EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

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EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

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r. wills

May 14, 2020

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

great plate , very easy to dial in with the adjustable EQ


May 11, 2020

EMT 140

Very Smooth and Great Sounding. Being able to adjust EQ on each individual plate makes it nice for vocals and instruments. Easy to get a Great sounding Reverb on all your tracks.

I. Fabris

May 8, 2020

EMT 250 Beast

As a former user of real deal this plugin sounds in most situations the same as original hardware. UAD you did a h.ll of a job :-) Just as any other plugins that you made. Bright clear but ''old'' sounded plate is just what i miss in my hybrid concept. It perfectly fits with my Lexicon 300 L and PCM 90 hardware. You can't beat EMT on vocals, drums and any other applications that you use. Totally recommended for all studios, not only professional. Love you guys ;-)


May 8, 2020

Great product!!!

I used many reverb before EMT 140 and now I'm in heaven! Thumb up!

A. Hamoui

May 6, 2020


So much was missing before I had this. Everything sounded so sterile or took forever to dial in. Now, I just load this up and I'm immediately greeted by the lush, beautiful, plate sound that I had been waiting for this whole time.


April 28, 2020


I’m very satisfied purchased this product! Unbelievable!!! Tnumb up!

N. Watkins

April 26, 2020

What's better than EMT Plates?

Now I've never been afforded the opportunity to experience the "REAL THING", I would imagine it to be next to impossible to be any closer to the bar set by EMT than what UA achieved here!

A. Taylor

April 26, 2020

Classic Reverb

Great thick,lush Reverb. Classic 1970’s sound.

V. Volchenko

April 17, 2020


Плагин создаёт отличную реверберацию для вокала и ударных. Параметр Predelay позволяет позиционировать инструменты в глубину Микса.

J. Akre

April 16, 2020

EMT 140 plug in

I helped install and used daily 2 EMT 140's at Paisley Park in 1986, in Studio A & B.
These plugins take me back to those days.....very realistic.

S. Pagano

April 16, 2020

good, powerful unit

This one is a different flavor, sounds just right on most stuff. UA always.

N. Bryce

April 16, 2020

Magical on acoustic guitar!

Nails that warm richness! I’m surprised this does not come up when you google warm richness lol it definitely nails it and one of a kind!

A. Ferfecky

April 14, 2020

EMT 140

Best plate reverb. Good with vocals. Put it to send and boooooom. Easy.

A. Breyer

April 13, 2020

Sounds good. Needs a UI update.

Love the way this sounds on many sources. The interface is really hard to read and get the time just right. It's important that UAD work on updating this.

UAD User

April 9, 2020

Best reverb

Favorite reverb in my arsenal.

B. Horvat

April 7, 2020

Instant classic

One of the best reverb units with some additional options and fx. Turns vocals into the superstar vocals. I use it on various of instruments and busses. One of those good old uad "must have" ones.

M. Dollnig

March 30, 2020

I want all UAD Plugins!

EMT 250 is one of the best reverbs i have ever heard. For me the UAD Plugins are qualitative the best PI at the market! All of them.

R. Walsh

March 29, 2020

EMT 140

Finally! I have been searching for a specific sound/reverb for my T50 slim. No other reverb did what I was looking for. As soon as I plugged this in, bam! Exactly what I was searching for.Thank you!

m. Jasso

March 28, 2020

sounds great but

My only reason for withholding a star is because I would have liked a little more control over the reverb. I’m sure it’s because UA is staying true to the actual analog hardware it’s modeled after and I can respect that
I would still recommend It

P. Woehl

March 25, 2020

Most used reverb

This has become my go to reverb. It just sounds so good.

181-200 of 1424 Results