Apollo Twin MkII

Apollo Twin MkII

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Apollo Twin MkII

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K. Kim

September 14, 2018



D. Krüger

September 13, 2018

My best choice for an interface!

When I came into contact with Universal Audio products for the first time, I was completely thrilled. The Apollo devices are just great and are indispensable in my recordings!

r. mayne

September 6, 2018

Perfect for preproduction studios

This was perfect for my small studio. I need to do professional recording of a small number of instruments. Having these pre amps to practice vocals through is also really nice!

P. Daly

September 6, 2018

No regrets!!

I got the Quad, anything less is a tease. Without a doubt the best interface I’ve had as regards AD/DA and quality recording of sources. The plugins are primo. Mobile to boot. 8p next for the full drum kit in Unison :)

K. Scott

August 31, 2018

Best purchase I made in a long time!

After having a full Recording Studio for many years, I decided to scale down and just do a little set up at my home. I can still get great sounds and mixes with this little thing. The plugins are amazing! Thank you UAD!

M. Olsson

August 30, 2018


The sound quality of the preamps lifts decent mics up to new levels.

G. Fuko

August 30, 2018

Apollo twin Pluggins

Apollo twin is a great equipment. really really great. I have a minor problems but purely based on the fact that am new to Apollo. Using it with Logic Pro x 10.4. somehow I cannot easily make them work together. Secondly I bought plugins but I cannot use them with Logic Pro x. If I can get assistance on that it will be awesome.

UAD User

August 30, 2018

Quel bonheur

Superbe interface...gros son, qualité irréprochable...un bonheur de bosser avec.


August 27, 2018

It's Working!

My studio in now complete. My monitors and mic have been brought to life with the MKII DUO.

G. Hardman

August 23, 2018

Apollo MKII is the Best sounding Interface without a doubt!

I have had many interfaces as a studio owner Apogee, Focusrite, Presonus ect. Nothing comes close to the MKII Apollo. I sold my Avalon Vt-737 mic preamp because the Apollo mic preamps with the unison preamp turned the Avalon into a paperweight. Thanks UAD worth every penny

E. Schweyer

August 20, 2018

The perfect Interface for my Guitar Home Studio

I was looking for a High-Quality Interface for recording my two amps in stereo at home. Sounds Amazing! Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.

w. jung

August 20, 2018

Wenn es funktionieren würde ...

Zuerst das ua arrow bestellt, weil es alles kann was ich brauche. Leider funktioniert es nicht (wie auf der UA Website geschrieben) über ein Thunderbolt 3 dock mit externer Stromversorgung.
Also dank der Firmenpolitik von UA und Apple nochmal 200 Euro mehr hin gelegt und das mk 2 bestellt. Leider funktionierten die LEDs nicht. Also zurück geschickt. Jetzt ist der Ersatz da und siehe da es fehlt das Netzteil. Alles in allem eine laaaaaaange Enttäuschung .

P. Ulvforsen

August 17, 2018


It´s awesome. Very easy to use and no latency.

J. Alaminos

August 16, 2018


Estoy super encantado con ella¡¡¡ es una de las mejores inversiones que he hecho¡¡

C. Lehman

August 13, 2018

Super excited!

Feels very inuitive and I am excited to explore further. Little concerned with the amount of heat generated off this little puppy, but everything has been ship shape. Thanks UAD!

J. Murner

August 11, 2018


Much better than my previous apogee quartet at least the preamp are much more transparent. A bit surprised by the low latency with thunderbolt, not much faster than USB. Love the hi-z input

m. toniolo

August 10, 2018

high quality interface

Just love my apollo twin...very easy to use and great sound...

c. forrester

August 9, 2018

Editing Monster

As a Professional film maker I value my audio greatly. The Apollo allows me both a super clean output to check levels and feel out where sound should be. It also provides a fantastic input for tracking over dubs, back tracking or simply just to make music.

D. Liebertz

August 8, 2018

Geiles Interface

Wir bereuen kein bisschen den
Kauf wir würden es immer wieder tun das Interface kann einfach alles was man sich wünscht von super tollen kopferhörer Mixes bis Aufnahmen verschiedener Kompressoren und Preamps die sich echt hören lassen können ganz klare kaufempfehlung

J. Bass

August 8, 2018

Fantastic Interface

The Apollo Twin is perfect for tracking at home or in a remote rig. "Console" is very intuitive and the UA plug-ins are incredible. Thunderbolt connectivity is super fast and frees up USB ports.

41-60 of 604 Results