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A. Andrade

November 20, 2017

Expectations exceeded

I ussually don't write reviews, but do read them. So, I honestly hope to help someone making the right decision regarding a high-end portable audio interface.

I've been following tha Apollo Twin since its first release and remained on the top of my wishlist until recently.

My studio setup has been totally reconfigured , putting a Quad Core MKII at the center of all I/O operations. Not only the sound quality is astonishing, the ease of use and integration of the device, Universal Audio plugins and learning resources has been outstanding for a first time user.

I've been rediscovering old recordings and music with an unknown fidelity and sound character.

Universal Audio's history and promise have been significantly exceeded and I look forward to having a long lasting relationship with them.
Thank you!

UAD User

November 19, 2017


Crashes my computer constantly, when it does work the audio cuts in and out. I have updated factory reset, and patched until i am blue in the face, but nothing works. UA support is useless.

E. Platino

November 17, 2017


I have only two words for the new Apollo Twin MkII Quad; pure perfection! Together with the UAD-2 Satellite (which I finally buy) is heaven!! One more amazing thing... if you buy the Apollo Twin MkII Quad before January 2018 you also get 4 amazing plugins for free!!!

Р. Ильёнок

November 17, 2017


we recorded bass with a friend, we were surprised how the edt WT800 sounds, uad 2 is a worthy substitute for iron instruments

T. Atkins

November 17, 2017


Brilliant piece of kit. It's changed my mixes completely! Totally inspired! Would have loved the Shadow Hills plugin to be included for the price i had paid! But overall a great product!

A. Brel

November 15, 2017

A hot little number

All works much as described elsewhere, a good $1,200 mic pre with some fancy plug ins and some processing power to ease the burden on the mac processor, so I will limit my comment to the heat. Since I plugged it in it feels hot to the touch. Alarmingly hot. I wonder if this is normal or if I should anticipate problems.

M. Keilhauer

November 14, 2017

Top Gear for my Homestudio

Unboxed this beautiful piece of gear and plugged it in right away. The sound was much better than with my former interface. Console is a great control software tool and the included plugins are outstanding and easy to use and tweak in good sounds, no matter if voice or instrument.

S. Holmes

November 10, 2017

A winner.

Over the years, I've used numerous audio interfaces for digital recording - MBoxes, Digi 002s, Focusrite, Apogee Duet/One, NI, the list goes on. All were good devices, but the Apollo Twin MkII is heads and shoulders above the rest. The DSP functionality in this small and relatively inexpensive package is mind blowing to me. Being able to record with NO software monitoring and zero latency, while being able to load the channel with Unison preamp plug-ins, and very good amp simulations, is huge. A simple direct signal with no amp vibe changes my performance. It can still be technically proficient, but lacks vibe...feel...energy. This audio interface is just rock solid and so good. Looking forward to buying an 8p and chaining it. Well done UA. Keep rockin.

s. ford

November 8, 2017

Best thing going!

Apollo Twin MkII is the best 1200 bucks I spent in a long time!!!

P. Kralovic

November 8, 2017

My best sound card yet

I'm very satisfied with the mk.II it has everything I needed. The only little thing I miss is the ability to use the volume keys on a mac to turn the volume up or down.

S. Ferrari

November 7, 2017

Apollo twin MKII: Fantastic gear!!!!

for me is the number one audio devices!!!!

G. Joiner

November 5, 2017

The only thing you need

one stop shop for a on the go workstations

M. Sandoval

November 4, 2017


Recently added this small but great sounding Audio Interface to my toolbox. I must say the preamps sound great, natural & clean.

Whether on the go or at the desk, the MK2 has found his way to the center of my products, combined with UAD plugins, you will be stunned how well and prestine it will sound.
Definitely recommend it, whether it’s an addition or your first UA interface you won’t regret it!

K. Gorski

November 3, 2017

MK II in every respect

I mainly exchanged my first Apollo Twin Silver for the MKII version because of the buttons' extra functions - monitoring etc. And I got a TalkButton, better conversion. Very nice upgrade. The Volume button no longer acts as MUTE since this function has been moved to one of the small buttons below. Is that good or bad? I don't know yet :). Great buy!

D. Cardenete

November 3, 2017


All I need to record, mix and mastering. The best plugins on the market. Great quality! Really happy with my Apollo. Recommend it 100%

A. Zuppelli

October 29, 2017

Big power and quality built in a small "size"

Finally entered in UAD world with my Twin Quad, coming from a Motu 828x. Your products are superb, premium built, a HW/SW union of "another planet" quality. The front dedicated Hi-Z input is great to precisely record and track my guitars. Combined with Marshall Amps and Unison technology, the reaction of pickups (at guitar volume knob changes) remains incredibly brilliant and never poor in dynamic, also lowering the pot at "2". Hope to see some Midi Features in order to benefit your Console 2 during live shows!

E. Joly

October 29, 2017

10 sur 10 !!

Good job !!

A. Hagos

October 29, 2017

A safe buy!

I´m very happy with the Apollo, it´s stable and have not given me any problems, works flawlessly as an audio interface. I think I would have given it 5 stars if the following things could be revised and fixed though (don´t know if it´s possible). When using the mono button, there should be a change in gain so that the output doesn´t distort, which happens now when using a limiter for example(this could be included as an option in the console). Also I experience problems when using uad plugins in conjunction with tempo dependent plugins, sidechain effects, compressors etc, which means I can´t use sidechain on a track that has uad plugins. But overall I love the unit and I´m glad I bought it, definitely worth!

N. Aliakbar

October 29, 2017

Limen from Tehran (Iran)

Extremely clear and transparent sound...there are no other desktop audio interfaces to compare it with. It is my best gear so far. The UAD plugins are really game changing. Also very great plugins were chosen for the recent promotion.

T. Fabri

October 29, 2017

Jetzt fliege ich mit Apollo Twin quad

Ganz ehrlich muss ich sagen, ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass der Unterschied zu anderen Interfaces so groß ist. Die Wandler sind großartig, der Sound in Kombination mit den Chanel-Strips ist richtig amtlich. Bin begeistert und bereue den Umstieg in feinster Weise.
Auch das Handling ist top. mein einziger Kritikpunkt ist, dass die Kiste sehr schnell sehr warm wird - das wärmt aber auch das Händchen ....

361-380 of 664 Results