DreamVerb Room Modeler

DreamVerb Room Modeler

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DreamVerb Room Modeler

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D. Wray

April 30, 2012

The name says it all really! I have tried countless reverb plugins in the past,
And this is the 'must own' for me. Perfect sound, which I am %100 happy with.
I can also recommend this to anyone for its ease of use & price!
Quality all-round.
Thanks UA!

R. Sousa

April 17, 2012

This is a very correct and professional I recommend

J. Hancock

December 3, 2011

This reverb is top class.

I can't see why some people knock DreamVerb. If you tweek it even just a little bit, It's truly superb.

Maybe it's the way it looks which makes it look a bit like a toy. I don't know but for lush sounding reverbs............... It's great.

Incidentally..................... Much better than Realverb pro.

H. Matsummoto

June 18, 2011

Dear UAD Staff
Grate this plug in ! Please will continue to develop better products.

D. Petersen

June 17, 2011

a lifesaver.

as a producer of radio dramas I often need very specific 'other' rooms, not the standard Hall, Chamber etc...
A good exsample is a scene where I needed to place the narrator into a huge underground parking garage and about 20m away from the listener. I 'build' the space around him quickly and easily and was quite surprised to find that even with a pretty wet mix the intelligibility didn't suffer. Next, I added some traffic noises on another track, added another Dreamverb with the same preset, set distance even higher, some eqing and had transformed a pretty lengthy monologue into an exciting soundscape that really pulled you in.

I only regret trying so many IRs before I opened Dreamverb ;)

F. Anklam

June 17, 2011

One of the best reverb plugins I heard so far. Very versatile. Many options to shape the reverb. Assuming that a convolution reverb with a very good impulse response sounds natural, to my ears the DreamVerb does sound better than natural, more transparent in a way that better supports the music.

A. Epelman

June 16, 2011

The best sound,great editing,not expensive, good valiu I love UAD 2
My rate is 10 from 10

A. Bews

June 16, 2011

This is my go to reverb, especially for vocals. a must have for me

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

I've always liked this verb on my nylon guitars.
It's kind of perfect for that really protected sound.
I can feel the buildings and spaces it's emulating.
Very pro sound.
The classical musos I mix sometimes never know it's on.
Nice one UAD.

M. Brenes

April 17, 2011

Great Pluggin but the GUI come on guys a little updating on your GUI would make all of us UA faithfull customers refrain from going WAVES or other of your competitors.

A. Vax

March 29, 2009

i was think UAD reverbs are crap until i try it IN THE MIX!
wow! in the mix DreamVerb sounds very good.
5/5, good job!!!!!

D. Bryant

December 25, 2007

Lot better than the stock reverb. To my ears it sounds more realistic and vibrant than the stock reverb. With some eq that it comes with, ahhh man. I am loving it.

B. Purviance

September 30, 2005

This is the best plugin reverb I've ever heard. I bought a Powercore as many people posted it had better reverbs and chorus. I entirely disagree. I use the as a send FX on every song I do. The difference between this and the impulse reverbs is minute, but unlike the impulse reverbs, this one doesn't tax your system.

D. Koschinski

May 31, 2005

I can recommend a UAD-1 to everyone. This is probably the best money can buy.
It's a strong package of plugins with no extra CPU-limitations.
Mostly I combine the UAD with native DX/VST plugins. The LA-2A is my favorite.
Universal Audio, keep on the good work !!

M. Pyykkö

August 11, 2004

Dreamverb is way more dense and sound a lot better than the Realverb. I agree that it has some of the sound from the Realverb but much more dense!

I almost didn´t buy it first when some persons wrote that it´s only a minor upgrade from Realverb, the sound is definately a MAJOR upgrade!

In my opinion it´s in the same class as TC and Lexicon reverbs!

I recommend it!



T. Steinkuhle

April 10, 2004

i'm proud to own a uad-1, best buy i've ever done. usually i don't use any native plug-ins apart from noise gates and expanders. i'll buy a second one at time.

S. Adams

January 17, 2004

Ok ill start this totally pukka, go and buy it now.

81-97 of 97 Results

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