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Customer Reviews

Apollo 8

Overall Rating

21-40 of 486 Results

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D. De Araújo Lopes

December 11, 2020

Great equipment and consumer support

Great piece of equipment. Best consumer support. Excelent job from UA.

R. Eccleston

December 10, 2020

Back For My Third Apollo!!

Loved my first Apollo 8 so much I decided to buy a second one. My system now consists of 2 x Apollo 8 DUO's, 1 Apollo Twin and a UAD Satellite QUAD TB. Now it's time to load up on some cool new UAD plugins. Keep up the good work everyone!

G. Landry

December 8, 2020

Great stuff

Solid like all the other UAD products!

G. Landry

December 8, 2020

Great stuff!

Solid like all the other products made by UAD.

R. Lamm

December 3, 2020

Second hand but works well

although the used Apollo 8 has a TB 2 connection with the help of 2 Apple TB2 to TB3 converter and the proper cables I could daisy-chain the unit with my Apollo Twin X and Satellite TB3 units . negative aspect: Original Apple Cables and converter alone cost almost 200 EUR

A. Danetz

December 3, 2020


Very bad Windows Compatibility.... Had to buy for 1000 $ adds to make it work... Cable ( 50 $) thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter ( 150 $) a pci Card ( 200 $) and a compatible computer motherboard ( 700 $ to have installed and rigged on my actual computer. So in the end the question is : Is it realy compatible with windows ? In my book i wouldn't say so. Other Brands work definitely better with Windows..

Buying an Apollo is one of the worst move i made in my engeneer career .

R. Whiteman

December 3, 2020

Clean - amazing

I recently upgraded to an Apollo 8 and what an upgrade. The preamps are so clean - my guitar has never sounded so great. I’m really enjoying having access to the UAD amps in unison and also the preamp emulations. I couldn’t recommend it more. I do a lot of travelling with music usually - I know I’m gonna want to take it with me. Guess I also need is an Apollo twin for when life gets back to normal !

A. Bonilla

November 19, 2020

Looks good

Looks like a good piece to add to my silverface apollo. I can’t get it to work however, and the repair center I was directed to, is not doing a good job at getting my issue resolved either. This might be the last piece of UA gear I buy to be honest. I had a similar issue when I bought my silverface, and it was very expensive to handle that situation as well. Not too happy right now. I miss when digidesign was the go to right about now, but they died with FireWire.

B. Mckenzie

October 29, 2020


Amazing! Perfect option for me

L. Cardoso

September 25, 2020

Qualidade Sensasional!

Já tinha ouvido falar e visto muita informação a respeito dos equipamentos UAD, minha esperiencia recente apos aquisição da Apollo 8 é que, a empresa faz jus a tuda sua reputação, e vale cada dolar gasto. Definindo em uma palavra "Qualidade"!!

m. porcelli

August 20, 2020

Owned, tried to change, back to Apollo

After a very short experience with a Quantum 48 from PreSonus, I purchased back 2 units and the transients are all back in my studio as before...

T. Heindl

August 12, 2020

The best big brother for my twin

I bought this because I needed it to connect my twin and my two ADAT intefaces together. And I have to say this was the best decision ever!

Now I can monitor 26 channels over console and making cue mixes in the best way possible.

Thanks for this awesome product !!

M. Querido

July 22, 2020

What's better than an Apollo 8?

TWO Apollo 8's!

Not selling this anytime in the foreseeable future. Great addition to my studio. ;-)

v. connor

July 13, 2020

Super sound

I love this interface

B. Turner

May 31, 2020

What can I say?

We bought 2 Apollo 8 TB interfaces to run with our Twin and Saffire Pro 40's. All working amazingly together, we absolutely love em! The sound quality is exceptional and so easy to set up and use the 'Console'.

S. Woods

May 1, 2020

The best

Unrivalled build and audio quality. Best interfaces money can buy, without a doubt.

m. Santizo

April 21, 2020



M. Lane

April 11, 2020

Gear is great. Customer service isn’t

I received an unusable $50.00 coupon when I activated my unit. I’ve contacted customer service multiple times with no success.

M. Lane

April 11, 2020

Gear is great. Customer service isn’t

I received an unusable $50.00 coupon when I activated my unit. I’ve contacted customer service multiple times with no success.

C. Midlang

February 23, 2020

Apollo 8

Great product. Im really satisfied.

21-40 of 486 Results