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Apollo 8

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N. Crockett

December 18, 2016

Upgraded from Apollo Firewire

A very happy long time UAD customer. I just upgraded from the original Apollo Firewire. The new Apollo 8 Thunderbolt is perfect in every way. Going to the thunderbolt from firewire has also cured the connectivity error messages i was getting every so often. The perfect upgrade. Five stars UAD.

X. Chen

December 17, 2016

Amazing as always

I've using UA products for 5 years, love all the UA products so much!

R. Salolehto

December 16, 2016

High end x-plattform interface

Where should one start?! Awesome build quality, great headphone outputs, great preamps and awesome ad/da. Have owned rme 802, Lynx aurora 8 & 16 but this thing is just a league above! As far as I see it the dsp is just a bonus!

B. Lewinski

December 16, 2016

great product

Use the Apollo 8 now for few weeks and i like the idea behind. It´s a great solution to have my old Urei and UAD stuff in a digital way.

N. Arouca

December 15, 2016

Game Changer

I work with a lot of singer/songwriters and indie bands. Paired with my love for unconventional locations, problem solving and experimenting - this has led me to need a mobile and adaptable setup. The Apollo has seriously up'ed the game for me. The pre's are beautifully transparent, or you can combine them with the Unison software to get some color. It's like buying a whole slew of pre's at once. The plugins are also kick ass. I can't wait to add some more!

G. Newman

December 13, 2016


Very good so far. everything works well and as it should. still getting to know the software a little, and the sarc chips get eaten up quickly (i'm using a duo). but you just need to learn to use them the right way.


M. Łuczak

December 12, 2016

Dr. Marek Łuczak

Great stuff, after working on Focusrite Saphire 56 and Digi003, Apollo 8 it's higher range of audio interface. It's like a buy Mercedes S-class after Renault Scenic. Great sound, 4 proccessors on board, and good sounding UA plugin. All my live I work on Waves stuff, but I find UA works much better. I hear difference in dynamic of interface, It's feels like more air in sound. And at the end works perfectly with Logic on Mac via TB.

J. Winnett

December 12, 2016

Loving it so far!

Beautiful and versatile piece of equipment that has worked seamlessly for me thus far... My only issue preventing the 5 star rating (I suppose relatively minor) is the lack of being able to level compensate the mono function in console which is proving to be a touch more than a touch painful. PLEASE, PLEASE sort this out guys and I will happily award you the missing star ;)

G. Samraj

December 11, 2016

Great buy

If your looking for a complete package at a decent price that would give you pro-level results then look no further.. However there are 2 things id like to address and that is 1. I wish they had a possible switch to move between 2 monitors so its easy to compare the sound. 2. It works more efficiently with the satellite. with out it just 3 ocean way plug ins are good enough to kill the DSP

J. Winkel

December 10, 2016

3 x 8 = 24 in/out & horsepower

Using 3 Apollos now creating a 24 in/out set up for live performances, studio recordings, mixing & mastering. Cascading 3 Apollos (2 black & 1 silver) using Thunderbolt works great. The console software has a conventional approach & workflow. Since all the Apollos are Quad there is a lot of horsepower for every task live & in the studio. The plugins are state of the art & do not force you into a certain style of sound.... Since I bought the last when "a free satellite" was part of the deal a 4th element will be added soon.

Creating several set ups that are available all the time makes integration in all the workflows easy. UAD changed my way of working & definitely raised the quality of my productions...

K. Wirz

December 8, 2016

Absolutely stunning Interface

The accessibility to most important functions/settings on the front panel is really cool. The PlugIn pack which comes with the device is a really good and useful selection of Compressor/Limiter, EQ, PreAmp and two Channel strips! On top of that comes after registration a free Helios EQ which offered me as much as more usability than I'd expect! Over all the best interface I've ever had. PS: The high resolution ad/da' s are also very good.

M. Ciesielski

December 8, 2016

Outstanding Sound and Value

I wish I had made the decision to purchase this a long time ago. The mic preamps are super sweet, and the Unison U610-A and B make them even better! The basic package of Plugins that come with the Appollo are outstanding on their own, and enough to get you going. Everything is very intuitive, and there are excellent explanations in the easy to navigate user guide if you need to figure something out. The Console software is also a breeze to work with, and offers great flexibility. Honestly, I couldn't ask for more!

H. Jong

December 7, 2016

Awesome gear

So well thought out, from the point of recording music and making the musicians happy with great headphone mixes and great sounds!

m. brandimarte

December 5, 2016

Great Audio System

I'm a new user for Apollo 8 system. it's fantastic, simple and the high quality is the best thing !
Love the possibilities for routing the signals and the fantastic Unison Preamps with the Neve Plug ins!

T. Wallace

December 2, 2016


I have the silver quad apollo and now the black one, and the difference is so subtle between the (silver/black) you will miss it. I don't regret buying it at all it brings a wonderful touch to my production in a live application, the great part is its clocking man thats crazy how everything talks to each other.. GREAT JOB UA

B. Johnson

December 2, 2016

An amazing interface

Totally love my Apollo 8. The sound quality is fantastic, and the plug ins are great as well. Like having an awesome analog studio in one rack mount device. Would recommend to anyone!

D. Jang

December 1, 2016

Total Solution for home producers!!

Focusrite Scarlett 8i6를 오랫동안 사용하다가 Apollo8으로 바꿨습니다.
급이 다른 업그레이드이긴 하지만 우선 컨버터 성능에 너무 만족하고, 여러가지 편의성, 확장성과 더불어 UAD 플러그인들도 완전 좋습니다. 항상 스튜디오 레코딩을 진행하긴 어려운 내겐 최고의 레코딩 성능과 더불어 사운드에 높은 신뢰도를 주고 있습니다. 아쉬운 점은 섀시 디자인이 아무래도 먼지 유입에 취약해서 장비관리에 신경을 좀 써야할거 같다는 것입니다. 그점만 빼고는 아주 마음에 듭니다!

C. Grouard

November 29, 2016

Apollo 8 simply a "jaw dropper"

I've had the apollo 8 duo for a couple of weeks now combined with my Twin solo. What I can say? Just that I entered a new world, what a piece of equipment! I was already more than satisfied with my Twin solo but the sound is so good, I didn't think it could be possible. I have more horsepower for the plugins, more inputs and more functionalities like for monitoring, not to mention the incredible deal with the free Quad satellite! Great gear, great software, great plugins, great job! So... What else for a home studist like me? Thank you UA!


November 29, 2016

It is amazing stuff for music producing.

It is amazing stuff for music producing. apollo gave me sounds clarity.

S. Debontridder

November 28, 2016

Amazing unit.

After using the Apollo 8 duo (a lot) for a few weeks, I can honestly say this is probably the ultimate interface. Great routing capabilities, pristine sound quality, flawless integration with my Twin, visually stunning... I've seen a lot of studios with tons of outboard gear, and I feel like everything that set them apart so far is coming within reach with UAD's systems. A++, would buy again!

181-200 of 369 Results