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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

141-160 of 1237 Results

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M. LeClair

January 22, 2021

Great... when it works

I have a Mac, FWIW. When the Apollo device works, it’s fantastic. That being said I have had some sort of technical challenge almost every time I use it, which inevitably involves constantly restarting my computer and plenty of sessions spent endeavoring down some long, frustrating and ambiguous path to try to resolve the issue (absolutely eviscerating whatever creative energy I was on). For this money, I should expect plug and play!!

N. Bryan

January 18, 2021

Best Interface I've Used

Before owning the Apollo Twin MkII, I owned and used a competing interface from a company that rhymes with smapojee. The Twin MkII blew it out of the water. Couldn't be happier.

J. Kirklen

January 17, 2021

A1 must have for home studios

There are lots of audio interfaces on the market, none of which are the UA Apollo. Top notch build quality, ease of use and the plug ins..... You simply have to hear to believe end of story

M. Yates

January 16, 2021

From Avid to UA

I have been a composer/producer for 15 years professionally, working along side world class mixers. I have used the Avid interfaces HDX and Omni and let me tell you, Universal Audio is so much better and higher quality. it is the best interface by far that I have used. The unison plug ins are so close to the real thing I can't even use any others plugins anymore. Outstanding and not one regret moving on from Avid hardware.

J. Teeters

January 16, 2021

Great interface

Apollo is a great interface. I like the foot print and layout of the controls. Conversion quality is good. Very happy with the quality and efficiency of workflow that Apollo has afforded me.

P. Muensanit

January 11, 2021



P. Muensanit

January 11, 2021



O. Cantore

January 7, 2021

Ma deuxième Apollo Twin

Je suis passé de l'Apollo Twin Usb windows à cette Mk2 sur mac et je ne regrette pas. Pas de problème avec la nouvelle puce M1 Apple Silicon à noter

I. Palmer

January 5, 2021

Better late than never. Apollo is really a high quality sound card.

I bought this sound card and had a mountain of problems but only to find out it was my computer that was the issue. so I take back all the negative comments I wrote about this sound card in my review.

J. Lammers

January 2, 2021

Apollo twin

This is a very handy audio interface, lots of options, nice plugins that work intuitively. I have a problem however, and that is that my Mac mini M1 is not yet 'approved'. Via the thunderbolt connection it works but it doesn't support higher sample rates (max is 48 kHz). I guess I have to wait a little while for UA to adapt the software.


January 2, 2021

The same happiness but twice as much

Happy owner of an Apollo Twin Solo MKii Thunderbolt for 2 years, I bought the TWIN DUO for a second workstation. I am absolutely thrilled to have twice as much memory for the Plug-ins.
Only one small regret is that I don't get a loyalty bonus by receiving a few extra free Plus-ins!
This explains my rating of 4 stars instead of the 5 that the product deserves!

M. Sudhakar

January 1, 2021

My Third Apollo

I got different Rooms, everyone got a Apollo Interface. Cant get enough!

R. Persson

December 26, 2020


Superb sound.

A. Pervushin

December 23, 2020

Comfortable setup twin mk2 + Apollo 16

Детка хороша! Купил в дополнение к Apollo16 silver ради Unison. 6 dsp это очень даже много, а юнисон мегакрут! Сокращаю аналоговый сетап до минимума, в этих двух машинках все что нужно для музыканта и довольно много для звукорежиссёра! Огонь!

V. Gonzalez

December 11, 2020

Amazing products and costumer care

I’ve just had an amazing experience with UA in general, hands down the best crew helping me out with my audio interface guiding me through the process, thank you!

J. Schneberk

December 9, 2020

Excellent As Expected

I am forever a die hard user of UA products and plug ins and stand by them 100%. Universal Audio’s diverse range of products has been of great benefit as my personal needs have changed which brought me too this new purchase of Twin MKII. Great build, great quality and great sound!! Thank you again for excellent products!

T. Yager

December 8, 2020

From ProTools to LUNA

I've used ProTools since the first M-Box became available. I've explored other DAWs before (abelton, reason, logic pro, cubase and -of course- garageband). I gave them all the old college try and always came back to ProTools. I picked up an Apollo Twin MKII and I love the interface. It's has a ton of features and it's solid as a rock. But, the real win is the interface + LUNA. As soon as LUNA includes "Bounce in place/freeze" it will be the best DAW on the planet - hands down.

If you're a PT user and you're worried about making the switch. Do it. The key commands are pretty much all the same. The learning curve for anything that isn't, is pretty dang easy. You'll dig it.

G. Tapia

December 7, 2020

La mejor de todas

Excelente interfaz, en todo el sentido de la palabra, graba muy bien y su diseño es único.

G. Tapia

December 7, 2020

La mejor de todas

Excelente interfaz, con un hermoso diseño y componentes que la hacen única, excelente para grabar.


November 30, 2020


Love it

141-160 of 1237 Results