record

Its a fantastic sounding tape emulation, but when used in LUNA in the Master Tape Slot, it sounds like a finished mix! Its perfect

A. Neto

December 26, 2022

Great tool

I love to use it on my buses and keys.

21-40 of 1027 Results