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Apollo Twin USB

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Apollo Twin USB

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UAD User

September 2, 2016

perfect for home studios

Really good product unison preamp are amazing and uad plugins are the best.

J. Quillet

September 2, 2016

Excellent Audio Interface and Plugins !

I have bought the Apollo Twin USB about one month ago, and it has already proven its worth many times on my recordings. The sound quality is excellent and it really makes my guitar tracks shine. The other interfaces I've tried before have always been sucking out so much tone, I barely can believe the difference is that huge.

Setup was pretty straightforward, although it has taken me a bit of time to find the best USB port on my computer.

One problem though : the interface gets pretty warm after a few minutes when it's on, and after more than 2 hours, it gets really hot, although I made sure it's set up according to UAD recommendations. I hope this won't be a problem in the future.

M. Adel

August 30, 2016

After getting it to work, premium quality!

I had some bad time getting the Apollo Twin USB to work on my PC, after I found that the problem is my motherboard's USB 3.0 Etron controller which was incompatible with the Apollo. I bought one of the two PCIe to USB 3.0 adapters listed on your website FAQ and it worked like a charm. The sturdy look and feel of this interface is premium, the preamps are wonderful! The generous plugins bundled with the device feel great too! I am happy I have become a UA customer.

UAD User

August 24, 2016

Makes So Much Difference To The End Product

I'm a big believer in the phrase "you get what you pay for" and it applies yet again to the UA Apollo Twin. It's not cheap but if you care about the quality of your musical productions, it's going to be pretty hard to beat. I splashed out even more cash on the Twin Tape Bundle (Studer A-800, Ampex ATR-102) but, boy! they are just awesome. Very hard to explain in technical terms what they do to the sound. I can only describe it as wrapping a block of cold digital steel in a blanket of warm analog velvet.

The setup in Windows 10 is a bit faffy and I seem to have to reboot my computer every time I want to use the interface with a different application but, overall, the Apollo rocks!

S. Skelton

August 23, 2016

Analog is back

Wow, just hooked up my new Apollo Twin with some awesome plug ins, like Oxide, Manley etc and I'm back to getting that great tape sound when recording my voice overs that I had back in the 80' s and early 90's. Thanks UA for getting that warmth back into recording.

R. Rohaly

August 22, 2016

Apollo Twin USB

I've been waiting for this hardware for a long time. Perfect element of my studio.

C. Kutschka

August 16, 2016

Great Tool - Unison is fascinating

My Goal was to use the Unison Technology on my PC.
And i read in some FAQ its not plug an Play.

It took me some time, a new USB 3.0 pci Card. some time to calibrate the CPU in my Intel PC and Motherboard.
and now. it works.

If you decide to invest some time on the Setup your pc and Windows. then you will get a great tool.
Now i wont miss this Interface.

I was a Little bit disapointed that i only can use 2 Inputs a the same time.
so perhabs an Apollo USB 8 channel will be my heaven.


Keep on doing great Technology.

M. Craddock

August 15, 2016

Apollo Twin (USB)

Initially, very excited with extra options for recording my vocals. I was buying another interface to run with cubase 8.5. The store convinced me this was a better option with the power and extra plugins that this 900.00 would get me. I bought it and had someone come and profesionally install it. After getting all of the kinks worked out we went to download the additional plugins that convinced me to buy this unit and found out they were no longer available (for free). I can't yet sing the praises of what this little box can do because the reason I bought it was under false pretenses. My fault. #lessonlearned. (it seems to be functioning fine)

P. S

August 13, 2016

Thank you UAD

I am more than happy with my purchase! I can already see improvement in the sound of my tracks! I need to learn to use the opportunity and I think everything will be even better!) I hope to continue to use the technology. I hope the guys who are having trouble to fix it soon!

UAD User

August 12, 2016

Working without issue via USB in Pro Tools 12 on Windows 10

Recently, and somewhat unwillingly, I converted my home studio from a mac based system to Windows after my long serving mac died unexpectedly. Not wishing to spend the several thousand dollars on an Imac or trashcan with inferior specs to a sub-$1,000 PC, I decided to go the PC route for the first time in my audio career. In the process I was forced to abandon my Apogee interface in favor of something with Windows compatibility. The timely release of the Twin USB version was one of the few upsides to the week and a half of downtime and great deal of money spent converting my system. I was able to retain the use of a high quality interface as well as gain access to UAD plugins. Overall the transition has been incredibly smooth.

