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Customer Reviews

EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

Overall Rating

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P. Hoier

October 3, 2020

Plate AND a Reverb

Plate Reverbs these days often does the plate sound very well. But for some reason they tend to not work very well in a mix. It often gets too much or too little in busy mixes, as the plate sound interferes too much. Turning them down just makes it disappear. Either way lacking the reverb feel.

The UAD EMT 140's got the right amount of Plate AND Reverb, making it work in a busy mix. And needless to say the Plate sound is really convincing. It's not too dark, as I often find a problem with plate reverbs. In fact it's frequency wise very well balanced. Also a very important aspect when it comes to usability. And on top of that it's very light on the DSP. What's not to like?

T. Musto

October 2, 2020

Sounds Awesome!

Used it several times already and sounds like the real thing!

R. Krantz

October 1, 2020

EMT plate 140!!

Fantastic! Say no more

R. Chiga

September 30, 2020

Classic Real Reverb

I used it often in my old UAD 2 system. now with my new apollo it's much better, and i love it. Its fantastic warm sound is awesome, I want to use it everywhere, on every buss.

J. Batten

September 18, 2020

My go to verb

This is an amazing sounding reverb. Usually always the one on my Reverb Buss.

C. Velandia

September 14, 2020

a standard

Some fantastic sounding plates!!! Great one every thing!

S. Katayama

September 12, 2020



J. Geary

August 26, 2020

The Plugin - Perfect. UA Delay Comp.... Hardly So

The plugin itself is a FX machine. 5/5 easy. A nice verb, a unique flavor of chorus & delay. Im there! BUT it is one (amongst many) UA plugins that incorrectly reports delay to host thus pushing rhythmic elements clearly out of time. Ive had this issue with UA for a while. If a rep wants to reach out im happy to provide all the info I can, I just want this issue fixed

T. Lippai

August 24, 2020

Superb delay machine

It is very versatile, you can cover any delay task with it. Glad to have it!

M. Malinski

August 24, 2020

Multi purpose device

Really good device, you can use only one for all mix, reverb for vocals, chorus for BGV’s, delay for guitar, phaser and space for fx.
And what’s more important, it’s sound really good.

S. Goldstein

August 23, 2020


First reverb plugin I purchased after getting my Apollo Twin X interface. Very very good.

C. Bruce

August 23, 2020


Use it on everything.

C. Bruce

August 9, 2020

Must have

Can you say Dark Side of the Moon. Nuff said

C. Bruce

August 9, 2020


This right here is the reason to buy UA plugins. Use this to make your vocals sound extra dreamy

B. Zhang

August 7, 2020



T. Wilson

July 20, 2020

Crispy and clean.

This is my new go to for reverb, I highly recommend it.

D. Bonet

July 20, 2020

Best Reverb Ever

This is the reverb you were looking for, it just sounds expensive

N. Gibbons

July 15, 2020

Go to reverb effects unit

I’m smitten by this unit .. my go to reverb from now on... I can’t praise it enough..vocals brought out and sit perfectly in the mix effortlessly as one example ..wonderful quality and unique design with its simple ease of use .. an instant favourite, I’ve used it on everything..

t. phelan

July 14, 2020

Great digital reverb

I'm just getting acclimated to this plug, but it seems very cool. Have a really nice sound, easy to dial in. It's a great generic digital hall verb that seems to work very well on all kinds of sources. Thus far, I have enjoyed it on snare, acoustic guitar, vocals, room mics.. All sounded great

P. Klein

July 11, 2020

Prefer EMT 140

Solid product. Haven’t found best application yet but if it’s reverb I dig it nonetheless.

221-240 of 1392 Results