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Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

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B. Hill

September 15, 2020

Excellent Interface....Except....

These are hands down some of the best interfaces on the market today, and the UAD software is amazing. I’ve marked 4 stars as I purchased a second unit on the assumption that I could use two Twin Quads at the same time. Turns out that’s not possible - it’s called out on the site, so that’s my mistake. But the lack of this functionality is a pretty significant issue for those of us who like to work modular and in multiple locations, which is why I’ve marked it down.

m. shankle

September 12, 2020

Apollo Twin MKII

it is amazing, my number one choice when it come to interfaces......

i. flores suppo

September 3, 2020


El mejor equipo, esperé mucho para tenerlo. Gracias

Y. D'Agostini

August 31, 2020

best audio interface

I use it with Luna Recording System and Logic Pro X , I'm a guitar player, singer and producer. good quality of preamp, processor and components, near zero latency.

L. Plentz de Oliveira

August 28, 2020

The door for the record universe

I'm a singer songwriter and have been difficult to record new sounds until a buy a Apollo. With this amazing machine my dreams will come true. Analog plugins sound awesome and for me are the piece of gear to change my music life.

A. Thomas

August 25, 2020

Solo JUST enough. Good step up from MK1

I got this for live use. I own the 8p for studio. Audio quality is fantastic and the low latency monitoring makes live use possible.

The solo processor is just enough for live use. At 48k, I can squeeze in the Fender 55 with 1176SE and a simple vocal chain (with the basic non-emulating preamp), running a mono instance of the EMT 140 in Mainstage. It runs at 99-100%, but does so without issue. I recommend to upgrade to the duo or quad to make full use of the purchasable plugins and emulations, but solo definitely works great with the included bundle and the less power hungry plugins.

Converter quality and noise level is very good, definitely an improvement over the original twin which I previously owned as well. I wish the power supply was better quality (lower noise and ripple), as that would further refine the audio quality.

m. alshankiti

August 20, 2020

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S. notghi

August 18, 2020

not very well thought out .

no incoming light to show if the signal is coming in? big dial has no mute..

J. Crick

August 14, 2020

Game changer for me!

This is my entry to the UAD world and I'm liking it a lot so far! the difference in clarity for my voiceover work is very noticeable and allowing me to have a much more pro home setup!

Recording music is also more interesting with the zero latency FX options! I'm enjoying being in the 'studio' more and thinking about sounds as they go in rather than just playing about with the mix for way too many hours! it's helping my workflow.

The Fender tweed amp sim is probably the best sim I've heard and I'm using it loads! my only criticism of this device is that the DSP is just not high enough to do much with! I don't mind being smart and freezing tracks and all that, but it'd be nice to have a touch more particularly with newer plugins like fender tweed which takes up 70% of my power before I've done anything else!! Also, having to get a cable separately, AND an adapter (£45!!!) to use this is annoying! But no regrets from me.

J. Nakano-Bednář

August 14, 2020

So glad that I bought

I′ve chosen MKII because they're now discounted.

Changes your music life with no doubt!

M. Cottle

August 14, 2020

The upgrade I've wanted.

I've had a lot of 2-4 XLR input interfaces, and it was finally time to upgrade to something more high quality. All the features of the Apollo Twin are just fantastic - the design, the built-in talkback, the plugins, the input locations, the layout - I love the physical unit and the pre-amps sound amazingly clean and crisp.
The virtual console is also great - easy to use and I love that I can load plugins with low latency monitor processing. However, I find the way plugin licenses are managed to be very annoying. I'd really prefer only plugins that I have a license for to show up - instead of all of them being listed and then I get a "do you want to purchase" message showing up when I select the wrong one. For example, I forget which 1176 version I have sometimes and that's annoying. That being said, the plugins I do have are extremely powerful and high quality! This is my first UA product, I think I'll be saving up for more!

O. Wilson

August 12, 2020

Great Product!

My vocals are so much clearer and the boost it gives my Synco is amazing!!


August 5, 2020

Nice card

Perfect !!

M. White

August 2, 2020

No sound. New Purchase

Let me start by saying I love everything about this interface......... With that be saying said, I have had some issues with crackling and no sound coming from the device during playback. The display shows that sound is relaying to the device, but no sound is produced. I have found that f i toggle between the inputs using the preamp button it will trigger sound. This implies to me that there is a short somewhere in device itself. I have tried to find any alternative information but have been unsuccessful. Apart from that, I love the interface ( when it is working) Please help resolve.

G. Arias Merino

July 31, 2020

Great upgrade, but please include the cable!

I've gotta say that over the past few days the quality of the recordings im making has significantly improved over the last audio interface I had. Plus, the possibility to track using plugins in real time has been a life-saver in terms of saving cpu and dsp for later mixing! The only thing that would have made this a 5 star experience was if the product has come with a thunderbolt cable. Honestly, I wouldn't have minded paying 30-40 extra bucks for an included cable; having to go find one on my own was quite a task, especially here in Perú where they appear to be almost non-existent! Nonetheless, great product and amazing experience so far. If I ever have to upgrade for sure it would be another Apollo!

m. chung

July 28, 2020

Not bad.

Not bad interface.

A. Brown

July 15, 2020


It’s clear and very versatile

R. Howard

July 15, 2020

Great Desktop Interface

This is a great sounding interface from the A/D Clips, to the Clean Mic Pres, the powerful headphone preamps, the very useful talkback mic, and the Unison technology UA really did they thang with the entire Apollo series, from the desktop to the rack units, they are all among the best of the best, you can definitely take your tracks to industry level all "in the box" with no analog gear, just get your plugin racks ups, UAD plugins are the BEST period.

T. Brian

July 14, 2020

Great idea with Luna

Since Avid has destroyed itself from within. I was looking for something new. A good friend is a producer in the industry and told me to try Logic, but that doesn’t work for me. I use to use 11 Rack for my interface and it stopped working with PT 11. I love the 11 Rack, but they no longer offer support for it. So my buddy had enough of Avid too. Since I needed an interface, he recommended UA Apollo Twin cuz it came with Luna and we were looking to get a new Daw to use. So I think the both together have been pretty sick. There’s a few weird things, like printing midi tracks. But I’m sure they’ll figure things out. I could really see this becoming the new industry standard. Many are jumping ship, my buddy has 35k invested in PT HD, and he let it go to use Apollo and Luna. They just gotta make their plugins much much cheaper. Better to sell a lot at less than nothing at a lot. Their whole plugin bundle shouldn’t cost anymore than 500$. Most aren’t even that good. So the prices should be better. Good job on the rest!

j. platt

July 14, 2020

Level up!

The next step for any budding producer/artist

181-200 of 1225 Results