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Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System

Regular Price: $349.00


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Customer Reviews

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Overall Rating

41-60 of 1026 Results

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A. Sis

December 25, 2022

Best Mastering Tape Plugin

I Love how it sounds on my mix bus.

L. Spilger

December 24, 2022

Gold on your Mix Bus

Dial it in as the Last plug on your mixbus. Then bypass, compare and just buy it!

R. Mannucci

December 23, 2022

este plugin suena increíble!

este plugin si es increvable ! uno de mis favoritos de uad!

D. Weigleb

December 23, 2022

Simply the Best Tape Plugin I've ever used!

I've used the Eddie Kramer Waves, Slates Tape machine (Pretty good) but this beats them all! Just slap as many as you can across your tracks!

A. Litwinowicz

December 23, 2022

The best UAD Tape Machine as plug-in.

The best UAD Tape Machine as plug-in. Every music track, every mix, every mastering will always sound better with the Ampex® ATR-102 :-) Simply a great plugin!

A. Acharya

December 21, 2022

A must plugins

Meet the expectations . As usual one of the must plugins from UA

J. Tofte

December 20, 2022

Me encanta!

If you´re looking for some analog warmth and tape saturation, look no further. A must on the mixbus


December 20, 2022

Good master

Nó như một gia vị không thể thiếu trong các bản master của tôi! Loves Uad❤️

P. Diaz

December 19, 2022

Good color

Got this in a deal 2 for $100 minus two vouchers that made the total $50. Nice tape plugin and good color. Got it with the Neve 88 strip. Good deal!

R. Rasiński

December 15, 2022

Second chance ;)

When I checked the demo, I didn't like this plugin because it has high latency and I chose Studer, but since UA did a lot of cool promotions this year, I gave this plugin a second chance. Combined with the Studer, they now give me a nice analog quality on the master bus.

s. arıgül

December 14, 2022


Be careful, it can make you addicted in a few days :)

R. Mangile

December 13, 2022

Glue Plugin

great plugin for my final touch in mix bus

D. Jackson

December 12, 2022

Five Star

Absolutely love this tape machine emulation. This is what my mixes have been missing

J. Garcia

December 9, 2022

That Analog tape sound!

I didn’t know I needed this till I threw it on my 2-bus, then BAM! Instantly sounded like a record! This and the Studer are a match made in tone heaven!

P. Megi

December 7, 2022

Great plugin for glue

Amaizing how this thing can pack down on transients in super pleasing way for some genres

R. Thomas

November 27, 2022

A favorite plugin

So glad I got this one it makes everything sound better in the digital domain we work in these days. Sweeter and warmer mixes.

A. Viktorovich

November 14, 2022

Great tape

Cool tape for bus


November 14, 2022


Excellent tone color

E. Peterson

October 14, 2022

Warm goodness

This plug-in is great on the bus to give that extra something to your sound. Still getting to know it but love what I hear so far I’ve used it on every bus in Luna since I got it. Awesomeness

J. Lambert

October 10, 2022

Best UAD Tape Machine if you ask me?!

The Studer and Oxide are cool enough and have a LOT of options- but for my ears the Ampex ATR-102 Tape Machine is the most authentic and best sounding "Tape" you can find!

41-60 of 1026 Results