UAD User

August 8, 2016

A very decent interface for windows

I've been working with bigger UAD interfaces for a couple of years, so when i've heard about this release i was rather happy - my home studio is on Windows, i love to take my mixes at home to do some extra work. So i just blindly ordered one when time was right, and, oh dear, i had some real troubles with it at start. Happened that my USB 3 chipset was VIA and the Apollo USB does not like it at all, there are plenty of threads about that. So i spent some time trying to make it work, ending with a PCI-E Renessas chip USB controller. The card does everything you suspect from a UAD device - an amazing ADC-DAC and a host for your plugins. I wish i had less troubles at start, still. The interface is straight 5 stars, 4 is for the USB 3 support.

UAD User

August 4, 2016

apollo - the moon or Mars?

I am now happy to have reached Mars with the module. Sound quality is excellent and monitoring input is a joy. However my first 2 months were difficult - I did not find the auto set up straightforward and, as this was my first UA product and I found the process to be far from intuitive.I discovered that the installation download was not tweaked for Windows 10 and, although the UA website stated "no known issues" In discussion with UA support I discovered that there were known issues.Suffice to say my experience with support was not a happy one. Eventually I returned the unit, was offered a replacement which is flawless.. Support could not get their head around a hardware fault- You need to listen to what the user says guys!!

掌. 李

July 25, 2016

很不错 音质很省很高

很支持UA的发展 希望可以多送点插件让我们体验一下,对于中国人来说,插件卖的好贵。

M. Švabinský

July 8, 2016

Twin USB3 & Win10

Excellent audio converters, wonderful preamps, a large variety of sound and lots of colors preamps with plug-in (API, NEVE) with Win10 reliability and low latency. Thanks UAudio!

g. carmine

June 24, 2016

fantastic sound but problems with USB

excellent audio quality. transparent and clean sound.
I really like the management of plug ins in real time.
Very unstable with my PC. but I solved by installing a PCI card to usb3 INATEK.
maybe there 'still work on the set of' usb.

J. Petersen

June 20, 2016


I couldn't be happier with this interface. I make electronic dance music, and this interface, the converters and the plugins, increased the quality of my music by quite a bit. I works perfectly without any problems. I had a few concerns when I first got the unit, for example it gets pretty hot, but it turns out that it's meant to be that way. So by now, everything works wonderfully and I couldn't be happier!
Now I am just waiting for UA to make a USB version of the Apollo 8, which will replace the Apollo Twin USB and the external A/D converter i currently use, since I use a few hardware synths.
In other words, It's the perfect machine with amazing sound quality if you don't have that much hardware gear.


June 19, 2016

uad opollo usb perfection

uad are the absolute elite in high tech/analog developers .this uad twin opollo usb 3 performs perfectly from start up into complete studio applications as" it is mobile as a stand alone unit without computer connectivity" or with its console .opollo usb connects perfectly into cubase pro 8.5 with routing applications between the two units .the preamps and hi Z are perfectly clean but offer break up/distortion as required without plug ins . this explains the basics, try the pleasure of experiencing the uad opollo twin usb 3 today .
all I require is the UAD products for perfect sound quality and guaranteed performance
thanks again UAD
retro shack recording

UAD User

June 6, 2016

Terrible interface...

I've spent 5 days to figure out with its issues, but ineffectually. There's a lot of bugs with Pro Tools 12. Just impossible to to work. I decided to return it to the shop... This amount of time spent on solving problems is not worth it...
Very disappointed...

UAD User

June 5, 2016

Simply great

I've used my old M-Audio interface for 10 odd years. I've always tried my best to make my recordings sound good but even in the best case it just lacked that portion of 'oomph' and weight. I blamed my supposedly poor mixing&mastering skills, Cubase, my VST's but once I've replaced the old system with the Apollo Twin Duo USB it was like a revelation: Now stuff sounds good, authentic, professional and just plain great! It certainly adds a lot of 'oomph'!
The plugins are outstanding, very easy to use and indulge you with beautiful results even without you being an audio pro.
Even if this device and the additional plugins are quite expensive, it's worth every single dime (and I'm surely not sitting on too much money).

UAD User

May 27, 2016

Fantastic Sound!!

Looked at all of the Windows competition and was slightly hesitant on this purchase. Now, I am a total convert. The recordings from this unit come as close to analog as anything I have ever heard in the digital world. Extremely low latency, pristine converters, and plug-ins that will make you totally re-think the way you have been recording in the past...!!

181-200 of 235 Results