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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin USB

Overall Rating

41-60 of 533 Results

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A. Paniagua

October 13, 2022

Great product

I swicth to Apollo Twin USB and everything works better without changing anything in the configuration. I recommend this purchase, I'm very happy with my Apollo Twin USB so I recommend it

H. Kunz

October 8, 2022

Amazing Interface

This Apollo Audio interface is simply stunning. Runs smooth with USB 3.0 on Windows and delivers great performance. Integrated DSP for nearly no latency when recording with UA Plugins.
Highly recommend this one.
(Using it with Ableton live)

A. Garcia

October 4, 2022

Está bien pero... Es Ridiculo no poder utilizarla fuera de los DAW

Teniendo en cuenta que la Apollo Twin es un estandar a nivel internacional, tiene una excelente calidad de sonido, PERO, no puedo entender por qué motivo no se puede utilizar la entrada de la placa en los exploradores, el micrófono únicamente funciona con los DAW, si quieres utilizar la placa para conectarte a SourceNexcus o Session Link Pro, por ejemplo, la Apollo no es compatible, esto me resulta increíble, es muy molesto, hasta las placas que cuestan 100 dolares pueden hacer eso. Es ridículo.

S. Ramsey

September 26, 2022

Finally I have an Apollo that works for me.

I have a purpose built PC for recording and wanted to use Thunderbolt. I had many issues with Apollo Twin Thunderbolt (which i discovered too late was Thunderbolt 2) and Windows Thunderbolt version 4. I returned the Apollo and paid the differencre to get the Twin USB model and it worked perfectly, immedialtely. Now all i have to do is learn all the ins and outs of recording guitars and i am finding the UA 5 minute video's, very informative. Thanks :)

N. Stolz

September 19, 2022


Workflow much better than with my old focusrite before if I compare. Good quality hardware and looks good. I just was surprised in the beginning with the power supply cable, first it didn't switched on, but than I checked the cable inside the apollo and there was a hidden action to do for me, slightly turning the cable inside and then it was connected right.

P. Wallin

September 10, 2022

Pro sound in a modest homestudio

Small room space and low budget PC needs some careful planning. After a few decent audio interfaces I finally decided to ditch them and go Pro -level. After comparing lot of options over 2 months I finally got Twin USB. Now I can trust my interface and it has improved my sonic experience a lot. No more latency issues while recording using plugins was what I was after too and it does it really well. Interface is top notch in build quality and simplicity, but also gives control for all my needs. Console was surprisingly fast to learn and I could find basic functions without reading a user manual. Of course there is much more than that and I need to devote my time to read manual fully for advanced functions. Only gripe is plugin organization, since I can't easily see where everything I own is located on plugin list. We need at least some "star-based" indication included in plugin names to easily see one I need from the rest of them.

I. Finney

September 6, 2022

Unbelievable Quality and Results

Pro studio vet of 35+ years. Started in the 1980s. To my ears, using the preamps with Unison technology, this is indistinguishable from the original hardware. I spent over 10 years looking for something I could work 'in the box' with, and this is it. Beautiful results with a 'wow' factor. Just like the UAD descriptions say, you do indeed make rich 3D mixes with this and the associated plugins. Simply unbelievable quality and results.

C. Wagener

August 31, 2022

Bin total begeistert. Funktioniert genauso wie es soll. Die Plugins sind spitze.

M. Linder Nilsson

August 30, 2022


A solid piece of gear and, although quite expensive, the plugins sound amazing

T. Kingen

August 12, 2022


After my old XP computer gave up its life my  UAD-1 pci cards became unusable with any new windows 10 machine. I have been UAD-less for a few years. 
I finally purchased an Apollo Twin USB to go along with my windows 10 machine and am happy to be back in the UAD camp again. Yay!                                                  

J. Song

July 21, 2022


Finally able to use the UAD plugins all my other artists friends have been bragging about
It would be nice if there could be a way to exceed the DSP by using the computer CPU though

L. L

July 14, 2022


Hate it


July 5, 2022

a reliable unit

love it for what i needed,wanted the uad processing power & usb ,couldn't be happier with my purchase

I. Dos Santos

June 20, 2022

Una joyita

La placa es una exelencia, todas sus funciones son de la más alta calidad.
Es un verdadero placer poder hacer audio con ella.

J. Sánchez Sánchez

April 28, 2022

little piece of heaven

Universal Audio...I send you my manage to know how to make people offering products of such a high level...please...don't change:)

Happy with my Apollo Twin Duo USB....I will dedicate my best enjoy and achieve great goals and musical purposes.

If you are thinking of acquiring one...I can confirm that you will be able to find the highest quality in sound...the highest quality in its accessories and if we add that they are a family/team that is only interested in obtaining quality/reliability/ professional service...well...a little piece of heaven:)

You can say louder...but not following :)


J. ter Borg

April 11, 2022

Happy with my Twin!

Had a MOTU ultralite for 10+ years, it was time for something new! Superhappy with my Twin, makes recording vocals more fun, for both the engineer and vocalist. With this hardware, a vocalist can hear himself/herself in a way that is more close to what it will eventually sound like in the mix. This increases immersion and allows a singer to adjust color, tone and intention to the sound of the final vocal chain, rather than the raw input. Awesome.

p. favell

April 8, 2022

An interface that dreams are made of!

I did many many hours of research in to interfaces before this purchase. The deal winner for me was having the ability to record and monitor my vocal performance whilst using realtime plugins at basically zero latency. After ordering, recieving and registering I honestly couldn't be happier with its performance! It is out of this world!!!. It's given me an instant confidence boost in the studio and my workflow has hit an instant all time high. The addition of the UAD system console makes it extremely simple to use, plus the twin duos almost unlimited upgradability with plugins means l will be using this on all my recordings for a very very long time!!
After a few weeks of use I can honestly say that this is the best studio equipment purchase I have ever made by far.
Thanks UA for your genius! I'm one mega happy customer.

R. Roberts

March 24, 2022

Best ever

I love this product. The best I’ve had.

H. Alonso

March 13, 2022

Excelente producto

Quería mejorar la calidad de sonido en mis proyectos y sin dudas alguna el apollo twin usb lo ha hecho.

T. Eljahmi

March 11, 2022

Love it

Upgraded my mixing gsme to a whole new level!

41-60 of 533 Results