Chandler Limited® Curve Bender Mastering EQ

Chandler Limited® Curve Bender Mastering EQ


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Customer Reviews

Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ

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S. Williams

October 14, 2016


Using this thing is like playing an instrument. It's so sweet, just a click here and there and instant worth every penny!!! What a treat!! Uses less dsp than the Manley Passive and sounds better to me!!! Great job!!

B. Olivier

October 11, 2016


Great sounding EQ. Useful on everything. Perfect for live applications too!

D. Ironside

October 8, 2016

Love this EQ !

Fat and warm,great top end too!!!Hard to go wrong with this baby
and yes ,i own it !

m. meli

September 22, 2016


I use this thing on every session. I love the top end, just one little click at 16 opens up the mix, but three or four still sounds smooth. Midrange is present, and the low end bumps. Really nice EQ.

C. Halle

September 19, 2016


You know I like the new jams... but this jam...well this jam is real good. were talking James brown good...were talking Andre 3000 good shoes kinda good. Anyways..Put this bad boy on your mix buss and hit it with some 1.8-3k add some bass and top end and then sit back and ponder how something in the box could sound this good! You're making it real hard to justify buying a stereo EQ UA..real hard.

K. Bushen

September 18, 2016

A must have

Give it a demo and check out its' character. A really really good plugin!

O. Stüber

September 16, 2016


excellenter EQ, vor allem für Mastering

S. Giordano

September 7, 2016


There is not much else to say, other than this is probably the BEST EQ EVER! It is impossible to make anything sound bad with this thing & is the polish on my mix bus/ master track. The Manley MP was my favorite, but NOT ANYMORE. This EQ is incredible & changed my sound entirely! Keep em' coming UAD!!

M. Neville

August 28, 2016

Silk Smooth

Have to agree with the other reviewers, this EQ is astoundingly good, really rounds things out lovely like.

D. Hrivnak

August 14, 2016

Absolutely Incredible

I can't believe how good this EQ is. It's by far the best software EQ I've ever used (and truly better than a lot of hardware). This is one of those rare studio upgrades that takes everything to the next level and makes you wonder how you ever managed without it.

It's ideal for mastering, obviously, but it's also surprisingly good for individual tracks. My favorite application for it so far is on vintage analog synths. It's strangely easy to ruin a great synth sound with even minor EQ, but the Chandler Curve Bender somehow manages to enhance and preserve the inherent character of every sound I've tried it on, tightening up the low end dramatically without losing midrange presence or weight.

M. Troest

June 20, 2016

Exceptional EQ!

With this plugin it is simply impossible to over EQ! can make anything sound better while still not sounding EQed at all.
Magic on vocals and the mix bus!

T. Hedden

June 10, 2016


I really love what this does to guitars! Smooth, responsive and extremely natural sounding.

UAD User

June 8, 2016

Superb mastering EQ

The Curve Bender is a superb mastering EQ (in my opinion). This EQ is giving my productions something extra, something special, something no other EQ has done before. I love the fact that you can push the frequenties really hard without making your song sound harsh. It's a real pleasure to work with. A++ for UAD!

N. Caldarulo

June 7, 2016

Great plugin!

Tried the demo and immediately liked. It brings life to drum bus and master! buy and you will not regret! ;)

N. Young

May 25, 2016

Smooth and Sexy

WOW! I was blown away by the smoothness of the top end on this. It definitely thickens and colors, so not the most transparent of EQ's, but gives instant vibe. I LOVE this on the master buss - also tried on kick, drum "crotch" mic, vocals - sounds amazing every time.

N. Cappellino

May 24, 2016

Curve Bender is an exceptional EQ!

Like so many of the hardware units they emulate, it's become a hallmark of UA that you hear the benefit of the plugin simply by assigning it to a track - before you even make any adjustments. The Chandler Curve Bender EQ is no different and I got it just in time to use on an album mix as I was doing revisions. The Curve Bender on the 2 Mix bus and occasionally on the vocal was magic. Smooth, responsive, gentle and clear with a lot of flexibility. The true test is does it make it better and is it worth the extra math that's going on in the digital domain? With so many great plugin emulations available I try to find the right voice or character for the task. Again and again I keep reaching for UA products no matter what the application.

S. Kirkland

May 23, 2016

Simply Stunning

I've been hearing about the Curve Bender's "Magic Sauce" And I must say this does not disappoint. There's a warm coziness to its sound that draws you into the mix unlike anything I've heard before. Simply Stunning!

D. Webster

May 18, 2016

Easy and Smooth

This plugin sounds great! On my master bus I can add just a little EQ to sweeten things up or I can make larger EQ cuts and boosts without sounding harsh or muddy. I definitely recommend this plugin!

J. Baron

May 18, 2016

Curve eq

Well as an eq it is on the level of all the uad eq's it sounds very transparent and clean ,great for buss eq or on a main buss because it's not a over the top eq it is very subtle,but good enough to dial in any sound ,plus it's light on the CPU ,once again ,as always great job ua!!!!

p. larkin

May 17, 2016

Woah vibe city

Instant warm and sweet vibe with this plugin. Demoed it and had to buy it. The "warmth" and "sweetness" of boosts and cuts reminded me of my Chandler Lil Devil EQ, which was a few times the price for a single channel. Quite a feat IMHO. Definitely check out this plugin, it's a winner. Good work Softube and UA.

121-140 of 140 Results

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