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S. D'Agostino

October 16, 2017

Best interface I ever had!

I've been using the MKII for just one month and probably I still have to learn its full potential but it has already changed completely my workflow and the quality of my projects. Pro Tools quite doesn't crash anymore and recording with unison is just amazing!

c. jiho

October 15, 2017

The best interface

Convenience, the best of clean sound

S. Boies

October 13, 2017

Qualité de son

L'apollo twin MkII a des meilleurs préamp et convertisseur mais la grosse différence est le système d'écoute améliorer, oui l'enregistrement et le mixage avec les pugins super ! Mais j'ai du plaisir à juste jouer avec.

N. Ruth

October 13, 2017

Happy with the decision to switch from Apogee

My old Apogee duet was having issues, and I was going to replace it, but was convinced by the reviews of this device to switch to the Apollo Twin... so far very glad I did. I like that there are no breakaway cables, and it's easy to navigate. Sounds great and I hope it'll be worth the extra money in the long run. Only issue is that it does get very hot.

V. Kulikov

October 12, 2017

That's cool!

Thanks for the great interface and plug-ins that help to create my music!

B. Richy

October 10, 2017

Audio Shangrila

My journey to find my perfect A/D Box has been long and tedious. Most recently I travelled from the Audient iD 14 to the Apogee Element 24 and decided to have another go with the UAD Apollo Twin which I had back in 2014, of which I experienced some strange issues. So here we are in October 2017 and I am thrilled with the new Apollo Twin MKII Solo. I do Voice Over work and being able to print with the awesome plugins is just amazing. The sound is awesome and I can sculpt the dynamics of my voice for the recording task at hand. The sound is big and fat and makes me sound great, which of course you want to happen when you are in the zone doing a read! The mixing software is a breeze to use and allows me to save a number of my Voice Over Settings that work perfectly for that specific situation. My only wish list would be a mute button for the Mic on the box, but no big deal to mute via the software Mixer. It's strange how things bring you back 360 degrees, and I think all in all I have gone through around 15 Audio Interfaces including the RME BabyFace! My Dream Plugin is for the Manley VOXBOX, I tried the Demo version and OMG it Rocks to say the least. UAD has really gone wild with the new Unison Technology along with the Classic Analog Plugins....just bloody brilliant! This Box is not just for Music Makers, it's also my shangrila for my growing Voice Over Biz and is definitely helping me to create my Brand!! Thanks UAD and keep up the brilliant work!!


October 9, 2017


en tant que musicien compositeur, mon metier n'est pas le traitement audio et la chaine post prod, mais de composer et de jouer. Enregistrer a toujours été une plaie. L'apollo Twin MKII est enfin, la solution simple fiable rapide pour se préoccuper uniquement de son jeu. Pas de latence, toujours disponible, une installation simple sans prise de tete. et surtout un quasi standard aujourd'hui. C'est le prix de la tranquillité, de la qualité et de la fiabilité. indispensable.

J. Shanklin

October 8, 2017

Love my twin

I am loving my twin so far. Haven't really gotten a chance to do much with it yet, but I have been blown away but what I've done. I use it for vocal sessions and because my sessions usually are 40+ tracks large, I decided on the quad. The sound is incredible on both lead and background vocals. I also like that UA was running a special where they gave away 4 additional plug ins during the time I bought my twin from a 3rd party. They actually emailed me and honored the offer and now I have 4 new plug ins, which is a blessing because those things are expensive!!!!

F. Mangano

October 8, 2017

Beat gear ever

Amazing platform,must have if you Want to work at high level. Top desing and best plugins ever,easy to use and to learn! Best gear you coud buy!!

M. Lewis

October 8, 2017

Amazing upgrade worth every penny

I stressed out about upgrading from a digi002R for months, reading all the reviews and looking at spec sheets. When I finally pulled the trigger and I started my first demo with the MkII I was amazed at the improvement. Buckets more clarity, depth, and width than the digi002 even before engaging the UNISON plugins (which are amazing, btw). I am also more than happy about all the plugin deals that UA offered after registering my interface. In addition to the free plugins I got from the registration they also set me an additional set of free plugins a few days later as their promo offers had been updated. Just out of the gate, without spending any additional money I got 21 plugins, as well as deals for discounted rates for purchasing plugins bundles at signup and coupons for future purchases. Not bad at all. Thanks, UA!

