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Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System

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Customer Reviews

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Overall Rating

41-60 of 1033 Results

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T. Simpson

December 27, 2023

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Absolutely the best. The analog warm will truly take your mixes and your masters to the next level. Thank you, UAD.

B. Lehaney

December 18, 2023

Must have

Lives on my master chain

R. Lajhó

December 15, 2023

Good mastering plugin

It has a special taste as you use it on your mastering chain. It has a color, it can be subtle or you can push it. I need to have more time with this plugin, but it will be essential for my work, that’s 100%!

J. Ruziev

December 7, 2023

Must have tape!

The best tape for mastering!

A. Dahlback

December 5, 2023


I have never met the original, but both Studer and Otari in the analog era. I myself own a wonderful Revox G36 with its typical saturated warm compression. This is in the same class. Awesome.


November 14, 2023

Incredible sound on bus master

Ampex ATR-102 brings you an incredible touch for dreamy analog sound. A must have.

N. O'Donnell

November 8, 2023

Mix Magic Maker

The absolute best sounding mastering tape plug! Also a great slap delay maker….now if only UA made it Native all my problems would be solved?!

M. Roark

October 30, 2023

2-Bus awesomeness or lo-fi vibe on tracks

This plugin takes up some Sharc but it sounds great. The busted tape setting is so mangled and awesome. Jumping through the mastering settings as a jumping point for mixbus processing is fun. I will say though that on some settings, probably due to crossover, the mixes can sound a bit more condensed and less open. Overall though I love it. I'd say it works about half the time on the mixbus with little effort, and it's always cool as a stem or track mangler. That you can utilize variable EQ options really sets it above other tape plugins for me.

I have the Studer too, and more often reach for this. Tho tbf I reach for oxide the most bc it's least dsp heavy and simplest/fastest to use for tracks where I just want a tape saturation effect and not any mangling.

S. Dejkalo

October 9, 2023

Bus or MasterTape?

Hi, in MasterTape and Bus are different presets.
Why? Is it better to make the plugin in Bus or in MasterTape? Thx from Warsaw

A. Sis

September 27, 2023

My go-to Mastering Tape Plugin

This is living on my Mastertrack. Great sounding and it’s giving that analogue feel I am heading for!

F. Hasan

July 18, 2023


you will not regret to buy it, ever!!!

I. Finney

July 15, 2023

Superb Tape Mastering & Tracking

Superb tape simulation and wonderful colouration for masters and tracking. This (and the Studer A800) both saturate in a completely natural analog way. The best tape plugins I've used.

J. Deschenes

July 14, 2023

Should have been the first

When I first got into purchasing plugins for my Apollo, I started with a couple verbs and a delay, API/Neve preamp, SSL bus compressor etc. I thought that I would eventually get around to a tape sim, but they were pricey for what I thought they did. When Oxide came out, I grabbed it in a sale and figured it would be good enough for tracking, and it was especially considering the low price. Fast forward to virus lockdowns when I had time to archive old multitrack recordings into digital from a loaned tape machine. I fell in love with the color, and warm compression that I had forgotten about. I promptly loaded up the ATR-102 demo, and swapped out the Oxide on all tracks of some recent material, and BAMMM! There it was. It was on sale. It should have been the first. It makes everything sound warmer, more harmonic. Lustrous. The oxide still has its place. I can crank it for more of an effect that is quite enjoyable.

S. Jackson

July 10, 2023

Must have plug-in for final touches on your track!!!

This plugin glues everything together so perfectly. I couldn’t imagine not using this on final mix from now on. This and the Studer A800 together is mind blowing.

O. Viamontes

July 7, 2023

Never knew tape saturation would be so crystal clear

Before I used to have the eight 800 in my master bus, just to give it some energy, but this takes it out of the park, never thought that these presets would be so amazing on the master bus chain. Thank you.UAD for a wonderful emulation.

J. Whitfield

July 1, 2023

Honestly incredible...

As a artist that is grateful that I have the ability to very thoroughly produce my own records, I've been obsessed with the idea of recording to tape for some years now. On my mixbus, to help the vibe when producing, I've always kept stereo-imaging plugins and a bus compressor. I demo'd the ATR and put it on my mix bus and im literally never turning back. The depth, tone, width, space, feel, energy that it gives a record is unreal. it doesnt sound like the real thing as evident by the shootout with Fab Dupont but until i can get to the real one, this is beyond amazing for my workflow and sound. I cant wait to bring this new project to the world with these new tools.

A. Buonazia

June 10, 2023

un plug in unico

per il mastering è un prodotto assolutamente di qualità e imprescindibile in ogni produizione

Y. Darma

June 7, 2023

No small talk

The best for mastering

S. Ramsay

June 3, 2023

That extra polish on the master

Really helps give it that last bit of warmth and polish on the master track. Use it on every song now!

S. Ramsay

June 3, 2023

That extra polish on the master

Really helps give it that last bit of warmth and polish on the master track. Use it on every song now!

41-60 of 1033 Results