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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

361-380 of 1242 Results

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亮. 太田

November 11, 2019



J. Martinez

November 11, 2019

Put a cable in and get a 5th star! thunderbolt cable included and console itself runs really hot..heard its normal just doesnt feel right..last complaint would be that mk2 thunderbolt 2 should have been thunderbolt 3 ...mk2 came out end of 2017 I guess and even back then TB2 was still pretty dated...I think 2014 was the last host I remember having a tb2 port..if the cable was included It probably wouldn't be such a issue but needing too spend almost 100 bucks extra for cable and dongle...just too have the new twin x too drop without any real discounts on mk2 b4..
Pros...reputation, sound quality..durable build quality...AND so far I'm likeing the included UAD software...
@UAD so I bought my mk2 over a summer promo should have received a certain plugin package..since it took me a while too figure what I was going to upgrade too..I wasnt able too use AND register until just the other day...but I ended up getting a newer promo plugin package instead of the one I orginally Had purchased..

M. Guichard

November 8, 2019

top !!!

Très bonne interface, intuitive, fonctionne sans bugs...que du positif!

s. jebeniani

November 7, 2019


Nice Interface

y. rodriguez

November 2, 2019

Pretty solid

The unit is pretty solid when it comes to sound quality. Those ad/da converters are game changer. I definitely increased my sound quality performances.i had a pretty hard time getting it to work on ny pc cause of I didn’t have a thunderbolt card. But everything is running smoothly right now with not complaints. Thanks universal audio for making incredibles sounding audio interfaces

A. Morling

October 29, 2019

Now i understand why the two preamps are as expensive as my eight preamps

At first i was i little bit skeptic to the "all in one" solution that this box offers. I have been using my Apollo Twin MKII quad for about a month now and i stand corrected. It is the best audio interface i have ever used! The frequency response is ridiculously great and the preamps blows my mind. The unit is perfect for my purposes as a songwriter. I am giving the concept 4 stars out of 5 because of the prices if you want to buy any new plugins. They are great but way to expensive regarding to the price of the unit. Also because you dont get a thunderbolt cable when you buy the unit. Other than that its a 5 star product. Now i understand why the two UA preamps are as expensive as my eight "other brand" preamps

r. shibato

October 28, 2019

Apollo Twin MkII

The Best Audio Interface!
I ’m blown away by sound quality

M. Sudhakar

October 26, 2019

Best mobil Interface

For outside professional recordings is the Apollo Twin Duo.
Specially for me with the Real Time-Autotune!

D. Lawrence

October 22, 2019

The Best Audio Interface I Have Owned

This really is an amazing interface, the sound from the preamps even without the unison plugs is still great but the unison really takes it to the next level. Im lucky enough to have the hardware versions of some of these preamps and I can honestly say that these are the closest plug versions I have ever heard. Its easy to use and set up and has been a real pleasure to listen through.

j. julien

October 22, 2019


I’m blown away by sound quality

C. Jérôme

October 19, 2019

simplement génial !!!!

tout simplement génial !! l'ergonomie , le design , la prise en main , le son ...
fantastique !!!!

T. Woodruff

October 17, 2019

The Ant !

This may be small in size. However, this is super colossi in sound and quality. My friends ask me did you take a new mix class or something, they all just sit in amazement. My Focusrite is now collecting dust. (Rest well my old friend) . now my mixes sounds like they their supposed to. Thanks Universal Audio.


October 16, 2019

Just Great!

Simply amazing, I’m blown away in sound quality.

T. Zaporozhets

October 16, 2019

Great interface!

Recently added Apollo Twin MkII Quad to my setup. Pure sound, great look and excellent usability.


October 15, 2019


I love this gear! My sound is simply amazing now!

D. Fries

October 14, 2019

Good Interface!

I've been using Apogee interfaces for years and recently purchased the Apollo. Good A/D, plugins, playback and pre's. I like it!

D. Connor

October 14, 2019

Really impressed

This is a nice interface and perfect for my home studio. It's versatile yet simple to use. As much as I loved my Motu 896HD I thought I should upgrade after buying it 20yrs ago. The audio quality is incomparable and the functionality, build quality and size is superb. I'm definitely up for the Apollo Twin MK54 in 2039 when it comes out if I'm still around.

D. de Vries

October 13, 2019

Simply the best

I've used a number of interfaces in my career and the UA Apollo is simply the best of the lot. I traded up to the MK II from the original Duo in part because the talkback feature comes in really handy for the times I record somebody in my studio. The plug-ins are great, the interface is simple and beautiful, the controls on the device are well thought out. If you're on the fence about which way to go, you can't go wrong with this gear.

T. Hatfield

October 11, 2019

Great addition!

Just added this to my setup for my project studio. Love that I have all these controls and my finger tips and the processing, I don't have to turn on my full rack of Apollo units when I just want to capture an idea and most the time I really only need to track 2 mic's at a time. Well builts and thoughts out, I Love it


October 9, 2019

Just Great!

Pure sound - just great gear!

361-380 of 1242 Results