API® 500 Series EQ Collection

API® 500 Series EQ Collection


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API® 500 Series EQ Collection

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T. Poole

October 12, 2017

yes, you need this too even if you have Vision CS

I wasn't thinking I was going to need this seeing as I already had the UAD2 Vision CS. Wrong, this EQ has its own thing and sounds so good. Use the "drum room" preset on your drum bus and sit back and enjoy. This is a very easy EQ to use.

P. Perfetto

September 5, 2017

The Absolute Best

I tried the 560, and it immediately made the sound of my synths thicker and more transparent. This is my most used EQ from UAD, along with the Neve bundle. The API has a sound that no other company has emulated, a true exact if not better emulation of the analog version. I love all the UA plugins, and this is my favorite EQ collection.

慎. 高山

August 24, 2017

Must buy

Everything must buy

K. Johannessen

July 20, 2017

Absolutely fantastic!!

The best EQ I ever tried -Seriously!

i. Keszeg

July 11, 2017

on every channel

they do a fantastic job. I think no software plugin gives you this sound. I've had a hard time with other EQs to get the sound I was looking for, but the API EQs just sound right... instatly! I can't imagine mixing withouth them now.

B. Krueger

July 4, 2017

Great for sculpting

This is a great plug in for sculpting tracks. Just turning the power on adds detail to your sound. Good presets.

S. Trytten

June 23, 2017

Cuts Frequencies above 25k?

I'm auditioning API 500 and comparing to other EQs. I am passing white noise through while looking at spectrum display in Eiosis AIR EQ. Unlike the other EQs, the API 500 has a definitive high-end cut-off around 25k. What's that about? I have to enter a rating to post, but don't know yet what I would really rate this.

L. Alin Gabriel

June 20, 2017

Work hard bundle

Big, clear, dynamic. 560 perfect for mono sources, focused mids, compact lows, silky highs. 550A , perfect for rebalancing stereo sources, it have a 3d quality on it.

L. Alin Gabriel

June 18, 2017

Best quality

Excellent virtual eq's. Smooth and dynamic, focused or 3d in 550a's case.

R. Hartley

June 16, 2017


UA's plug-in emulations of these industry 'must-have' hardware classics are wonderful. I can't imagine life in my studio without them.

S. Gough

June 10, 2017

Clean and Precise

Good EQs for tone shaping. Adds that crispness that the hardware does. One of my go to parametric EQs.

D. Kim

June 2, 2017

Wonderful EQ!!

Pretty Look, Wonderful Sound. I especially love the 560 so much. It is very convenient for me to handle. I really recommend!!

R. Somerville

May 3, 2017

API 500 Series EQ's

Simply" less is more philosophy with the API warm sound ..cut/boost.. dial in some analogue warmth ..next channel ..highly recommended

P. King

March 23, 2017

Mid range mirth

This has the mid range magic that I love about 550s. It's pretty darn close. The high end still doesn't quite have the indescribable magic of the vey early originals though.
But it's the best sounding 550 plug on the market. (Kills the waves version)

E. Vee

February 25, 2017

Great EQs

I use the 560 on everything, it's easy to use, has plenty of bands, and sounds good.

D. Powell

January 14, 2017

So great....

When API is the right thing, it is just right. I have had both these EQs as hardware units and the plug-ins capture the reason for using them, which is some combination of presence and thickness and focus with a bigness and warmth thrown in, somehow. Great on drums, guitars, things that need to jump forward a bit without getting too harsh. If things are already bright, I would say be very careful with them...... but especially to add a little edge or fat lows to something that already sounds good, they are killer.

H. Ómarsson

January 11, 2017

Go to EQ!

Works on anything. Very high quality eqs wether its high, low or mids, it's like working on an analog equipment. Job well done!

M. Daley

December 29, 2016


API all the way!

UAD User

December 28, 2016

Gospel Beats

I have not heard the hardware unit to compare, but as far as a plugin, it sounds great in the box. It add a nice solid, warm low end sound to your tracks. Very happy with this purchase.

T. Wallace

December 20, 2016

Pretty cool

I enjoyed the sweet attack that I received from this plugin once I placed it on my drums. UAD has done it again, keep it rocking man

61-80 of 217 Results