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Apollo 8

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J. Rupert

October 23, 2018

Everything I expected...

As a singer-songwriter, I wasn’t entirely sure if this amount of flexibility was necessary. I have a fair amount of outboard gear which is all predominantly used during the recording process. Typically, I find the signal chain that I want to record with, and patch in for the duration of the session. It changes from instrument instrument, but since I am the only one using my facilities for the majority of the time, I wasn’t sure that the UAD Apollo was a proper fit. I am thrilled with the sound reproduction, the conversion, and all of the various features that this unit provides. I am looking forward to trying some of UAD’s plug-ins, as well. If you need all of the ins and outs that come with this unit, save up the extra money if you need to and buy one. The difference between this and one of my interfaces that I had four or five years ago from brand “F” that cost half the price is remarkable.

I can’t wait to dive deeper into this unit and really put it through its paces. Just for the flexibility, the Console software, and the AD/DA conversion, it is well worth the money.

H. Persson

October 21, 2018

It’s amazing!

I’ve used it for a couple of weeks in the studio and I’m in love. It’s so stable and it has prolonged the life of my workstation! It’s worth every penny!

J. Tocket

October 19, 2018

Perfect mobile rig

Amazing quality and options in a portable device.

M. Mirzaei

October 19, 2018


I love it ....

P. Campaner Gelabert

October 10, 2018

Great interface and amazing plugins

I love the clarity of the pres and the converters, it improve a lot the sound of my productions. Also a big difference from the uad plugins to others similar. A great investment.

I. Lekic

October 4, 2018

very good interface

i changed my rme for apollo 8 because i have almost every plugin with my octo card , and this is a very good upgrade for me. Satisfied

H. Bernardo

October 3, 2018

Produção e Gravação

Perfect add to my Apollo 16 MK2.

UAD User

September 28, 2018

Bang for the buck

Guitarist and producer for the world famous 5 time Grammy winning and rocking roll hall of fame Blindboys of Alabama and I have long live the Apollo FireWire but this new thunderbolt 16 I just got is a beast. Love all the speed and plugins and ease of use. I need 2 more in the studio Great job

S. Gotthelf

September 11, 2018

Awesome in every way

Not a bad thing to say about this audio interface. Sound quality is beyond anything else, features are great and the plug-ins are the best I have tried.

C. Anderson

September 10, 2018

There is a difference my friends.

I finally got them all hooked up, and set up for my PT set up. I noticed a sonic difference right off the bat. I have 26 channels now with all Generation 2 Apollo's. I also have eight more via my 4-710 D. That gives me up to eight more with the light pipe. I had prostate cancer and went through the magic robot surgery to have it removed. So the eight channel, and the sixteen set in my studio until last week for over two months. I love em! It would have been a real good thing if the people I purchased them from would'a, could'a told me that you guys were on the process of building the new X Series? I am not very happy over that one, but I know that is your fault. This company is a major league company where I spend a lot of bucks. They have just simple made me aware of what you guys were up to. Like I said I set em up last week. Friday I get an e-mail from the main three vendors I use, where I average between those three purchase well over a 100K a year for the last ten years. So at any rate I am still gagging over that one. But I own a lot of UA's gear from LA-2A's, 6178's La-610's and that is only a tad bit of some, a very tiny part of the UA gear I own. My studio is for real! It is not some mess set up in my house. It is all pro, all isolated on rubber for the sound proofing. Also completely acoustically treated. This my fourth studio I have built from North Carolina, and back now, in the swamplands of south Louisiana. Clifton (Buck) Anderson

K. Falkenberg

September 6, 2018

Works nicely!

Love this product even though I would prefer a little more power to run more plugs.

n. thornton

September 4, 2018


Stellar interface and plugins system. Love the real-time UAD PlugIn tracking. UA delivers.

J. Scholz

September 4, 2018


This ain't my first UA piece of gear. The APOLLO system is just an amazing sounding and easy to use interface, period. Thanks Universal Audio

K. Jhugroo

August 31, 2018

High class recording gear

The Apollo 8 Quad is a beast. Its quite expensive but worth every buck. Next project is to save for the Ultimate 6 plugins.

v. courtin

August 30, 2018

Best of both world .

I just get 6 pieces of gear from this brand (lol) but I can tell that for sure , you will find nothing better to enjoy the best of both world ,analogue and numeric .

J. Fanus

August 22, 2018

New Apollo 8 and loving it!!!

I just got a new Apollo 8 and so far Im loving it! The plug ins they included are essentially a one stop shop as far as whats "needed" to capture great recordings. But why stop there? I've gotten a handful of UAD plug ins already and plan to get MANY more! Thanks UAD for creating such an solid interface. The amount of times I've gotten (or not gotten) the spinning wheel of death alone makes it all worth it!

L. Nearing

August 22, 2018


V nice.
Can I have free plugs pls, it'd be nice.
V nice.

B. Mckenzie

August 20, 2018

Almost perfect

Apollo 8 Quad is an amazing interface. Would give 5/5 rating if the unit had midi I/O and included a thunderbolt cable.

J. Meador

August 19, 2018

A veil lifted

I finally upgraded my Apollo from the the original to the Apollo 8. I was hesitant as the features were identical. I did a small A/B test when I got the new unit. I was happy to find that the new Apollo 8 was more open and relaxed on the top end. It sounded like a thin veil was lifted and the low end was more solid. These observations were fairly subtle but worth the investment. My only complaint with the new unit is the combo connectors for the mic and line inputs on channel 1-4. I liked that the old unit had separate mic and line inputs. I have my unit installed in a rack and connected to the patch bay so if I want to change from mic to line input, I now have to crawl behind the rack.

J. Gade

August 15, 2018

The centerpiece of my setup

Although there exist many high value for money interfaces on the market today they all need to make compromises in order to maintain a competitive price. Despite the high values for money, these compromises affect the overall sound quality - especially when recording acoustic instruments.
I was searching for an interface which would sit at the heart of my setup. An interface which would offer great functionality and allow me to expand my setup as my needs grow. The Apollo 8 offers good mic pres and additional inputs/expansion options to encompass future upgrades to my setup.
With the Apollo 8 not only do you get a great piece of hardware but you get access to high quality uaudio plugins used by audio professionals all over the world.

41-60 of 413 Results