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DreamVerb Room Modeler

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T. Aksur

December 18, 2013

i love it

i use very much and i love it. it is a perfect reverb plugin.

M. Maddock

December 18, 2013


A constant use reverb with many strings to its bow... Lots of flexibility for giving many sounds from basic washes to quirky effects, I am using it for large hall string rooms a lot !

K. Péter

December 16, 2013


A very easytouse and creative tool, and the result is a very clear and separate sound.
I have the EMT 250, the Realverb and the Dreamverb, each of them are very different and must have. I use dreamverb for guitars, vocals, percussions. The eq makes it more flexible. Power comsumption also not too much.

M. Panagaris

December 15, 2013


Great if you want to tailor a unique reverb, not my most commonly used reverb but useful in certain situations.

R. Oda

December 9, 2013


Everyone is gushing about the new Ocean Way plugin, and I agree that it's amazing. But since Dreamverb was insanely cheap for year-end sale I picked it up. I am super happy I did. It's an incredible sounding reverb. I especially like how it sits with drums.

K. Won

November 15, 2013

simple but powerful

States that are felt to use space-based plug-ins.
But this is intuitive, and the character is obvious.

L. Viviers

October 10, 2013


the name of this fantastic plugin does now understand that we are faced with a winner.
the dream comes true dream .. verb.
was all I expected to give me a professional reverb plugin. I'm excited, now my mix started to float in space as wanted.
its clarity and ease of use has won me over. presets are already fabulous and provide a solid starting point. Congratulations to the UAD now dream as early as next purchase.

D. Tyburski

September 27, 2013

DreamVerb Room Modeler Plug-In

One word You can't help using to describe UA products - Quality!

Y. Park

August 7, 2013

It's great reverb

This is a great reverb. I'm using this reverb to vocal and it sounds great.

Y. Kawahara

July 17, 2013

Dreamverb Plug-In

Universal audio Dreamverb Plug-In is very nice sound.

A. Jannotti

July 15, 2013

Dream Verb Rocks!!

The Dream verb comes with a great bunch of presets. It is also very easy to alter the presets to taste. It is fun and easy to build custom verbs from scratch. There are a million digital verbs out there but this is a real stand out. Try the demo version and see for yourself!!!

R. Diekmann

July 10, 2013

what a nice reverb!!!

i have had several reverb plugins...this one became my favorite since i got it!!!

the presets are ok, but moving faders is always a great idea!!!

dont want a different one anymore, thnx uad!!!!

C. Tse

July 9, 2013


This Plug-in is Awesome a real helpful tool to make your recordings sound just right and would defiantly suggest anyone pick it up when on sale.

C. Jolley

July 5, 2013

The best room modeling around

An incredibly useful tool, especially if you have small rooms and want to expand their character. I've used a few other selections in native plugs, but in comparing them with this, Room Modeler holds onto depth better and is easily editable. 5 stars!

R. Van

July 3, 2013


Works great on vocals! Gives a nice and clean verb!

P. Oliveira

June 28, 2013

Leve e eficaz :)


L. Cruz

June 24, 2013

Dont Like

It sounds bad. I really do not like it. And thats it.

R. Elliott

June 11, 2013

Lushious (purposely misspelled)

The little that I've worked with this plugin so far has me excited to be adding it to my arsenal even more. I like all the fine tuning options this plugin allows. The ability to use different materials, and spaces makes it very useful to create a new space, or add to the space that was already captured in the recording.

C. Aguilar

February 15, 2013


It's just great, it let's you tailor a very different, it differs from all reverbs on the market, it's sound is very special, to me... it's a must have tool!

E. Waters

January 21, 2013

Yes. I like it.

I've had a chance to use the DreamVerb on a half-dozen tunes. The more I use it, the more I like it. I've got a lot of great reverb plug-ins. They all have situations in which they are perfect. However... I spend a lot of time trying to "tame" their coloration & excessive reverberation. The DreamVerb requires the least effort to achieve a light reverb with very little coloration. It's something I need. It makes my job faster. The price is also very reasonable. It was a good purchase. Geez, I'm such a smart guy :)

101-120 of 169 Results