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Customer Reviews

Classic FX Bundle

Overall Rating

361-380 of 1430 Results

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R. Pressman

February 19, 2021

handy little tool

good recreation of the original. great to have in the toolkit.

R. Pressman

February 19, 2021

handy little tool

good recreation of the original. great to have in the toolkit.

R. Nicoli

February 18, 2021


It is an essential plugin for my guitar. I try it also on the voice and I can say that it is wonderful

R. Erickson

February 16, 2021

Great re-creation!

I'm old enough to have had and used one of the originals in the '70s - how else could you cover the Police catalog in those days? Just got the UAD Brigade Chorus pedal recently and I find it to be 99% true to the original hardware and certainly the best software version I have been able to try out. The only (extremely minor!!!) difference is there is the tiniest bit of "grit" missing, for lack of a better word. When coupled up with the EP-34 software, it's a 100% there- a little more chewy/thick. You need to have this if these are the tones you are missing/looking for. Sounds fabulous with software synths, too.


February 12, 2021

The best chorus

After a few minutes using this chorus, it was already my favourite.

A. Selzler

February 12, 2021

As always Amazing

Great work UA!

I. Jang

February 12, 2021

You Want a old shcool? Want the Original?

This is Perfact Choice!

A. Krasniqi

February 11, 2021



C. Walls

February 10, 2021

Does what it says on the tin

I don't have too much experience with chorus, but this one sounds pretty good. Played around a bit and it is a very pleasant chorus, with lots of flexibility in sounds.

L. Iturra

February 9, 2021

es una gran emulación

Es un gran efecto, simula a la perfección un chorus análogo

C. Knight

February 8, 2021

Movement and Dynamics

If I want to add a grove into the mix of my synths I use this pedal to start warping the audio without any latency on my CPU.

R. Cote

February 7, 2021

Do you have an acoustic guitar?

This plugin is excellent for acoustic guitar!
Get it!

D. Williams

February 5, 2021

Really classic Chorus sound.

Came free when so purchased a UAD-2 device! Produces an amazing sound on synths! Thanks UAD.

A. Kozachenko

February 4, 2021

Brigade Chorus Pedal

Recently they gave me a bonus uad the plug-in Brigade Chorus Pedal, it's incredibly cool, this plug-in can be used on guitar and vocals very technically and very realistically soft sounds, this chorus, I am delighted with many producers and managers for such a bonus, buy this plug-in not sorry, it's just a supper, fine adjustments and at the same time everything is quite simple, thanks UAD !!! You are the best!!!

M. Ulis

February 1, 2021

Great on Synths

This thing is unbelievable on Synths, widening, exciting, perfection.

D. Vong

February 1, 2021

Chorus pedal

Yes, I like this chorus pedal real time chorus sound and smooth

K. Nungesser

January 28, 2021

Mmmmh. Lush and powerful

Simply the best Chorus i own. Oldschool-vibe in perfection. If I had a wish, it would be the enhanced possibility to use this plugin in dual-mono, with independent settings.

R. Nicolls

January 28, 2021

Great investment.

Love the interface and it is super easy to use.

S. Hwang

January 27, 2021

This is so great

This is so great

A. Warrick

January 26, 2021

The Studio Chorus D


I'm not able to make a big difference with this yet! But I think the Korg is fantastic!

361-380 of 1430 Results