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Customer Reviews

API 500 Series EQ Collection

Overall Rating

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O. Poulsen

April 16, 2016

That sound...!

The weight and crispness is right on these, and it never was on any of the others that I have and have tried out there.

I miss having a db scale pop up when I adjust the level trim...but that's about it.

I can live with less bells and whistles if I get the sound!

N. O'Brien

March 14, 2016

Low DSP High Fidelity Euphoria

I love my 550A and there's a reason so many engineers use it. It is extremely simple to use, doesn't take up hardly any DSP (which is AMAZING), and just sounds damn good.

You get a euphonic "lift" just by running a signal through the 550A, even with all of the bands flattened out, due to the 2520 op- amps and custom output transformers.

Having owned the model, I can say UA has emulated the same euphoria and I commend UA for nailing this piece of classic hardware.

H. Saito

January 14, 2016

heavy and punchy sound!!

API 560 is so amazing!
It has heavy and punchy sound!
I think it is ideal for kick and snare of live drum, and Electric Guitar.
It is the best API emulation I've ever heard!

N. Dettenbach

January 11, 2016

my go to analog EQ

I use the API Vision channel strip on most input channels of my Apollo 8. On channels i need a more detailed EQ then the 500 from the strip or with a stronger EQ emulation i tend to use the API 500 series which sound's a bit, but nice, "more" to me. Where is "just" need an EQ on a channel i use it too. Even if you still have the API Vision, the API 500 is a very nice addition if you like the very musical / flexible API sound (like me). These beasts sounds very musicial even in very strong settings in many ways (i.e. watch the demos / presets). It sounds so good that i did not want to subtract one star for the bit "fiddely" GUI (freq/gain).


December 19, 2015

Api eq 100% accurate

Best sounding Api eq plugin in the market & definitely accurate to hardware that we have in the studio.
When compared to the waves & urs this plugin is light years ahead execpially to low frequency & high mids.

Great job UA

W. Roncher

December 17, 2015

That API thang

I grabbed this because it was on sale. Not expecting to be blown away by the software since i own the hardware, man was i ever wrong. I havent compared the two side by side, but it was evident from the first plugin instance that these do that API thang very nicely, and are an excellent ITB alternative. WAY TA GO UA!!

D. Hamilton-Leid

December 15, 2015

Great tone shaper

Enjoy using this plugin compared to the waves version. Great results on drums and guitars.

A. Lawson

November 6, 2015

API Love

Another Sceptic as i already had the waves bundle, but after doing a shoot out on my drum i had to purchace.. api punch and that btm end is amazing.. also been loving the 560 on the bass.. killer. the 550 seems to work on pretty much anything you throw at it, but my faves are defo drums and gtrs. Nice one UAD

P. Ginalski

November 6, 2015


. Works great, looks great, and sounds fantastic .Thanks UA

M. Ballenger

October 12, 2015

Nailed it

I own the Waves API bundle as well, and I was never quite satisfied with it. It seems like the curves were right, but it didn't have the punch or weight that sounded anything like the hardware. UAD nailed it. With the 550A set flat, there is a noticeable weight added. The mids reach out in the best way that you'd expect from an API EQ. I don't mix electric guitars without the 550A. The 560 is a fantastic compliment when more detailed strokes are required. You'll find these EQs compliment bass, guitars, and snare especially.

G. Martin

September 29, 2015


You want a little color or character to your tracks or 2 bus? Just slap one of these in the signal path and voila! Instant vibe.
Oh and while your at it...boost or cut some favorite or annoying frequencies with musical precision.

D. Thompson

September 19, 2015

Compared against Waves 9.3

Exactly the same setting with the 560 and the differences are:


1. Lacks detail in subtle EQ adjustments
2. Does not have a sheen on the highs
3. For want of a better word, the depth sounds almost dull, like you'd almost need to use a bigger shovel to dig the same size of hole


1. Detail is quite impressive
2. The highs are completely nothing like Waves 560
3. The UAD and Waves API 560 emulations sound like 2 completely different plugins.

My verdict on quality (unbiased - try it yourself). UAD.

L. Mathers

September 1, 2015


Very solid, very musical EQ section. Works great, looks great, and sounds fantastic - what more do you need?

M. Ryder

August 28, 2015

Essential drum and bass producers EQ

I have the waves version but the whole through put of the UAD design is like Apple software is to a Mac, It's all at a super high grade and I'm sure people with the real thing might argue i can say that to me this is as good as the real thing gets and a true UAD plugin, done as only they can which is precisely, because they are geeky about what they do and when you're producing music you want that geek with you.

a. srabstein

August 3, 2015

easy and effective

really friendly and deeply musical!

H. Petersson

April 28, 2015

Best API 500 series plugins out there!

There are a couple of API 500 emulations out there that I really like, but these are by far the best sounding ones. I didn't expect to be wanting these since I have the API Vision but I really do. Magical stuff.

It gets a point off for two reasons. The knobs don't translate well to a GUI which makes it a bit hard to use. I know UA wants to stay true to the hardware but sometimes you just need to make compromises in my opinion.
Also, even though these are really good the price is a bit steep. I think it would be a good idea to at least offer a bundle with the API Vision. But perhaps they'll do that if they ever get the API 2500 out the door.

K. Hegyi

April 17, 2015

Top Stuff!

My go to EQ. 560 is the best thing ever! Really really fast and easy to dial in the sounds you want! It always sounds good in the mix and that's what matters!


a. zitto

April 13, 2015

The Best Friend My Drums Ever Had

This plugins takes my Drum set any place it wants to go.!!

B. Herle

April 9, 2015


I don't think there's ever been a plug-in that hits so spot on like this one, and I can't imagine that was an easy task. The 550a can bring pretty much anything into the next level of clarity and brilliance and punch. The 560 I love to use to completely transform a sound when I don't care so much about keeping it pristine. Has a unique vibe for sure. I only wish you had put the 550a into the Vision Channel strip... that would be EPIC.

D. Roman

March 24, 2015


Awesome emulations.....I really don't know how it is compared to the original but...this one sounds KILLER!!!!
I tried the demo defenetly going to buy this one.....Uad for one more time....CONGRATS!!!!!!

201-220 of 302 Results