DreamVerb Room Modeler

DreamVerb Room Modeler

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DreamVerb Room Modeler

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A. Faur

January 13, 2013


I love the feature that let me place the sound in the room. It is fast and is realistic.

E. Pearce

January 12, 2013


I been looking for a really good reverb for a while something that can do a variety of things. I make a lot of electronic music so I'm not always looking realistic but i needed something that can be flexible. I would say this reverb is FLEXIBLE going from subtle to really brash in seconds. Im still learning this reverb as the interface isn't exactly traditional but its not hard to follow neither.
The one niggle i have to get used to is the verb density something |'m not used to as it can be very lush almost too much but once again over time ill master and use this to my advantage. Excellent purchase & already reaping the rewards. As a logic user Space Designer is cool however there is a massive difference between convolution & synthesized.

L. González

January 9, 2013

A good deal

The same character as RealVerb pro with more options and different useful presets.

An interesting plug-in in your Reverb arsenal.

A. Francesquetto

January 3, 2013


A great effect for a small price. Very good. Wonderful, Sweet, Perfect.

E. Waters

January 2, 2013

NIce Verb

I like it. I've got a lot of expensive reverb plugins. Sometimes I want a colored reverb. Sometimes I don't. This reverb is relatively passive in terms of color. I don't feel compelled to EQ this verb a lot. It can also be very subtle. I can't tell you how many times clients have said... "Too much reverb". The DreamVerb is capable of a subtle, unobtrusive ambience. It's there but it's not obvious. It's also easy to use & reasonably priced. NIce.

J. Manes

January 1, 2013

Dreamverb A++

I always use this reverb to warm up the track or the existing reverb, it's great and takes little processing power. Definitely a go to Vrb.

C. Oleon

December 26, 2012

Beautiful ...

Bought this fabulous plug in a few days ago, tried it into different mixes and genres, from hip hop to classical music, electronic stuffs and acoustic guitars and vocals recordings .... simply sweet, discrete and easy to handle ....
Again, thank you for tha good work !!!!

B. Jester

December 26, 2012

Go to Verb

I love this reverb it gives a new level of visual control to coloring the sound I am get to mix. I feel that the ability to use many different surfaces that may not be easily created in the real world is an amazing twist to the world of sound. It's my go to reverb for most everything.

R. Crain

December 20, 2012


So far so good. Loving in for "natural" room sounds.



I. Bumba

June 3, 2012

Very good slight reverb, working perfectly. Especially great for ambiance for acoustic instruments!

L. Ed

May 5, 2012

I long did not dare to buy this plug-in, now I at all do not regret.
DreamVerb helps to achieve a natural acoustic atmosphere.
Thanks UA for perfectly done work.
In Russia there are your admirers.

R. Sousa

April 17, 2012

This is a very correct and professional I recommend

J. Hancock

December 3, 2011

This reverb is top class.

I can't see why some people knock DreamVerb. If you tweek it even just a little bit, It's truly superb.

Maybe it's the way it looks which makes it look a bit like a toy. I don't know but for lush sounding reverbs............... It's great.

Incidentally..................... Much better than Realverb pro.

B. Graham

June 26, 2011

Can sound very nice with tweaking. Can be used for interesting effects. You can change room and surface sounds right in the middle of, say, a solo, change them drastically, with automation.

A. Pozzi

June 21, 2011

Ok i like it, this one and the Plate 140. Useful and clear.

H. Matsummoto

June 18, 2011

Dear UAD Staff
Grate this plug in ! Please will continue to develop better products.

S. Reichert

June 18, 2011

One of the few plug-ins that inspire me because of its colourful user-interface. Rather the one I use for "special" audio fx than regular work like improving vocals (EMT250 is my fave there). Try it for making a synth lead outstanding, or any other "I need something different" occasion.

G. Roma

June 17, 2011

i have always found this one super handy for the big cpu charge mixes or 100+ track mixes. i really needed a quality, nicely tridimensional, dsp loadable reverb.

G. Davarinos

June 17, 2011

I have been using dreamverb for the past 3 monts, and I find it to be a very powerfull tool for creating spaces and ambience, it has got depth of control parameters and room shaping and it sounds pretty nice too!

F. Anklam

June 17, 2011

One of the best reverb plugins I heard so far. Very versatile. Many options to shape the reverb. Assuming that a convolution reverb with a very good impulse response sounds natural, to my ears the DreamVerb does sound better than natural, more transparent in a way that better supports the music.

101-120 of 133 Results