C. Makarechian

October 7, 2017

Loving it!

Works great for travel. Wish they made an OCTO version tho!

I. Taylor

October 7, 2017

Just what I needed

I am hooked, love it. Such good sound and the best plugins, latency is a thing of the past. A mini pro studio on my desktop, no sore back with my Apollo's Ampeg!

M. De Turco

October 7, 2017

My second Apollo Twin Duo

This is my second Apollo Twin DUO, one year ago I bought the MKI and suddenly after 8 months it broke while using in my house after a bad electrical tension overload and two of the four converter been burned. I live in Italy so for changing the broke components I should send my Apollo in California. The only thing I could do was buying another Apollo Twin.
So I did and with no regrets. As always excellent audio conversion, preamps and fantastic plug-ins library. Super recommended!!!

R. Cote

October 6, 2017

Great audio interface and great company!

A few years ago, some friends were telling me about the Apollo Twin sound card. Because of the price, i was hesitated. A few week ago, i called my music store and ask a guy about digital mixer, sound card etc... I was looking for a device with good sound and easy to used. Then again, the same audio interface (Apollo Twin) came into our discussion. After reading many review, i felt i was the only musician and composer fool enough not to have this device, so I decided to go for it and buy the Apollo Twin Duo. To be honest with you people, yesterday was my first recording with my Apollo. My wife was resting on her bed, than when she heard my classical guitar composition playing on my Yamaha HS7 speaker, she get up and came to see me. She said, is that you who is playing? I said, sure why not. The sound is so good. She ask if i did it with my new audio interface? And i said yes, does it sound good? She said, wow! This sound really good. I also bought at the same time Softube Console 1 and the Persons Faderport 8. It was my first recording experience with my Apollo Twin duo and my first mixing experience with my Console 1 and Faderport 8. This "trio" is a "must have" device people. I love my Apollo twin. It is a dream come true. Thank you Universal Audio. Not less, with the audio interface, there is excellent software that come with it. Also, a few days ago, Universal Audio send me an email and inform me that i was into their grace period for there new promotion on the Apollo Twin audio interface. And guess what? I have got 3 news softwares from UA. A value of almost $650. What can I ask more? I spend my last week to study my new devices and my new softwares. Now, i'm ready to experiment. Would i recommend this audio interface? Oh yes!!! for sure!!!

S. Limoni

October 5, 2017

No latency

Exellent product. No latency. Little bit expensive the inserts.

C. Baldwin

October 4, 2017

Fantastic Fantastic Interface

I’m coming from a Original Apogee FW Duet which served me well for almost 11 years.
I was looking for something different and decided to go with a Apollo Twin Duo and glad I did. The sonic clarity is top notch.
I was really impressed plugging in my Bass through a LA-2A and getting the same flavor when playing live. I then put up a Real Verb and just melted from the clean sweet reverb. With no plugins the sound is still incredible with my Bass. If you need minimal I/O The Twin is the one to get the only thing to decide is Solo,Duo or Quad.
By far the best gear purchase I’ve made in years. Don’t think about it. Get it.

G. Barrell

October 3, 2017

Apollo review from down under

So far so good pre amp sounds great on my bass just straight in with no plug in's. Headphones sound good . Been running the neve 1073 presets over some pre re corded drums and it has worked wonders Would definitely recommend this product .

c. morrison

October 3, 2017


Had the silver face. Loved it. This one is just as good and better. More polished sound. Higher headroom. Great imaging. love it.

R. Invernizzi

October 3, 2017


A great... No sorry, AMAZING interface!! Very powerful with a great design.
With the DSP I can work with the great UA plugins without making my computer suffer.
Nothing more than a top quality gear! The best you can get!

UAD User

October 1, 2017

Great Sounding Piece of Device

I just got this and have not had a chance to record with it yet. However, just by hearing the sound coming out of it, I can hear so much more detail, width, and depth of the tracks I work on. I have also tried using the Unison preamp 610B for vocal practice; so far sounding pretty nice, with very low latency. Hoping to get Neve preamp plug sometime soon for even better result and try out on actual vocal recording. One sad thing is that two weeks after I purchased this, a deal started to give out free plugs (including the Neve that I wanted) with the purchase of this same item. Made me feel I bought this at the completely wrong timing... But, at least, regarding the device itself, I am happy to own it and would recommend one to anybody.

141-160 of 413 Results