EP-34 Tape Echo

EP-34 Tape Echo

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EP-34 Tape Echo

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M. Howden

May 17, 2013


simply love it. Put it on a separate bus and let it float off, degrading beautifully...

D. Skittlethorp

March 14, 2013

UAD provides us another winner

I am thrilled with this awesome plugin, Although I already had the Roland Space Echo plug, I am old enough to remember when the EP was the must have effect. UAD has perfectly modeled that plug and makes it available to us, It is amazing on a vocal track and a must have for guitars. Thank you UAD for your amazing work.

B. Stephane

January 16, 2013

formidable machine

This is a formidable machine
However, you must know the parametrer to get the best
great plugins
I use it all the time
Good job from the team universal audio

N. Nowottny

January 13, 2013

nice, unobtrusive

I was expecting a wow when I "plugged" it in but it was more like a "okay, nice" Maybe I have to fiddle about with it a bit more. A stereo feature would be a blessing. PLEASE DO A FULL STEREO VERSION with independant ms!! It's such a pain to route these things. ;)

D. Baer

August 9, 2012

Another wonderful plugin from UAD. I have used the original unit, and it is almost too close, but with the accurate interface that only a digital system can give you. The sound you can get by over saturating the tape is delightful. The only thing I would like would be for UAD to step away from the original unit and give the ability to increase the delay time past 700ms. If you are working with a track that is under around 85 bpm, then quarter note delay is pretty much out of the question. Otherwise, UAD has another happy customer. Guitar tracks sound amazing with this. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

E. Hanson

August 14, 2012

Having owned an old echoplex back in the day, I can tell you that the UAD version is so close that it's scary. All that warm, gooey inspiring echo, back inside my DAW. If you want a true character echo, this is the best one I've found... and I've tried a bunch. Highly recommended.

W. Whitney

September 21, 2013

EP-34 Very unique!

Yup, I used the hardware units back in the day. And they all went south sooner or later, the plug always works and is unique in the UAD-2 lineup. Very different from the Roland space echo that I also have. It has just the right amount of crud in the signal to give it that character sound. With runaway feedback to die for! This is a true tape delay in every sense of the word! Can't live without it. Neither will you.

?. ???????????

August 27, 2013


I've never used the actual unit, but as far as i can tell, this plug-in mimics the echo very well!

It takes some getting used to in order to fully understand the way such an echo works but once you get the hang of it you can make some very unique sounds out of it!

A. Bjorn

June 17, 2011

This thing has changed how I produce music. Why ---- thats a trade secret - but there is not one single track I do not use this for now.


One thing I would like UAD to add is a stereo feature.

D. Pratt

June 17, 2011

This plugin sounds great when I am soloing the track but as soon as I bring the rest of the mix in I can't hear it. It is cool for creating effects but as a delay I can never hear it.

V. Salvaggio

January 17, 2016


I really wanted the Roland space echo but UA recommended this instead, I'm just not that excited about it. I probably should have spent my money on something better

J. Henderson

June 2, 2015

Soundtoys EchoBoy pisses all over this

That is all.

T. Teranishi

October 23, 2013



UAD User

February 20, 2018

Long live the tape echo!

Stunning great! Cool Dub echoes, weird effects, warm distortion...sounding and reacting like real tape echoes!
How might this be as an unison plug in?

b. gabrielli

February 20, 2018



R. Olivier

February 16, 2018

Near the real tape-echo

Sound engineer for CrossAngel:
The album "INTERSTITIUM" has been fully treated with UAD2 in 2017.
Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb and EP-34 Tape Echo give amazing sound for the mix then Precision Multiband, Studer A800, Fairchild 670 Legacy and SPL TwinTube for the mastering. Effective tools that helped keep the analog sound throughout the project.Thanks!

M. Cole

February 14, 2018

Almost Perfect. Almost.

I don't need to say much about what it does right. If you've owned an Echoplex, then you will appreciate how accurate the model is. I have only two critiques to offer:

The only area in which the model deviates from the real thing is in the behavior that occurs when you slide the record head toward the play head (decreasing delay time) faster than the speed of the virtual tape. With a real Echoplex, if you quickly slide the record head faster than the tape speed, until its movement is stopped immediately by the play head, then you will not hear the pitch of the recorded material rise, either during or after the slide. You will only hear the delay time instantly change. On the model, you always get a rise in pitch at the end of the slide, regardless of tension setting and slide speed.

Example: If, on a real Echoplex, you have the delay set at 480ms and input a constant-pitch tone, then crank the regeneration and kill the input, you will have a 450ms regeneration loop of a stable pitch. If you then slide the record head as fast as you can until it hits the play head (which instantly decelerates the record head speed to zero), you will hear no significant pitch change. What you will hear is the same stable tone, but with a shorter loop of around 50ms. The last 400ms of the loop are discarded, as the record head overwrites the data, but there is no significant upward pitch change glitch. There will always be a minor glitch, but nothing as drastic as the model presents.

My other comment would be the lack of delay times shorter than a real Echoplex can offer. UA has offered delay times longer than that of a real Echoplex, but what I need more are delay times shorter than the real thing.

My main use of this plugin was the recreation of a "Hyperspace Pedal"; an Echoplex-based invention of Tom Scholz of the band Boston made famous on his recordings. This requires placing a switchable bandpass filter in the feedback loop of the Echoplex. The only way to access the feedback loop of the model is to regenerate externally to it, sending the signal from the UAD card back to the host, then back to the UAD card, and back to the host, for every regeneration cycle. The added latency (even with a 32 sample buffer) noticeably increases the period of the feedback loops at minimum delay times. Having delay times shorter than the real thing would eliminate this problem. An accurate Hyperspace Pedal model also requires the pitch to remain unchanged when the delay time is very quickly changed to minimum. The EP-34 is still the only digital emulation that can come close enough to the Echoplex's true behavior to make a digital Hyperspace Pedal possible. But the real Echoplex does behave a bit differently under this specific manipulation.

-. Trips

January 15, 2018

One Trick Pony (but what a trick it is!)

This thing instantly gets me into 60s-70s territory without a fight. Yet another reason I love most UA plugins, because they are so easy to quickly dial in, so I can spend more time creating, and less time tweaking to get where my head is telling me I need to go.

I put off buying this one for a while, even after several times with the demo because I have SO many delays. My go to delay is Echo Boy, like many other ppl, but I just found it alot more cumbersome to get that classic EP34 sound from Echo Boy. Its possible to get there, but takes tweaking, and again. I wanna spend my time creating! This thing is kind of a one trick pony, but its excellent at that one trick, and not as easy as you might think performing that trick with other delays! And its almost ALWAYS on sale lol. Just buy it already!

E. Halterman

January 13, 2018

One of the best Tape echos out there!

Love it! Vibe me up some tape echo on a platter please!

J. Jansen

January 10, 2018


By now, I have plenty of delays that sound right - this one. for whatever reason, also feels right and tends to end up in every mix I do.

21-40 of 294 Results