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Customer Reviews

API 500 Series EQ Collection

Overall Rating

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J. Crosby

November 1, 2016

This is one hefty EQ collection!

These babies have a fat, rich sound that I can only describe as hefty. Not only do they sound genuinely analog, they have a soulfulness about them as well. Although these typically shine as additive EQs the 560 is equally great for tonal balancing and works nicely across a buss to create cohesiveness.

When you demo the collection do yourself a huge favor before you even strap it on your mix, feed a sine wave through each EQ and be dazzled by all of the beautiful harmonics each EQ generates just sitting there… Compare it to a popular competitors version and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see just how far UAD went to model these EQs.

M. Diaz Velez

October 23, 2016

API 500 series EQ, a MUST in your UA arsenal!

I saw several reviews before buy it... several months thinking about it. I tested them with the real ones... and after that no doubt. I bought them and I'm very happy with them. The sound is so pristine, a great EQ. After all, a MUST in you sound toolbox!

S. Lehman

October 17, 2016


The 560 on the kick drum. POW ! I hate myself for not having this sooner. Thanks UAD!

M. Julien

September 20, 2016

My favorite

My favorite EQ on the market, it's coloration is just perfect. "La Palme d'Or" to the 560, I love the 16Khz band and the precision of the lows. Must have

H. Varvoglis

August 30, 2016

A must-have eq.

550A and 560 are great in any situation, are natural sounding, clear and sharp but can be aggressive at the same time depends how you squeeze them but always in a musically way. I've use the 560 even in mastering and the result was great, clear and punchy. I believe these are a must-have Eq, are the solution in every problem.

B. Thompson

August 14, 2016

Now that's a sound I remember

Growing up I used the API 560 and the Melcor version a lot. It was fast and easy to dial in a track, and at the time they were somewhat affordable. This plug-in does more than remind me of the hardware, it behaves and sounds just like the hardware.

I think the thing that makes the 560 so useful is your choices are limited. I'll spend way too much time dialing in a 550 (even more time with the GML). And sometimes that's what you need, but when you don't the 560 is the ticket.

The 550A sounds awesome as well, and I'm happy to have the choice, but right now I'm enamored with the 560.

m. meli

July 16, 2016

These make me happy

i spent 3 years sitting in front of a 1608 at Yellowdog Studios while it was here in Austin. These plugins sound exactly the way i would expect them to. Wonderful midrange, and great low, especially on percussive sources. I really like the trim pot on the output as these eq's excel at boosting. Also really low DSP usage so I can use them a lot!

R. Sudduth II

July 10, 2016

Punch punch

And more punch! Perfect for getting things to cut through and attenuating mids.

j. york

July 6, 2016

Very useful sweeteners

I have (too many) EQs- or so I thought! How would I "need" more than the Neve and Pultecs I thought? However, the way these two EQ's sculpt sound is just- different. I tried using the Pultec, then making as close to the same moves on the API graphic EQ, and the difference in tonality was very apparent. One was not better than the other- the Pultec was "soft" and gooey sounding while the API was aggressive and brighter, even with similar "brightening" EQ changes. The API EQs- especially that graphic are just very good at radically reshaping a sound. They aren't good at "surgical" EQ situations were you need to cut a very narrow band- but they are fabulous at sweetening and sculpting, and always provide a final polish to any sound!

L. Broussard

June 30, 2016

API 550 Series

A must have plugin(s) for your tookbox.

L. Broussard

June 30, 2016

API 550 Series

A must have plugin(s) for your tookbox.

d. danieli

June 24, 2016

API 500 Series EQ

this EQ is fantastic , it simply works great on almost everything,
it sounds warm and punchy on drums and bass
thanks UA

R. Beld

June 22, 2016

Perfect for quick fixes and creative workflow

These eq's are both amazing, because they are so intuitive, just like the hardware, but especially because they sound great!!!

N. Christie

June 21, 2016

Close your eyes and you can tell its API

There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said but if you haven't tried the demo then do so and your mixes will thank you for it !

G. Francis

June 20, 2016

Game changer!

This set of EQs has undoubtably improved my mixes. Highly recommended!

O. Poulsen

April 16, 2016

That sound...!

The weight and crispness is right on these, and it never was on any of the others that I have and have tried out there.

I miss having a db scale pop up when I adjust the level trim...but that's about it.

I can live with less bells and whistles if I get the sound!

N. O'Brien

March 14, 2016

Low DSP High Fidelity Euphoria

I love my 550A and there's a reason so many engineers use it. It is extremely simple to use, doesn't take up hardly any DSP (which is AMAZING), and just sounds damn good.

You get a euphonic "lift" just by running a signal through the 550A, even with all of the bands flattened out, due to the 2520 op- amps and custom output transformers.

Having owned the model, I can say UA has emulated the same euphoria and I commend UA for nailing this piece of classic hardware.

H. Saito

January 14, 2016

heavy and punchy sound!!

API 560 is so amazing!
It has heavy and punchy sound!
I think it is ideal for kick and snare of live drum, and Electric Guitar.
It is the best API emulation I've ever heard!

N. Dettenbach

January 11, 2016

my go to analog EQ

I use the API Vision channel strip on most input channels of my Apollo 8. On channels i need a more detailed EQ then the 500 from the strip or with a stronger EQ emulation i tend to use the API 500 series which sound's a bit, but nice, "more" to me. Where is "just" need an EQ on a channel i use it too. Even if you still have the API Vision, the API 500 is a very nice addition if you like the very musical / flexible API sound (like me). These beasts sounds very musicial even in very strong settings in many ways (i.e. watch the demos / presets). It sounds so good that i did not want to subtract one star for the bit "fiddely" GUI (freq/gain).


December 19, 2015

Api eq 100% accurate

Best sounding Api eq plugin in the market & definitely accurate to hardware that we have in the studio.
When compared to the waves & urs this plugin is light years ahead execpially to low frequency & high mids.

Great job UA

181-200 of 297 Results