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I. Lekic

November 9, 2016


Really great interface. Works like charm on laptop-win 10,which was already tweaked for audio. Best card for a home studio, cause the DI sound is closest to amp sound that I have ever heard.Best plugins, unison is really excelent and preamps are nice and clean. So happy!

UAD User

November 9, 2016

A great product with obvious flaws

Since it is a port to the PC world and one of the few hardware soundcards that support USB3, you would expect it to run smooth as silk and outperform your old soundcard in every aspect.

Eventhough for the design, the construction and handling it definetly does.
The console environment is also flawless and works perfectly fine.
The sound it puts out is crisp and clear.


The setup for it is horrible. Countles USB3 chipsets straight up don't work at all.
Even on the port of the PCI-e extension card which is directly advised by Universal Audio it crackles and beeps as soon as for example a videogame is running aside of something like teamspeak or ableton.
While my old USB2 soundcard performed all this with absolute ease, the Apollo Twin seems to be overwhelmed very very veeeeery easily....

I hope they bring firmware and software updates in the future to finally increase the products stability and make it the perfect soundcard in it's pricerange.

V. Rodrigues

November 7, 2016

Muito top, adorei a fidelidade de reprodução.

É de mais essa interface da ua, eu estou tendo vários problemas de incompatibilidade com meu Windows, estou trocando de HD pra ssd HD, sistema operacional Win 7 pra Win 10 pro, pra que eu possa usufruir 100% de minha apollo, mas a nota já dei...5 estrelas, deu pra sentir o poder dela, mesmo tendo problemas de congelamento e clipes, consegui usar um pouco minha apollo e sentir a diferença brutal no áudio e nos plugin.

UAD User

November 7, 2016

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

This preamp and Eq sound great on everything.

UAD User

November 7, 2016

apollo twin USB

very user friendly interface, great sound, i love it.

L. Strauch

October 31, 2016

I am very sorry

I am very sorry, I am not a typical german who complains about everything. I really appreciate the quality of universal audio. But it is definitely no device for windows. Maybe you make better experiences, but that are mine.

At first I bought the device, whitout knowing that it isn´t compatible on USB 2.0 slots.
MY MISTAKE I KNOW. But it wasn´t written somewhere, that it isn´t possible. Anyways, how I said that is definitely my problem.

But than I bought a pci express card for my computer. Every device is working except of the interface. I called a couple of audio engineers. Nobody could help, except from one person who said that this device doesn´t work with amd processors as well.

I really wanted to use this device, so I bought a new computer with USB 3.0 and Intel i5 processor.

The next problem: UAD doesn´t work with the newest Windows 10 update.

My idea was to install win 8.. Still doesnt work.

Now, I decided to bring the apollo twin back.

I really love the quality of UAD (the device worked on the computer of my girlfriend), but I wouldn´t recommend it for windows pc´s. It might work on yours, but you can´t be sure. And with the next win update, you could get new problems again.

By the way, I didn´t receive any help of the support. They didn´t respond my email...

S. Franchise

October 28, 2016

Great interface could have been better!

This is a great interface and the sound is amazing! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the USB 3.0 situation and the amd compatibility problems. If uad could make this interface compatible with amd this would be the best interface of this type available!

K. Cheung

October 28, 2016


The UAD plug ins are great! The quality of the apollo twin is excellent!~

UAD User

October 27, 2016

Top of the line

I love this interface, I made a switch from a babyface pro and won't ever look back, clean signal and love the quality of the fx. The only con I can think of is the compatibility between operating systems. I found it kinda annoying because I prefer to use my macbook for the road and my custom PC rig for the studio. So I had to get a windows laptop and use it instead of the mbp.

UAD User

October 24, 2016

very good quality interface with free UAD plugins

it works great without any hassle on win 10 and i love all the uad plugins that came free with the interface as everything sounds awesome

UAD User

October 23, 2016

Love it!

I've been using UAD Apollo Series hardware for many years, and just purchased this duo for my mobile setup. It carries exactly what I've come to expect from the Apollo Series, in a nicely portable package. The plugins sound amazing and the ADC/DAC is amongst the most pristine I've ever listened to.

