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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

181-200 of 1252 Results

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November 14, 2020


Excellent piece of hardware in a small desktop unit. Love the sound quality of the Converters.

K. Sullivan

November 14, 2020

Should have done this sooner!

Not only did the Apollo twin simplify my workflow, it sounds amazing! The Apollo twin, replaced five pieces of gear in my studio, I understand now why so many independent studio owners use this system! Should’ve done this sooner!


November 13, 2020

Great Unit

Small Unit but good quality

c. stubbs

November 12, 2020

Blown away! quality and ease

I have been a long time UAD user (UAD 1 cards), always loved the plugins for the quality so I finally got the Apollo Twin MkII thunderbolt. Wow! The simplicity and ease at which I can produce quality recordings was so pleasing. The console is a joy to use, with powerful/useful options and routing. The actual unit is solid build, great features and well though out. The unison preamps sound great and have replaced my other API lunchbox pres making recoding that much easier. My only regret is I didn't purchase it earlier.

H. Nkosi

November 10, 2020



D. Reichel

November 7, 2020

Overall great

I got the Apollo Twin MKII to replace my Scarlett interface and I am very happy I made the decision. The uad neve emulations are absolutely amazing.

J. Cortes

November 5, 2020


Great piece of studio equipment. High build quality and the plug ins included work great! Love it.

B. Spring

November 5, 2020


I feel really bad that it is the way it is... I bought the Apollo Twin USB and let a company build a PC (win 10), i9, 64ram, ssd etc. to fit the interface because I heard of some great results. Though, it turned out that these UAD Interfaces may sound good, but they fail at something very very basic, they fail in connecting to any kind of chipset, not only the ones mentioned on the UAD blogs and sites. I am deeply disappointed and I really don't reccomand any of these things... In the meanwhile I crawled the web and found an enormous ammount of BAD reviews, very very little GOOD ones. So, I'm not the only one struggling with something that actually shouldn't be a problem. Why would you want to put an interface on the maket that has MAJOR ISSUES in compatibility wit either iOS or Windows?! Damn guys, get that thing done, even beringer manages to do that!!! Plus, the only computers UAD claims to deliver excellent results are redicolous, they wouldn't make it a minute with a DAW and a midi synth running... I mean, seriously, a 2.8 ghz i5 MINI desktop pc should deliver EXCELLENT results... ??? C' mon...

D. Falkiewicz

November 3, 2020


I am lucky enough to now own the Duo. So excited to have upgraded my audio interface to the Duo. Looking forward to hours of making music.

S. Watanabe

October 28, 2020



P. Bisson

October 26, 2020

Vraiment hot

Ca va vraiment bien et ca torche!!! J’adore!!!


October 26, 2020

Twin MkII - Love it!

Absolutely love this unit. The Console app is very intuitive and easy to use. The interface feels very solid. So far, the plugins sound great. I have not used Luna yet, but I’m planning on it in the near future. Thanks UA!

F. Gasser

October 20, 2020

Perfect interface!

This is just the best sounding interface I ever used! Also the great monitoring controls and the talkback mic is just perfect! For a small home studio this is a to-go interface. The best about it is the very good software and Console programme, that makes all the workflows so easy!

J. Pepper

October 10, 2020

Apollo Twin MkII - awesome clarity

I recently upgraded from a Mackie Onyx Firewire Mixer to the Apollo Twin Mk II (Thunderbolt). The difference is astounding. The Apollo audio output gives you a rich deep bass and pristine clarity across the audio mix spectrum. Also its seamless integration with the UAD plugins and so easy to setup and use, highly recommended!

M. Magny

October 9, 2020

UAD Apollo Twin MK2

Packing everything a producer needs a d even more with onboard DSP and Amazing unisson preamp.

A. Quintero

October 8, 2020

Su fama les precede

Finalmente pude comprar una interfaz de Universal Audio. La calidad de sus previos y conversares es de muy alta. Además sus plugins son emulaciones analógicas muy logradas.

B. Schneider

October 7, 2020

Not Satisfied

The plug-in's are outstanding but if you don't buy directly from a retail store or UAD and then run into an issue... you are screwed. No one will help you and all you will get is re-direction to another company that you have to pay even more to get help from.

P. Gianini

October 6, 2020

Saved me during quarantine.

Needed a interface for remote work during Covid-19 quarantine. Went for this amazing 2 channel interface: Apollo Twin Thunderbolt. Easily the best sound I've ever had on keyboards, eletric bass and eletric guitar, considering the perfect sound I can get from Unison pre amps and amplifiers, like Fender and Ampeg.

M. kaltenbaugh

October 3, 2020

Apollo twin mkii duo

Amazing product. Adds an extra depth to my productions that I couldn't get before. Really surprised how many plugins I can run on this!

陈. 陈强

October 3, 2020



181-200 of 1252 Results