EP-34 Tape Echo

EP-34 Tape Echo

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Customer Reviews

EP-34 Tape Echo

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A. Hylander

December 15, 2016

Classic & playful

This is a very simple delay that gives you an outstanding sound and great ideas to play with and get unique combinations. Definitely a must have!

E. Delinois

December 13, 2016

EP-34 Tape Echo

Simply amazing. The EP-34 Tape Echo gives your vocal recordings that fullness and special something you get from lavish recording studios.

R. Howell

December 9, 2016

EP-34 Tape Echo vs. Galaxy

I was torn between the EP-34 Tape Echo and the Galaxy. I went w/ the EP-34 Tape Echo and so far I'm really digging it. Sounds great, lots of options and it is a necessary addition to my UA plugins, but it does use DOUBLE the DSP of the Galaxy @ 26.7% in mono vs. 13.3% in mono.

G. Suarez

December 2, 2016

Love it!

This is one my favorite plugins. I love it on guitars. Whether you are experimenting new sounds or just want to add warmth to your tracks, you can not go wrong. I demoed it and within a few minutes, I knew that I was going to get it. I immediately used it on a song of mine for a unique ending.

l. pachetti

December 2, 2016


if you are after that mojo sound, "the vibe stuff", this is it! automate the speed for the "LSD delay wash"

B. Schmiedl

December 2, 2016

Amazing tape delay!

Fantastic sounding plugin, my favourite delay for guitar.
Great vibe and easy to use.

T. Hinterholzinger

November 29, 2016

so happy!

I love it! Owning a perfect condition Roland RE501 Space Echo as well as a fully-working vintage 50ies oildrum echo - the EP-34 was god sent. Having the ability to easily build tempo synced stereo delays with two instances of this, fed back across each other, is simply wonderful. Many mix cilents ask me if I played an additional synth pad on their songs. I did not. It is just two instances of EP-34 on the guitars! No other tape delay plug in comes even close, imho.

E. Bureau

September 26, 2016

Very useful - easy to use and great sounding

Hi - My name is Emil and I'm addicted to tape echo.

I use tape echoes extensively in both live and studio settings. I wouldn't say that the EP34 plugin have replaced the magic of the machine, but it has my life much easier and have some uses where it seriously shines! It makes making pilot/-recordings so much faster and easier. The lower noise level than the real machine also makes it very useful. I've tried almost every tape echo emulation guitar pedal there is in the search for something I can bring when we fly out for gigs. I've also tried all the plugins from waves etc. None of them come close, to the real deal. They are real flat and two-dimensional in comparison. But the EP34 plugin seriously does!

UAD User

September 14, 2016

The real deal!

I Love the sound of this plugin! Fantastic sound and GUI
, It strikes me everytime, you nail the vibe from the original!
Thank you UAD!

J. Ng

September 14, 2016

If you need to find some inspirations in mixing, try this one.

As title. I'm already tired of using the typical echo plugins available, then I tried this one. It totally gave me new ideas on guitars and other instruments. Thanks UA for releasing this secret weapon :)

B. Schimmel

September 14, 2016

Great sounding emulation

I never heard the original but this emulation sounds pretty deep and authentic.
Owned a Roland Space Echo once, you wont get that lo-fi Type sound out of this one.
Sounds more like a high end tape echo... which it actually was ;).

H. Abels

September 8, 2016

Fantastic Analog sounding Echo!

This was just what I was looking for! I wanted an easy to dial in analog sounding delay for tracking and mixing guitars and vocals.
This fit the bill. It is very fast to get a good sound & dial in the delay time you're looking for.

The decay is very analog sounding I that it has a good depth and sense of space to it. Very unique sounding compared to my other 2 main delay plugins that tend to me echo boy and H delay.

This delay plugin offers a very good unique sound I haven't found in other plugins.

Great plugin and value. Highly reccomend.

m. wan

September 3, 2016

Very effect

Must have the plugin it's effect to hear very clearly

D. Baird

August 28, 2016

EP34 is wonderful

Old school rock n roller here. I used to own echoplexes (you had to have 3 to keep one working) and have missed THAT sound, but not the headaches (if you don't know, you don't know). Cutting guitar with it has turned me into a kid again. Using it as a aux send has made me like echo on my voice again. Not having to EQ some digital nastiness into some representation of warmth is a joy. Thank you for the attention to detail and the added bass and treble controls. Great plug in.

V. Koenig

August 25, 2016

It`s a melt-machine......

A very nice delay that work great behind the direct signal. It melt the direct signal with a subtile space together. My first choice delay together with the now Galaxy ( RE-201 ) delay.

B. Mclendon

August 19, 2016

You Like It I Love It

Subtle but effective. It works great when i want to add a little movement, space, and harmonics to things. I find myself throwing it on a stereo aux track and feeding my lead vocals into it to get some extra "Sauce" on my vocals!

A. Iliev

August 18, 2016


I tested the plugin before i actually buy it and it fit perfectly in to my style of music.
I can do some stunning rising and splashing breakdowns based on this plugin.

Thanks UA,


R. G

August 15, 2016

Nice Tape Delay

This plugin sounds great on guitars

r. riddle

August 15, 2016

What can I say...

This has quickly become my go to plugin for the slap back effect. I'm also loving it with sound design. There's so much magic that you can extract from the accidents you can make with this plugin.

P. Breuker

August 15, 2016

Great Tool

I bought this as an alternative for the discontinued Roland Space Echo and I thought they have little to do with each other apart from being both tape delays. I found that it is a great mixing tool instead of a trippy space device.

I'm happy the Galaxy Echo has arrived. I'm also glad I got this one because I keep finding great use for it.

81-100 of 287 Results