B. Pierucci

October 18, 2016

Great Audio Interface

Maybe the best I've tried if it comes to quality of the audio, the plug ins ar savage, best I've tried aswell. But sadly it's not stable on my computer, wich it's a decent computer, not high end, but not a slow one either. They made me change a lots of setups on my pc to solve a dro put (robotic squak) that comes even when I play videos on youtube... hence the 3 starts... Im spending 900 euros on an audfio interface to use it with an 800 euros computers and I still get drop outs with youtube? With wlan on? Kinda makes not too much sense... the rest is fantastic, but the sames drop outs are the ones that appears when recoording and that makes it suck.

H. Hundebøl

October 16, 2016

Superior audio quality

This is as good as its gonna get when we talk about potable audio recording. The work flow and audio quality is perfect for making Pro recordings on the spot.

P. Guldstrand

October 11, 2016

Analog feeling again!!!

I started to learn how to record on tape back in the 80´s. I have now recorded on digital media for the last 15 years, mostly at Avid/Digidesign interfaces and Protools but i have never manged to get that nice feeling and musical sound from putting sound through converters to a harddrive, that putting it on tape gave me. Maybe I have used the wrong converters before, but now with the Apollo Twin I got that nice feeling of a more musical sound again. its not that it sounds like it did on tape, but it sounds very musical and "analog" again!

S. Rennie

October 3, 2016

Usual underhanded UAD

So annoyed to find out instead of expanding my UAD setup it's made my expensive Apollo rack obsolete. You can't run them both on same system. They could have put a firewire port on it so you can expand as they were doing. Also usual numerous problems to get it working properly. It runs worryingly hot and does not like being switched off. So underhanded of UAD

S. Rennie

October 3, 2016

Usual underhanded UAD

So annoyed to find out instead of expanding my UAD setup it's made my expensive Apollo rack obsolete. You can't run them both on same system. They could have put a firewire port on it so you can expand as they were doing. Also usual numerous problems to get it working properly. It runs worryingly hot and does not like being switched off. So underhanded of UAD

T. Bowmer

October 2, 2016

Awesome For my home Studio But....

Just purchased my Apollo Twin Duo Usb on September 17th and as a bonus I got a free Helios 69 that I won't hardly use. Then I see your new promotion and I'm kicking myself because they are preamps i want and won't be able to afford until next year. So I guess my eagerness to buy the product as soon as I was able to afford it got the best of me. If I didn't think I had to have it I probably would of waited for a promo that fit my needs. Other than being bummed about choosing the wrong month to purchase its great I use it with Pro Tools 12 never crashes and its everything I hoped it would be. I would definitely recommend this interface to anyone who was looking to upgrade to a top notch interface. Also the software bundle is great addition.

G. Hadfield

September 27, 2016

Blown away! Awesome!

The Apollo Twin USB is the single best addition to my studio this year!

Given that I already have an ASIO interface that I had no intention of replacing, the Twin is an addition. And given that Windows+ASIO only supports one interface, I had to take the plunge & use the Twin as if it were outboard gear. I won't be looking back!

Setup was a doddle. No issues whatsoever. And I'm running guitar through it at 192kHz, controlling through Console, & recording the analogue signal that comes out of the Twin through my existing interface.

It sounds awesome! And even though I am not using as my primary ASIO device, the dry signal (post-Unison preamp) can still be routed separately so that I have control of the sound after record.


G. Link

September 23, 2016

One of the best purchases I've ever made

When I initially bought the USB Twin Duo I was afraid I took too big of a plunge - in order to use it, I had to upgrade my comp as well (USB3). I was afraid this extra work would leave me disappointed by it in the end.

But I am so happy I did. The USB Twin Duo exceeded my expectations. I had a good audio interface prior to this, but UAD plugins really cannot be compared to others. They are the real deal. Yes native plugins are getting better & better, & I still use them, but I'm blown away by UAD's quality. The tape emulations are amazing, the reverbs & delays are, without a doubt, the most luscious and full FX I've ever heard outside of hardware. The preamps (the plugins and the Twin's actual hardware) are stunning. GO FOR IT!

A. Yongju

September 15, 2016

진짜 최고에요

UAD전부터 사고싶었는데 이거 사고 써보니 신세계네요

161-180 of 239 Results