Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

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Customer Reviews

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

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J. Cranman

June 30, 2014

Pretty Freakin Sweet

I'm going with 4 stars instead of 5 just because it's not real tape and their of course will always be some sort of analog magic, some ethereal sparkle that no digital device will ever re-capture. . . But this sounds awesome in it's own right and gets very close to my memories of nice tape machines. . . But it's kindof it's own thing. Adds a certain heft and density to the recording that is subtle but very very cool for taking tracks "over the edge". . .

S. Gilroy

May 23, 2014

Old Geezer Stuff

Not impressed because I have native plugins that do the same thing. If you need the power buy it and use it on your DSP system but don't be intimidated by the name, just another tape simulator. Typical UAD model something 50 years old. What a Geezer company. I hate how complicated this plugin is, like it takes some magic genie to run it or something. Tape emulators should be simple, like the Phoenix.

E. Gonzales

February 20, 2014

I would have paid $1000 for this plug's that good!

This plug in is hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me. A must have for guys trying to master at home. It literally saved several tired mixes I had given up on bringing life, warmth and clarity to otherwise dead mixes. I never thought I would say there is one plug in that can save any mix but this one defys everything I know about digital and home recording. That old expression, "You can't polish a turd?" Well this plug in can. Very musical. Universal Audio has changed my entire perspective and approch to recording and this plug in is the flag ship that transforms your recordings to music. For the first time in my life, I'm smiling at the finished mixes I'm able to put out now.

D. Medvedev

July 31, 2013

The first sample

Hi! Slowly prazbirayus with this device. One thing I can tell he's doing his job. Although not all the tracks it can be applied, it is necessary to accurately represent what you want to get to the finish. In general, good!

A. Perez

July 26, 2013

Ampex Utilities

thanks for your request,
can i use this plug in mono channel? or is only for stereo channels?
is only for mastering?
what is the difference between the studer A600 and Ampex?

J. Murawski

February 1, 2013


The best plug.. out there, Not only for master, You can use it on individual tracks,iam. using it as a sound procesor making the track bigger ,it ads That analog Punch To do low end, And of course the nice sweetness of tape,litle EQ, ,,, You can set up the ampex as a tape delay and it's really unique,,its like having six or more Plugs in one , And when am done recording am puting it as a second to lastplug,on my stereo out, It glues Everything together, Ther are different presets for either MIX or MSTR.the only MINUs is that UAD pluggins in general dont have to many presets for any type of electronic music,,its all like rock ,jazz,country, I wish the uad People Recognize that and Release an update with some presets for electronic music,

T. Catlin

December 8, 2017


This plugin is on every session.
Master bus, stems, special effects. Probably the best tape sim out there. Love it.

M. Kramer

December 4, 2017

Gives my mixes that warm and authentic sound

I recently picked up the ATR-102, it is by far the best tape emulation plugin I have ever heard! With the option for 30 IPS the sound can be very clean but it still has that beautiful warm and authentic sound. Universal Audio did an amazing job, this will be on my master bus from now on!

T. Spaniel

December 1, 2017


Best Tape Maschine plug in for Mastering.

K. Schuster

November 28, 2017

Never thought... was so important to have a tape in the master bus. I did it and I couldn't understand what happened to my sound: that's it, I thought! and was amazed about the special spirit you get with it - never without tape!

M. Buzniak

November 27, 2017

I was a bit skeptical but...

I was a bit skeptical but I got to say that this is so working for me. Very, very inspiring and very east to get great results. It's not simple - it has a ton of "under the hood" features and if that's your thing you can even manually calibrate it like the real machine but if you wan't a quick results just throw it on your mixbus and click through different tape formulas for different flavours. I find this particularly inspiring during the mix process as this can sometime lead me to some cool directions with my eq decisions.

D. Pierce

November 14, 2017


Great for mastering but also works on drums, ambients sounds, and has delay options, crossover options, and noise options. Love it!

K. Kofron

November 13, 2017


I enjoy what I can
do to a track with this plug-in.

P. Backman

November 5, 2017

Sounds Great

It sounds like real tape to me.

D. Keown

October 20, 2017

My "must have" plugin.

My mix just doesn't sound finished until this juicy bad boy is on my master bus. I have all the other tape plugins and the AMPEX sounds the best, HANDS DOWN.

UAD User

October 17, 2017

Fantastic Tape Emulation, unique sound

After having tried the demo of the ATR-102 several times.. I had no choice but to buy it when I got the chance. It does SOMETHING that no other plugin can do, bringing the perfect amount of glue, compression, cohesiveness, and harmonic enhancement to either individual tracks of the whole mix. I would recommend getting this one first over the STUDER, but they are both very good. Amazing plugin!

UAD User

October 16, 2017


I love the life this plug-in brings into my tracks! Putting the Studer on my individual tracks and this on the master gives an amazing sound! Great job on this one!

K. Gilroy

October 7, 2017

Ampex ATR-102 is the Best! No Question!

I’ve used the real deal. Whenever I load the plug I wanna align the machine… It’s funny. I guess it just seems that real. I have other tape emulation plug-ins and the UAD smokes em all. When you decided to slap it on the end of a mix it’ll shock you every time and you'll wonder why you didn’t add it on sooner. This is absolutley one of my desert island plug-ins. Play with the high-end adjustments. Try it with the noise in and out too. The Ampex is the best tape emulator I’ve used and I bet it’ll be yours too! Great job UA! It's really one there very best! GET IT! - Gilroy

A. Palomo Torres

October 1, 2017

Definitely one of the indispensable plugins to acquire!

It has served me well to give that great final color to my recent productions for short films, and also to emulate the sound of some films around the 60s - 70s.

T. Poole

September 14, 2017

game changer

Kind of wondering if I could give mastering my own stuff a shot now given how GREAT this ATR-102 sounds on the mix buss. Everything is instantly more 3D with wonderful clarity.

41-60 of 554 Results