EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle


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EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

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G. Scharmer

January 12, 2018

Very nice

Makes almost everything sound better. Very beautiful sounding reverb.

p. Wilson

January 10, 2018

Works great in the mix

Easy to use, nice sounding reverb

C. Gracia

December 30, 2017

The perfect recipe

The perfect reverb for vocals and classical guitar.

I. AbdurRaheem

December 25, 2017


I am VERY particular when it comes to reverb. I usually find myself having to layer reverbs to get the sound I'm looking for. HOWEVER, this reverb is SO GREAT that I rarely layer it with other reverbs. If I do layer need another reverb, I almost always go to the Lexicon 224, the UAD version of course. These 2 reverbs are my go to 97% of the time I pull up a reverb. I usually use this reverb on vocals, acoustic instruments, synths...EVERYTHING actually. The chorus is also a great feature that I use to add "something extra" to a sound. I rarely use the echo and space features, however they are useful, when I do use them. This reverb is true greatness, and when paired with the Lexicon 224...EPIC!!!!


UAD User

November 29, 2017

EMT 140 Plate Plug-In

I have been using several other reverbs for many years now and had gotten away from my old plate reverbs that I used to use and loved. When I purchsed the EMT 140 Plate Plug-In I was immediately blown away and reminded of what I'd been missing. This plug-in has instantly become my go to reverb of choice. Great job as always UA!!!

西. 誠人

November 27, 2017


this instrument is so amazing!! very very important for my works.i recommend this reverb immediately.

J. Vlahakis

November 16, 2017

Simply Brilliant Reproduction

Back in 2001, I was brought in from New York to engineer a record at studio time had forgotten in the heart of Cleveland. The studio was built in the mid 70's and it's last gear update was probably in the early 80's. Among the vast array of vintage gear in the facility, there sat a device that resembled a space heater with gear shifts on it. I was not familiar with it until the producer I was working with patched it in. It was almost immediate the way that my ears took to the sound of this unit. The reverb was able to sit so musically in the mix; the shimmer complimentary to all the surrounding instruments in the mix and it just seemed to reach corner to corner in the spectrum. The sound stayed with me for many years and while I tried to justify purchasing one, the availability and price tag made it not possible.... until now. While on the phone with a Universal Audio rep, I was informed of its upcoming release and I bought it that day. I found the old recording from 2001 and went back and forth, comparing the two. It was happening all over again... love at first listen! GREAT JOB UA!

Authorize the demo, blend it in with piano, acoustic guitar, vocal or my favorite application, a snare drum.

Finally... buy it!

Hope this helps anyone interested in this software.
Johnny Nice

D. Pierce

November 14, 2017

A smooth reverberator

A smooth reverberator, hands down one of the best!

b. olsson

October 20, 2017

EMT40 + Vocals = True love

Love this on vocals! :-)

R. Invernizzi

October 14, 2017

THE reverb!

This plugin is THE reverb. Amazing sound. very natural and powerful.
Also with chorus, echo and everything you need for ambient sound.
I use this with everything: guitar, bass, voice, drums... Everything in my mix. AMAZING!!!


September 28, 2017

I’m happy now.

I dont need to consider what reverb are needed in my track.
EMT series are my main reverbs.

UAD User

September 27, 2017

Pure and 100%

Absolutely awesome. Great emulation.... love it on snares and guitars.

UAD User

September 19, 2017

A very good Reverb

I like this Produckt very much - is very versatile and easy to user. I use in on Snare and Vocals. It has a very disctinct, rich Sound - but the Possibilities to manipulate are sheer endless and that's why it's a big Tool to work with. Just great!

d. Lee

September 17, 2017

nice vocal Reverb

i use only this one

UAD User

September 16, 2017

User friendly

I own most all of the UA verbs. This is my go to verb now. UA you did it again. T Stephens owner of The Family Room Studio

T. Poole

September 14, 2017


Love it! Very flexible. I've never used a plate reverb for so many different applications.

F. Longeot

September 13, 2017

My go-to verb

First reverb I try each time I need one because it fits most of my needs. Nothing more to say.

R. Cox

September 8, 2017

the best

simply put, this is the finest reverb ever made in my opinion! Of course I never owned the original unit but if you can not use this plugin and get amazing tones, you are doing something wrong! Simple and elegant. what more do you need!

B. Kearney

September 7, 2017


All the glitter and depth of the hardware. Well Done!

大. 加藤

September 5, 2017

That it's expressed by Japanese,"tsuyappoi"

It's graceful, and they're glamorous.
It's suitable to express the depth.

81-100 of 1003 Results